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HouseCall: Missing Intestine, Food Poisoning, Outgrowing Food Allergies, Cellulite Suggestions, COMT – MTHFR Supplementation, Books to Read

We’re back with our 2nd HouseCall of the weekend and I’m excited to share this brand new Q&A with you…

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Monique: Hi Dr. Cabral! Ive been loving learning about my own health from you, following my plan and listening to this amazing podcast, but now I’m curious about my moms! She was diagnosed with Crohns Disease around 2010 and had her small intestine removed and part of her large as well. She was very skinny then, she was very sick. She currently eats one full meal a day and maybe something else small, and has since gained weight back and is now just slighty overweight. She drinks coffee every morning, she loves veggies but finds that it causes her to go to the bathroom too much and eats carbs like potatoes, pasta, and bread to make it so she holds her bowel movements (she used to have accidents often). She is b-12 deficient and gets the shots every month, she is also slightly anemic. She within a last few years has also grown a large hernia on her stomach. Just wondering what advice I could give her to start living healthier and happier! Thank you so much for everything you share with all of us! Monique


Michael: Hi Dr. Cabral, I would appreciate to pick your brain on a question I have. Unfortunately, I just had my 3rd round of food poisoning in the last 6 months. The first one was from oysters, second from sketchy Mexican food at the airport, and third from some hot bar wings. My stomach has seemed to get a bit more sensitive and I am wondering if you have any protocols to follow after you get food poisoning and or any wisdom around how to get my gut feeling stronger after all these rounds of food poisoning. Thanks, Michael


Lindsay: Hi, I’m just wondering if food sensitivities change? For example I did the IGG test a year ago. Would it always show the same sensitivities and if not, why would this change over time? Thanks


Jennett: Hi DR. Cabral, I have been working our regularly doing a DVD called Body pump three days a week and walking at least 30-60 minutes 5-7 days a week. I eat fruits, veg and grass fed beef and organic chicken and occasionally fish (usually salmon, cod or halibut) when I can find a good source. I do have a sweet tooth but try to keep that to a cheat day and then dark chocolate with 80% or higher and usually only a couple times a week. I do drink coffee. I recently purchased bulletproof coffee to see if that makes a difference. No matter what I do, I cant seem to get rid of the cellulite on the front and back of my thighs/butt. I feel like I’m missing something.I’m 42 and weigh 135lb so I’m not overweight but I also feel like I have more un-toned muscle and could lose 5-10lb. I’ve hear about Keto diet that helps train your body to burn its fat as fuel. Would you suggest this being a good lifestyle to try? Do you have any suggestions as to why I cant seem to rid the cellulite or is there a supplement that helps eliminate those deep cell toxins that actually work? Is my workout routine lacking? Thanks so much for your help!


Danny: Hi Dr. Carbral! I’m a 4th yr medical student and aspiring functional medicine doctor, I have learned so much from your podcast and love tuning in everyday! In short: I have 4 homozygous polymorphisms of COMT, for which (if I’m not mistaken) I should supplement hydroxy B12 and avoid methyl B12 & methyl folate. I also have a heterozygous polymorphism of MTHFR (C677T) for which I should take methyl B12 & methyl folate. It seems like what is therapeutic for one problem is toxic for the other and vice versa. Hence my question, what should I do? Will supplementing with both hydroxy and methyl B12 ‘counteract’ each other like 2 horses running in opposite directions? I also recently did your organic acids test and had a follow up call with Caitlin, which was really helpful! On my OAT, my quinolinic/serotonin ratio was high (9.0), and we concluded that this was due to low serotonin (.08) as my quinolinic level was .72. I know MTHFR is involved in the synthesis of serotonin (via tryptophan), could the lower serotonin level be due to this MTHFR mutation? I know this is pretty detailed stuff but I’m hope there are other ppl out there with both COMT and MTHFR polymorphisms who have had similar questions. Really appreciate you taking time to do these house calls and for the awesome podcast! Best, Danny


Deborah: Dr. Cabral, You are the coolest. Thank you for sharing info about health and wellness that will have long term impact for people around the world and for generations. I am very interested in holistic nutrition and want to begin the journey of becoming a nutritionist and figure out what I want to specialize in. Do you have any good books to get started with reading for that field? If you have any good starter books to get an idea of different specializations of natural health or natural health in general, I would appreciate it. Thank you.


Thank you for tuning in to another Cabral community Q&A and I look forward to chatting with you tomorrow on our Motivation & Monday show!

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