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HouseCall: BioRegulation Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Jumpy Legs, Mesomorph Diet, Head Cramp, Heartburn, Meat vs. Plant Iron, Shake Anxiety

Our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend is here featuring these amazing community questions!

Nina: Dear Dr. Cabral, Thank you for the very reasonable, thorough, and integrated information on your podcast and website. I feel I have benefited tremendously from what I have learned from you and from some of your products. I am wondering if you have a take on the efficacy of “bioregulation therapy” (BRT) or “pulsed electromagnetic field therapy” (PEMF) and the devices that supposedly provide these treatments. (For instance: BRT has been recommended to me as a treatment that has a lot of research associated with it, but it does sound a bit like science fiction. (For instance: Some non essential background information about our situation: I have been listening to your podcast and interested in “alternative” therapies since early 2016 when I removed all my symptoms of psoriasis and autoimmunity through diet, lifestyle change and water fasting. Despite eating carefully and taking good care of myself since then, I am still dealing with some minor health complaints and would prefer to improve my situation before anything more serious develops. But my issues are minor compared to others in my immediate family, and I am primarily interested in the technology on their behalf. My husband and sons have a range of inflammatory conditions: chronic back pain, arthritis, IBS, severe allergies, eczema, ADHD, difficulty sleeping, severe irritability and all around cantankerousness. While they watched me heal the disgusting bleeding plaques that had covered much of my body and face through diet and entirely natural means, my spouse and sons don’t want to change their food, medication or daily habits. Part of the problem is perhaps that they are too cranky, tired and pessimistic to consider change. (The other possibility is that they will always resist as I have become too annoying in my desire to help them improve their health) At any rate, I am hoping to find some sort of therapy that might gain us some ground so that we have the fortitude to eventually try other changes. Thanks so much for your time and kind assistance! Nina

Lisa: Appreciate you and your staff! Here are my questions: What are your thoughts on hydrotherapy? What might be the causes for tingling in legs or “jumpy” legs primarily at night but also occur when I’m getting a pedicure? Know that I’m celiac and follow a Palio low glycemic lifestyle with a healthy diet of mainly fruits and vegs, little dairy, rice and meat. Exercise 3-5 days a week with moderate strength training using weights and cardio using an elliptical or fast walking. Thanks!

Adalyn: Hi Dr. Cabral I just purchased your 21-day detox as well as your heavy metal detox. I have two questions. I am interested in what to eat after in order to stay healthy and feel my best. I’ve heard you talk a lot about ectomorph and endomorph body types and what works for their types as far as a good diet to follow, but I want to ask what you would suggest as a good diet plan guideline that works for a Mesomorph body type? My second question is, what would be a good workout for a Mesomorph body type to get ripped muscle definition?

Dan: Hello! I am writing to you (due to the gf) about a pain I recently had. I went surfing the other day with a wetsuit, and when I got out of the water, I felt nauseous and then about 5 minutes after I had sever cramping in my head. It felt like the muscle around the skull was cramping around my forehead. Not like a throbbing headache, felt more muscular to me. The pain/cramping started in the middle of forehead and then seemed to wrap around to the sides. Lasted about an 1.5 hours. I massaged my head and it seems to dissapate. Have you heard of this, or is this something I should be worried about. What could have caused this? Thank you!

Jess: Hello! My husband has been complaing about heartburn on and off now for the past few months. Sore throat off and on. Also acid reflux pains. He has been taking baking soda, which seems to provide relief. Couple questions. 1. What causes heartburn? 2. does lemon water help heartburn? 3. He also has toe fungus that won’t go away, connection? 4. how to prevent and what to do when it happens? Thank you so much for everything you do. We need to clone you!

Anon: My husband believes he needs to eat meat for protein and iron. I told him this isn’t so but of course he doesn’t take my word for it. can you please set him straight, and also add top veggies/beans/grains with most protein. thank you!

Nikki: Hi dr Cabral, Been recently introduced to your podcast and decided to look into your methods and try some. About two years ago I lost 100 pounds and now weigh around 150. Right after the weight loss I had onset anxiety and panic attacks so bad that I had to quit my job. I did a ton of research and couldn’t find much of a real answer as to why I have it. After listening to your podcasts, I decided to try your detox system but the first shake I did I got super bad anxiety I’m thinking from all the minerals or nutrients in it? Any ideas? I drink homemade organic kefir daily with vegan one protein powder. I eat pretty much a paleo diet and consider myself decently active and in good health. Please help! All I want is this debilitating anxiety to go away and live a normal life. Any help would be really appreciated!! Love your podcast!!

Claire: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have a question about tooth cavities and if they can be healed or at least stopped. My dentist says that I have a cavity on one of my wisdom teeth around the gum line. The tooth has grown in sideways on a 45 degree angle towards my cheek so the side with the cavity is hard to brush and often gets food stuck in the area. I’ve been diligent about cleaning it but I worry it’s getting worse. My dentist says because of the angle he isn’t able to get a drill back there to fill it and that if it does get worse I may have to have it removed, which I would like to avoid. Is there anything I can do to halt this progress diet or cleaning wise? What happens if I just leave the cavity to get worse rather than have the tooth removed; will it affect other teeth? Thank you for your help! Claire

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and I hope you enjoyed all the Q&As and tips added in along the way!

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