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HouseCall: Autism, Cyclic Vomiting, Lumps, Dehydration, Heal Skin, Stress Induced Illness, Choosing the Right Herbs

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Lisa: Hi Dr. Cabral, I’m asking this question for a friend and I will list the problems so its easier. 5yr old boy with Autism Have done many tests: Stool, OATS, Heavy Metals and vitamins Results: yeast overgrowth, high lead, arsenic, aluminum, Clostridium Difficele and E. Coli Child does not have overgrowth bacteria or parasites. He does have MTHFR and CBS gene mutations What would be the order to address his problems so I can help his mom? Thank you so much and I hope one day you can do a podcast on Autism

Julie L.: Hi Dr. Cabral, I recently found your podcasts and have enjoyed the various topics you cover. I searched on your website for information about Cyclic Vomiting and could not find anything. Here is the story . . . My 17 year old daughter has experienced an unexplained, alternating pattern of vomiting for the past 4 years or so. I often thought it was tied to the flu, food poisoning or other. Her symptoms include nausea, intense stomach pain, and episodes of constant vomiting (this can last up to 3 days). In the last year migraine headaches were added to this list of symptoms and the vomiting episodes became more frequent. Her MD ran a series of blood and stool tests, but did not find anything out of normal limits, including h. pylori. The doctor diagnosed her with “cyclic vomiting syndrome” and high cortisol levels, which is why she felt nausea every morning and had alternating vomiting episodes. She has since been prescribed Zofran Odt to use at the earliest onset of nausea and Rizatriptan 10 MG (SSRI) for the vomiting once it has started. The pills have helped reduce episodes but the morning nausea persists. We were told she would grow out of this. Are you familiar with this diagnosis and do you have any thoughts about this disease? (From a mom’s perspective I would add that she is a high comp soccer player and sleeps about 5-7 hours on a good night, comes home after school and has to take a 2 hour nap after school each day. Her diet is ok but she does eat a lot of gold fish and popcorn for snacks). Thank you, Julie L.

Nikki: Hi again! A couple months ago I had a lump in my underarm. It dissipated in a couple weeks and I assumed my body was just fighting off an illness. I’ve recently gotten 2 more. A larger lump in one (bean size) and smaller in the other (pea size). They are painful to the touch. I’m hoping it’s an abscess but have an appointment with my doc soon to check it out. If an abscess, I want to figure out what is triggering the inflammation so I can correct it. Any light you can shed would be great. As always, a huge THANK YOU to you and your team. Your knowledge, time and efforts in providing us this information is so much appreciated. Cheers to our health! Best, Nikki.

Jessica: Hi Dr. Cabral! Ive been listening to your podcast religiously for about 6 months and i just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m positive with your help I can heal my body. I seem to have issues with staying hydrated especially when I exercise. I’ve been starting my day off with warm water, Himalayan salt, and lime and that seems to help on a daily basis. However, when I go moutain biking in perticular I usually get a massive headache and it takes me about 6-8 hours to rehydrate. I put a good amount of pink salt in my camelback when I ride and it helps but I still usually start to feel terrible about 2 hours after I ride. I suspect this is some sort of auto immune response as I also suffer from Alopecia Areata. That started about ten years ago due to stress and I gave up gluten 8 years ago which helped tremendously. I get like one random bald spot now and then which tells me my body is not in optimal condition. I’ve been eating pretty clean for about six months, no gluten, hardly any dairy and very little processed foods and sugar. I’d like to know your recommendation on how to treat the hydration situation for the long term as well as your recommendation on what to do in the short term while my body is healing. Thanks again! Jess

Anonymous: Hi Dr Cabral, I sent an AskCabral question the other week in relation to slow skin healing and wanted to provide a bit more info as realize I probably didn’t give any; – late 20s, juice daily, drink a lot of water, take supplements, generally live healthily – A mark from a spot just above my upper lip from over a month ago still very red and has not healed; I typically use mild acids and “Egyptian Magic cream” amongst other things for marks but no matter what I do spots take weeks to fade (I am pale and scar easily) – Late August at the dentist for a professional hygiene clean left me with a mark on my face; the dentist accidentally sprayed up close the side of my cheek with the power jet spray!! Thankfully the mark has faded with use of La Roche Posay Cicaplast but over a month on there is still a red patch… – Mosquito bites on legs from July / August although healed still leave behind red marks – I am convinced I have hormonal imbalance/candida and hypothyroid which I am trying to correct and this all may be down to a weak immune system. I have started taking a vitamin B complex, primrose oil and a higher dose of Vit C along with all other supplements… but my skin has been very slow to heal since I can remember – I used to take a Roaccutane (6+ years ago, total six months) because scars from getting spots bothered me more than the actual spots themselves!! I am trying hard to strengthen my immune system (will check if you’ve done an episode on that) but nearly 30 I am a little fed up! Thank you… enjoy all you do 🙂

Angela: Hi Dr. Cabral, Your expertise and generosity with your podcasts is not only a gift to us all but a true inspiration. My question is regarding my Sister in law. She suffers from Fibromyalgia and is soon to be tested for Lupus as well. She is a mother of three, two of them being twin toddlers. She suffers from intense pain throughout her entire body, short term memory loss and depends on a cane. It started with a back injury where she damaged the lower discs in her back. Then with the traumatic occurrence of her losing her mom, it sprung on the disease. Her MD prescribes her Morphine and Opiates, that she takes daily. They have also suggested starting a new plan consisting of horse tranquilizer drugs… She is just about to start a healthy option first called, Plexus. What are your suggestions for her to follow to find a natural solution to her pain or to minimize the impact this horrible disease has on her life? I would love to see her happy and healthy, and the relief of all the stress this illness has caused on her family. Thank you, and all the best. Angela

Nicole: Hi Dr. Cabral, Firstly, I would like to thank you for your podcasts and all of the work you do to help people in reaching their health goals. I listen to your podcasts everyday and I so appreciate your dedication and passion to your work! I have a question regarding stress support, specifically relating to ashwagandha and CBD oil. I have heard you speak often of these two supplements and how well they work. I use ashwaganda every morning and feel as though it seems to be working quite well throughout most of the day. However, I notice that I am often most anxious and stressed in the mid-late afternoons. I was thinking of adding a second dose of ashwagandha at this time of day, but thought of perhaps trying CBD oil instead. What are the main differences between CBD oil and ashwaghnda specifically? Is one more potent than another? Thank you again for all you do! Kind Regards, Nicole

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