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HouseCall: Many Ailments, Scaring Solutions, Nutrient Deficient, Acne Marks, Double Chin, Shoulder Injury

Cara: Hello, Dr. Cabral!! As always thank you for your commitment to helping as many people as you can. This one is for a dear friend of mine: My friend is 48 years old and this is her litany of ailments: -Hashimotos -Lupus -RA (but thinks its misdiagnosed) -Catabolic -Infrequent bowel movements (only a couple a week) -On antibiotics from birth to 12 years old (everyday) -Metal in hand from an injury -No OTC or prescription meds since 2006 other than 90 mg of Armour – She’s about to be without insurance and regular doctors are mis-reading her thyroid numbers and she is a “crazy” person when she comes off the Armour…doesn’t know how to get this prescribed while she gets to the root cause. What tests / protocols do you recommend …she is desperate and the type of person who helps EVERY but herself. In gratitude, Cara

Chelsea: Hi Dr. Cabral, thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge with us. I recently starting listening to your podcast and I can’t get enough. I have two questions for you. First, I had surgery about 8 months ago (breast augmentation) I’m wondering if there is anything you recommend for scaring? Second, I am a relatively thin woman, workout regularly, but I’ve been noticing some slight weight gain in my face and in my chin. This may be genetic, because a lot of women in my family have double chins. Is there anything I can do to slim down this area? Thank you in advance!!

Amanda: Hello, I have a question about your products. I feel as though I am nutrient deficient, but i can only get one of your products. Would you recommend the daily nutritional support or the activated multi in my case? Thanks

Anonymous: Hi Dr Cabral, what would be the main reason for skin to take so long to heal? Whether it be from acne, mosquito bites, scar, bruise etc? I typically find any hormonal acne marks I get takes months to disappear so by the time one fades I am trying to get rid of another! I know I have some health issues (candida, hypothyroid) that I am trying to resolve and these may well be part of the reason but I wondered if there was more reason than this and if there is something I can do to help it heal much faster moving forward. Thanks so much

Josie: Hello! I am an adult (33) female with acne on back, shoulders and neck before every period. Every time it finally clears up, it is back again! I have also struggled with acne my entire life. And it seems to be ruining my life. Could this now be due to PCOS? or Parasites? Is there a way to test for both in one test? Would CBD oil help? Any other help with this would be fantastic. Thanks a bunch.

Steph: Thank you in advance for all you do! For the past 6 months maybe more, my left shoulder has been bothering me. And it is only getting worse. I sometimes wake up on my left side, and then it takes a coupe hours before it seems loosened up for the day. It cracks more than the right shoulder when moving it, and I seem to be using it less naturally. I can’t really do pushups anymore, or even 5lb weight shoulder exercises. It is a dull pain I have been able to live with, but now I am afraid if I don’t do anything it will get worse. I am a healthy, thin, fit female and enjoy working out. What can I do ? What could be causing this? I don’t remember any particular injury, always light weight workouts / pushups and yoga.

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Adrenal Hormone Lab Test (saliva test)

> Thyroid Adrenal Hormone Lab Test (saliva and blood spot test)

> Dr. Cabral Daily Protocol

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Gut Rebuilding Protocol

Candida & Bacterial Overgrowth Protocol

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Organic Acids Test + Food Test Bundle Package (save over $100)

> Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA hair test)

> OAT + HTMA Bundle Package (Save over $100)

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> Carrot Seed Oil

> Natural Face Masks & Chemical Peels (episode 342)

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> Dr. Cabral Detox (The fastest way to get well, lose weight, and feel great!)

> Daily All-in-one Support Shake (The #1 recommendation in my practice)

> Daily Fruit & Vegetables blend (22 organic fruit & vegetables “greens powder”)

> Run a Functional Medicine Test

> Candida/Bacterial Overgrowth, Leaky Gut, Parasite & Speciality Supplement Packages

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