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HouseCall: High Eosinophils, Kidney Filtering, Elevated Liver Function, Baby Formula, Collagen Recommendation, Plastic Ziplock Alternatives

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Lena: Hey Stephen, You’ve got a listener from paris! I really like your podcast, it is very informative! keep the good work 😉 I’ve got a question about myself, i would sooo love for you to answer I will really try to be short 😉 My name is Léna, I’m 30 year old, vegan, gluten free girl and since last july, i’ve began having big pain in my belly every time i ate, like the pain one got with gastroenteritis, where you move in all directions with your hands around your belly but never feeling relieved. It was lasting about 2 to 3 hours (maybe the time of digestion) with big pains on my back every time i ate. My eosinophils were very high in august, around 2200 (the high limit is in about 580!) then it drops to 1800 and a few months later to 750 but i think it did go up again later (i didn’t do another analysis but had giant pains). I did a lot of blood tests, there were no parasites founded (but i took an anti-parasite pill), no H pilory, i did biopsies, 2 fibroscopies, 1 coloscopy but nothing founded I have a appointment in internal medecine at a hopital in a few months to find why i got very high and anormal eosinophils I did have a test to know if i’m sensitive to some foods: there were brazil nuts, eggs and some other nuts (little reaction) and other foods that i don’t even eat (like corn, barley, milk etc.) i totally stopped brazil nuts and eggs for now. I will try to reintroduce them in a few months Anyway, my pains hurt for six months and in december, when I was really tired of suffering every time i ate (it was getting worse again), i saw a nutritherapist and she said to stop eating carbs (fruits, butternuts and vegetables like carrots and beets) for a short period of time and to increase anti inflammatory oils and decrease proteins. A very low carb globally (more vegan ketolike actually). I have complements like turmeric (curcumin), vitamin D, zinc, b12, glutamine, fish oils (and estroblock but it has nothing to do with that!) And in 3 days my pains decrease immensely! It’s been almost a month and I already feel better. Sometimes i feel unconfortable or i feel pain but nothing compared to before But, i’m feeling a bit tired and i find it weird to eat so much fat (like more than a 120 g a day, less than 50 grams of net carbs a day but i’m more at 25g, and 60 gr of protein). And i didn’t have my period this month… I’m afraid of my thyroid, my hormones  and especially my acne since i had cystic acne all my life and it’s been fine since the last year, one year after stopping the pill (which i had for 14 years!!!) So, my questions are: what do you think could explain my pains if it’s not parasites or allergies? If you have an idea, what could be the solutions to feel better and have a normal life, which i so much want Should i maintain this “vegan keto diet” or what should I do? What complements should I take to regulate my hormones and not have acne. i feel so lost between opposite articles on the web about low carb / keto / diet / hormones, i feel quite abandonned by doctors, and it’s just me, a young girl, stuck with this problem thank you so much for answering this, it would really mean a lot to me cheers from France because yes, even french people are listening to your podcast! ps: i always had trouble with digestion, but more like bloating and gas. I’m very sensitive. i’m very thin, i do sport, i eat a lot of vegetables 😉


Ryan: Hey Dr. Cabral I am reaching to you on a recommendation from one of my clients and I believe your friend, Dave Armstrong “Army”, in regards to my father. In September 2017 he had a partial knee replacement that resulted in an infection followed by heavy antibiotic treatment. Since that time he has been suffering with a multitude of health issues concerning his kidneys, blood platelets, diabetes, as well as his pancreatic and digestive function.  He has seen over a half dozen different doctors and specialists and gone through just about every test or scan that they can think of.  Yet, collectively they have absolutely zero idea of what’s going on.  The only answer they have given is more medication to mask the real problems. I fear that they will never get to the bottom of it and will just continue to medicate the symptoms away until one of the systems eventually fails. I’m not sure how your practice works but I would like to set up a consultation for him if possible. I will also be contacting your office as instructed by Julia via Dave.


J.A.: Hi Dr Cabral, Love your podcast and learning about natural medicine. I am on a healing journey to resolve ‘chronic mystery pain’ that came on me 2 years ago and has not left. I have addressed Heavy Metals and had extensive testing OAT, HTMA all look ok. The only thing left is elevated LFT and billirubin my practitioner thinks this could be causing excess estrogen/histamine. So working to balance hormones via the liver. Aside from this I want to do your 7 day detox but will have to tweak it as I am very sensitive to ‘pea’ on IGG so will use hemp protein and supps my ND has given me. My question – sorry took a while to get to it! but trying to give full picture is about meals. Since listening to your last podcast (705) on 3 meals per day I anted your take on how I eat to assist with the above. I eat a plantbased diet. My day starts with a smoothie at 5.30am (I start work at 7am) so it is a long day and hence I usually have a snack (e.g hummus on rice cakes at about 10am. Lunch which is a salad with quinoa/veg etc at 12.30pm. I then have another snack like a piece of fruit at about 2. then dinner at about 7. Because I have a longer day am I ok to snack? or am I overloading my body and delaying healing? should my snack be protein shakes? Weight is stable and I don’t need to lose weight. Pitta/Kapha body type. Any additional comments on the whole situation appreciated. Happy New Year! I will be listening to every podcast 🙂

Mel: Hi, not sure if you received my question last time… Sorry if you did… What ate your thought on baby formula if it has to be given along with breastfeeding? First foods for baby? Also, best contraception to avoid pill?

Amelia: Hi Dr. Cabral, I’m in my 40’s and have been researching the best supplements for hair growth and skin firming. I have heard about things like Collagen Love and Vital proteins, but I’m not sure what brands to trust to work. Can you please recommend a few that are great for both skin collagen and tightening as well as hair growth? Thanks Amelia

Dee: Hi Dr Cabral, Can you recommend alternatives to plastic wraps and storage baggies? I’m seeing some silicone options, ((specifically Stasher brand)) but I was wondering if there’s anything better or more cost effective. Thanks for info Dee


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