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HouseCall: Infant Formula, Working with Me, Crohn’s Testing, Diaper Rash, Child Seizures

Thank you for tuning back into our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend – We’ve got some great Q&A’s today.

Here are today’s community questions:

Susie: Hi Dr. Cabral, I am pregnant and am planning on breastfeeding my baby. A friend of mine however started to breastfeed but had to stop after her baby developed an allergy to her milk…. I read the ingredients list for the crazy expensive can of formula she is using and saw some ingredients that I didn’t really like such as palm kernel oil etc… It was a major brand that everyone would know, but it was far more expensive than the regular formula because apparently it is their “allergy” or “medical” formula. What would your suggestion be for a brand of formula if a mother has to use it (or chooses to use it) over breast milk. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. Susie

Lubos: Dr. Cabral. Not sure if this is even a good question, but let me try… (BTW, thank you for answering my question about 23&me). I have heard you say several times – let’s stop guessing and start testing (referring to diagnosing symptoms or disease). The approach really resonates. However, most of us, including myself already have bunch of blood test results, sleep lab results, urine tests… etc. Most of us also tried supplements (not necessarily yours), medications, diets etc. Yet, most of us are still sick, fat, hypertensive and…quite frankly miserable (I am seriously projecting here J). Then, a person like yourself comes along – someone with proven track record and self-administered results. That’s powerful. To my question now: Where should one start? Let’s say, I’d like you to help me get into great health, yet I – like most of us – have limited budget. I’d honestly love to do all the tests that you provide, but simply cannot afford them all. Is there a cheat sheet, something that I could follow to gain confidence that I am ‘getting the biggest bang for my buck’. Should I do the genetic test first? Or should I try the 21 day detox and see if that fixes things (even though it goes against ‘let’s stop guessing and start testing’). Can you, please, bring clarity to those of us (or perhaps only me) who don’t see the forest for the trees and don’t really know which path to follow. As always, you and your work are impressive. Thank you for all you do. Lubo 

Jen: Hi Dr Cabral, I would like to know the proper protocol for my situation. I’m 56 and have had Crohn’s disease for 20 years. I had a stricture about 3 years ago and had a portion of my large intestine removed and started a maintenance dose of remicade every 3 months. I have also gained about 15 lbs since taking the remicade and would like to shed that as well. I am feeling good, exercise daily, but would like to get off the remicade and heal my body the proper way. I take Metamucil to add fiber 2 x a day, a vsl 3 probiotic, D3, and a multi. I ordered the 3 week detox and would like to proceed with the proper testing and supplements. How would you recommend I begin my journey to better health. Thank you for your wonderful podcasts. Jen Sent from my iPhone


Jodi: Hi Dr. Cabral, My friend’s baby has a pretty bad diaper rash. Are there natural creams or powders that can clear it up?


Macy: Hello! Thank you for such a helpful and informative podcast! I have a question I am hoping you can answer! What would be your protocol for a child (elementary age) who has petit mal seizures? Would a child with this condition benefit from a gut based diet (like gaps) or extra supplements? Can food sensitivities play a role? Your thoughts, advice or recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thank you again for taking the time to help!!!

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