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HouseCall: 1 Million, Study Naturopathy, Constipation Protocol, Pregnancy Labs, Coffee Enemas, CBO & Acne, Manuka Honey, Recurring Gut Issues

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today’s questions:

Nikki: I just wanted to submit feedback. I listened to your tongue diagnosis and nail diagnosis, they were very informative! Please continue to post more on those types of topics! Additionally, I am new to naturopathic medicine and would like to know how I can learn more and make it a part of my life as well as to share it with others..Are there seminars i can attend? Or a list of naturopathic doctors I that are out there? Or books that should be read? Thanks so much!

Anonymous: Hi Dr. Cabral, As always, I am so appreciative of the work you do and I truly admire your dedication to helping others! My question is in regards to natural constipation relief. To give you some background, I am a 24 yr old female, and was diagnosed with SIBO a few months ago. I sought out natural treatment with a naturopath and started herbal treatments, however, due to financial restrictions, I have had to temporarily stop treatment with my naturopath for the time being. I started following the low fodmap diet back in June, and I intend to keep this up as it does seem to bring some relief, however, even with this diet in place, I constantly struggle with severe constipation (this was the case even during treatment). I usually have a BM every 2-3 days, however, if I ever even slightly fall off the rails of the fodmap diet, my body is so easily thrown off and I can go a week without a BM. This is incredibly frustrating as even when I ‘cheat’ on my diet, I still always eat only all natural foods. I am strictly off gluten and dairy, as well. When I am experiencing this level of constipation, I have tried numerous efforts such as aloe Vera, diuretic teas, yoga, essential oils, lots of hot water, exercise, magnesium citrate, etc. sometimes these do the trick, however, lately it seems that no matter what I try I can’t seem to get myself back on track. Do you have any other tips for how to overcome constipation? Thank you! Keep up the incredible work.

Mary:  Thanks Dr. Cabral for your helpful insight and information for body, mind, and spirit. I’ve ordered the telemere test and am awaiting my results and I enjoyed a 30 minute consult with you for help on my migraines. My daughter is 8 weeks pregnant and I’m wondering if you would suggest any testing at this point and what she can do to maximize health for her baby. She was on pre/natal vitamins for sometime before getting pregnant and she had no fertility issues at all. She is 30 years old. My husband and I both have the mutation that doesn’t absorb folic acid so she’s gotten pre/natal vitamins that have folate I believe. But looking forward to your best recommendations. Warmest!

Teaganhello. I am writing in to ask about coffee enemas. I do them about 2x a week and recently have been feeling extremely burpy and bloated and gassy afterwards? Why is this? Should I stop? ( I did switch the type of coffee from the typical organic coffee you woudl drink to “coffee enema coffee” which is light yellow/greenish when brewed vs classic dark brown. You would think since I am removing a lot from my system I’d feel lighter and better (I used to) now I just feel worse after in terms of upper GI issues. what could be going on? Thank you

Susan: Hi, my daughter suffers from eczema and acne. A friend told me her daughter used the Candida and Bacterial Complete Protocol and cleared up her eczema. My question is, will it also clear up my daughters acne? Thank you for your quick response. Susan

Erica: I’ve read that manuka honey is a better anitbiotic than perscription drugs. “Manuka Honey is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.” so says doctor google. I am battling candida, sibo, intestinal worms, hpylori, you name it. Can I take a teaspoon of this every morning? I have so far and been feeling great, but not sure if it is helping or hurting me. I know it has sugar, but since it has so many benefits, the sugar in it isn’t the same as your evil white sugar. Thanks in advance for your help!

Erin: Hey Dr. Cabral, For the last 6 years I’ve been getting acupuncture and it has helped tremendously. Mostly to help regulate my cycle, back pain, and my digestive issues that come up periodically. I asked my acupuncturist during my last visit about doing a juice fast for one day. I asked her because I deal with a lot of bloating, usually I go back to my fodmaps diet and it helps but adding back in some of the foods seems to be fine but eventually my bloating comes back and/or I get stomach cramps. She said because fall and winter is yin, it wouldn’t be a good idea and also it can mess with my hormones. She recommended to try intermittent fasting up to 12/14 hours from my last meal, and eat smaller meals that are easy to digest and cooked. Dosha wise I’m always a combo of vata-pitta. I’m overall plant-based, vegetarian, no dairy, very rarely I eat soy, and the only gluten I eat occasionally is sour dough I get from a local baker with no preservatives. What are your thoughts? Thank you for your time.

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