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HouseCall: BodyType Issues, IBS, Cystic Acne, Alopecia Link, Pycnogenol, POTS Link

Welcome back to day 2 of our weekend Cabral HouseCalls!

I’m really looking forward to doing my best to answer your questions today that have been coming in over the past few weeks, so let’s get started!

Adalyn: Hi Dr Cabral, I am so grateful for your podcast and have to admit I’m completely addicted. I love all the knowledge and especially the science behind it. I am a pitta body type and I’m lectin sensitive. I have plateaued in my weight loss. I have bloating, acne around my nose and chin, I’m extremely fatigued, brain fog, and I think I deal with some poor circulation and inflammation as my limbs go numb easily and my knees ache a lot. I hike 3-5 days a week and do weight training 2-3 days a week. I’ve had some Mercury fillings removed in the last year. I wondered if you had any ideas what might be going on and what I can do to heal my body? Thank you so much!!

Cynthia: hi Stephen, You’re a true blessing, thank you for all you do. My almost fifteen year old (125 lb) has had IB for 5 years, often worse in the mornings. He has had a food sensitivity test through our naturopath dr.and tested very high for dairy and mid range for wheat. Seven years ago he contracted e.coli while vacationing in Mexico and was put on a probiotic that only helped temporarily. Most mornings he has cramping and diaerrea usually after eating breakfast but lately after eating most meals. He also tiny white raised bumps on his cheeks and upper arms, he is an ectomorph body type. His life is very affected by the IB to the point where is is nervous to venture too far from home. i have listened to your healthy gut podcasts and was wondering if thats the exact route i should go with a teenager. With many thanks, Cynthia

Mariellen: hi dr Cabral!!!! I have been struggling with cystic acne and have had no luck getting rid of it. I am on DIM and adrenal response through you guys and it hasn’t seemed to calm down at all. Through my own research, I have looked into insulin levels being too high and maybe that being the cause of it? I’ve never had tests done but I do have a lot of potatoes in my diet, frequent urination (like I literally urinate probably 20+ a day), always hungry. I have read that insulin is frequently linked to what people just write off as hormonal acne. I am unfortunately still on hormonal birth control and am going to stay on it until after my wedding because last time I tried to get off of it my skin went even crazier and I was breaking out all over my back! I suffer from sinus inflammation as well. Not sure what information will help. How would I figure out if this is the root of my issue? And what natural ways can I go about this?

To add to my last question I can’t remember if I wrote I haven’t had an actual period in two months now. I get the big massive headache right before I would “get it” and all the symptoms just no actual menstration 

Sam: suffer from alopecia and noticed it triggered deep after taking antibiotics. Is alopecia reversible via diet?

Elizabeth: Hi Dr Cabral, I wondered your thoughts on Pycnogenol, aka pine bark extract. I was looking into it to potentially assist with melasma, eye sight and tinnitus. I also read it can help with jet lag. Although I was little concerned to read that it may cause stomach issues? I presume it’s relatively safe to use, just maybe not long term? Thanks so much for your awesome podcasts!!

Tina: Hi Steve. First I want to say thank you for your passion in the world of natural healing. I recently discovered you and have been bing listening to all your podcast. My question is about my 16 year old daughter. She has been having what I believe to be ovarian cyst pain monthly. I don’t believe in giving my family advil but the past couple of months she was in tears and I broke down and gave it to her. Can you recommend something else to help her with this pain? And is there something we can do to keep her from having these? (balancing hormones?) Also want to mention that she was diagnosed with POTS 4 years ago. It’s pretty mild and doesn’t sideline her too much. I’ve long suspected it might be related to gut issues. Would love your thoughts! Thanks again!! Tina


Thank you for tuning into this week’s Cabral HouseCall’s and I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow on our Mindset & Motivation Monday!

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