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HouseCall: Food Allergies, Over Eating, PreNatal Vitamins, Skin Rash, Holistic Chef, Alopecia, Kidney Disease

This weekend on the Cabral #HouseCall we have our most questions ever answered over a 2-day period!

Our community’s questions have been piling up, so we’re catching up this weekend with some amazing Q&A – Enjoy the show!

Susan: Hi Dr. Cabral. I’m a rabid fan – and could probably spend most of this email heaping praise onto you, but I will get to the point because I know you are so very busy. My daughter has food sensitivities and we have been super diligent about removing the items we think are the cause. When we removed gluten her eczema was better. When we removed dairy her constipation improved. We don’t feed our children a lot of processed foods but the odd time when my daughter attends birthday parties and has a piece of cake etc her symptoms seem to explode. If she plays ringette her hands become raw…. She has only had antibiotics twice in her life (she’s 5) once was steroid eye drops as a result of cataract surgery. I am in the process of getting her food sensitivities tested. Is there anything else you might recommend? Thank you – your value to your profession cannot be measured.


Wendy: Dr. Cabral, I am a regular listener to your podcast and I love the education I’m getting every day! I am a certified holistic nutritionist in Wyoming. I eat 95 percent clean – no bread of any kind, no dairy, and no processed foods. I exercise 6 times per week for at least a half hour every day doing a combination of cardio and strength. However, I am about 15 pounds over my ideal weight and can’t seem to break this plateau. I recognize that part of my problem is that I have a food addiction – I eat when I’m not hungry, and even though I eat very healthy food, it’s more than my body needs. I go through periods of time when I’m more disciplined, but even then I can only manage to lose about 3-4 pounds and I plateau. Have you run across this scenario before, and what do you suggest that your patients do about it? Thank you again for all the fabulous tips you give in your podcasts! Oh, and for the record, I’m all in for the Training Thursday kettlebell challenge you talked about on the March 9 show – I’ll be starting that tomorrow!


Briana: Dear Dr. Cabral, I recently purchased your prenatal package. I am about ten weeks pregnant with number three, I lead a healthy life and do a lot of reasearch but still find myself confused when it comes to choosing the best for my babies! I have been a listener for about 6 months and have learned so much and come to value your opinion! That being said I wondered why there is no vitamin K in the orthomelecur prenatal. I didn’t think too much of it until I heard your recent podcast about the benefits of vitamin k. In my previous pregnancies I took Seeking Health’s prenatal which contains 100mcg. Do you feel supplemental vitamin k imoportant during pregnancy? You teased a pregnancy episode and I hope it is the works soon! Keep up the amazing work, it is truly a public service!


John: Hi Dr. Cabral, I love your show and listen to it when I’m in the car. I have a slightly raised, red, “rash” around my neck, collarbone, centre of my back, and it sometimes crawls up to my ears. It looks like several little circles about 1 cm in diameter. It’s not itchy and it doesn’t hurt. I went to the conventional doctor 3 times and they said I have tinea versicolor. I work in a hot & humid environment at least 5 days a week (I’m a chef). It flares up when my body temperature rises. I exercise regularly, eat mostly plant based, and have a strong immune system. I have taken an anti-fungal medication (pill and topical). My symptoms went away with the pill but not with the cream. I have done your detox (about 2 months ago) and have had a flare up since then. What do you recommend? Thank you, John


Tania: Hi Dr. Cabral, I love all your work so much. Thank you for sharing all that you do. I always share your podcasts with my friends and family. I have a question about my career path and would love your insight. I am a classically trained chef but have recently become extremely interested in health & wellness. Every day, I listen to podcasts and read books to further my knowledge. I have always believed that food is medicine and have been mostly plant-based for over a year. I am looking to further my education in the holistic/naturopathic space but don’t know where to start. I definitely want to continue cooking for a living but I want to have a strong foundation in health. I worry that I won’t be able to acquire the information that I need by going to a holistic nutrition school, and time is of the essence for me. I know you speak highly of your travels and have considered seeking practical work experience abroad (India, Sri Lanka, Europe). I appreciate any advice you may have. Thank you once again for all that you do. You are an inspiration. Tania 


Maria: How does alopecia happen and is there a cure besides rogaine, which is not a cure. Never really heard about it till it happened to me. Thank you Dr. Cabral love your pod casts.


Daniel: First and foremost – thank you for your podcast and the wonderful information you share herein. I have a friend across the pond in London who has a four year old nephew struggling with nephrotic syndrome. We talk about leaky guy, but what can someone (specifically someone four years old) do to reverse a leaky kidney? Thank you for your help! 

I hope you enjoyed the Q&A and join us tomorrow for another Cabral #HouseCall answering your questions!

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> Candida & Bacterial Overgrowth Protocol

> Organic Acids Test

> Podcast on Alopecia (087)

> Dr. Cabral Detox

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> Daily Fruit & Vegetables blend (22 organic fruit & vegetables “greens powder”)

> Run a Functional Medicine Test

> Candida/Bacterial Overgrowth, Leaky Gut, Parasite & Speciality Supplement Packages

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