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HouseCall: Fatlossity, Diatamaceous Earth, Weight Loss Test, Aquagenic, Low Mood, Vaccinations

We are back with another episode of the #CabralHouseCalls!

I’m looking forward to our community’s questions today, so let’s get started with these Q&As:

Monica: Hello, I had wonderful success several years ago with the Fatlossity program so I decided to do it again. Because it has been so long since I bought the original program, I recently bought the Fatlossity 2.0 Diet Plan. I’m excited and ready to being but I’m a little confused about what exercises to perform and in what order. The previous digital condition came with a set exercise program however; the new 2.0 program book only gives fat loss intervals and says to perform them after a 30-45 metabolic resistance workout. I don’t know where to begin with the metabolic resistance workout. Would a Zumba class be the same? Thanks

Toni: Quick question! Can I put a teaspoon of Diatamaceous earth in my morning coffee and / or oatmeal every am as a part of my daily parasite and overall healthy belly routine. Is it still effective this way? Should I be taking your healthy belly probiotic daily as well with breakfast? thank you.

Jennifer: Hi Dr. Cabral, My name is Jennifer, and through divine intervention I found you. In July I had a week off of work, so I completed the Cabral 7 day detox. i have never experienced a detox before, so safe to say I had no idea what I was getting into. First off, I came to realize VERY quickly that a large part of my daily routine is thinking, planning, shopping, preparing, and eating food. When you don’t eat for the first 2 days you have free time that you didn’t know you would have. I came to an understanding on how time consuming food really is in our daily lives. in stating that, when day 3 arrived I was so happy to incorporate food again.The plan was so simple and easy to follow. I thought, “ Im going to breeze through this” however, I was very wrong. I work in a salon with many many chemicals in my daily life. Not to mention the roller coaster of poor food choices in my life and what damage had built up from that. Prior to the detox I could work out endlessly and really not budge the scale at all. Weight has been a life long issue for me. So as day 3 went on my body became really weak and I didn’t have the energy I had before when it came to my workouts. My brain was starting to reel from the detoxification happening and I actually was uncomfortable in my own skin. By day 4 I felt skittish and afraid to even talk to people. I felt so terrible that I was worried I wasn’t going to make it to the end. I knew I was toxic due to a lifetime of exposure to unhealthy things, but wow! Well, day 5 came and it was like the dark cloud lifted! I felt amazing! Each day became better and better. I didn’t have a starting weight but knew about where I was. When I was done I did weigh myself and I lost probably 5-7 pounds. I continued strong on your eating plan but have wavered quite a bit in the last couple months but have continued to lose weight. My body and brain feel better than they have in a very long time. I plan to do my next 7 day detox in the next month. So thank you for your research and creation of your supplements and detox. I listen to as many of your podcasts as I can. I recommend you constantly. My first question is regarding my daughter. When she was around 7 or 8 she showed me this rash on her hands and said when her hands come in contact with any form of water this is what happens. This white raised bumpy skin was between her fingers and almost looked like blisters or skin that was going to peel. Fast forward to now, she is 18, and the rash has come and gone since then. It now covers most of her palms. When it is severe the skin pulls tight and can be painful until her hands dry out. Usually it takes about twenty to thirty minutes for her hands to completely return to normalcy. When her hands are dry, you can see remnants of whits spots on her palms. It does this in any type of water and can be severe to slight; sometimes it goes away all together. We have tried organic products as well, and that helps, but it doesn’t go away, so we think its water itself. We have only been to one doctor and they have no idea what it is. At the moment it’s at a medium degree. I attached a picture, and wonder if you might know what it is or what to do. My second and final question is regaurding your weightloss blood test. I have been experiencing a steady decline in my sex drive for many years and as of now I virtually have no sex drive at all. Would that specific test measure my hormone level to see if thats whats wrong? Thank you for your time. I look forward to your advice! I tried to attach the photo of my daughters hands but it won’t attach. If you would like to see a photo please just let me know where to send it and I will. Thanks again!!

Tim: Hi Dr. Cabral My wife swears by your podcast and says your the smartest person she doesn’t know. She’s very much into health and wellness and I’ve watched how much your advise has helped her and in turn helped me in my health, so far. So, my question today is about anxiety and depression. Ive battled for years and tend to have anxiety attacks often and it prevents me from traveling outside my town. I’ve been on claorasapan as it works instant to help with my anxiety attacks, but don’t want to rely on it. I have little to no energy and I drink beer just to try to cope with my anxiety but again, not healthy. I’ve gone to a naturalpathic doctor and had my neurotransmitters tested and she found that my Gabba, seratonin and dopamine were depleated. I wanted to know what you would recommend to heal from anxiety completely. Thanks, Tim

Jen: Hi Dr Cabral, It is now a requirement for my kids to have all their vaccinations, in order for my kids to attend public school. I’ve heard the rise in Autism and ADD and ADHD, strange growths, etc. have been linked to these vaccination. I see the significance in getting these vaccinations, especially certain ones like the HPV virus, but when I read the ingredients, I’m shocked to find that they contain aluminum, dead fetal cells, formaldahyde, mercury, etc. wonder what your opinion is on the vaccinations? Is there a way around these? Thank you Jen

Marge: Hi Dr. Cabral I am in my late 60s and I have a family history of Alzheimer’s. My question today is what can I do to prevent to getting Alzheimer’s? Thank you Jen

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