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HouseCall: Daily Diarrhea, Book Update, Vegan Iron Sources, IFR Sauna Bulbs, Vitamin D Test

Welcome back to the weekend edition of the #CabralConcept where I answer our community’s questions!

We have bunch of #HouseCalls to get to today and they cover some amazing questions across the board…

I can’t wait to share those answers with you now!

Karen: My mother has had diarrhea for 14 months. She has struggled with this off and on for ten years but this is the worst yet. In the past she has taken antibiotics but it always comes back. She has lost a lot of weight and I believe is nutritionally deficient. She has tried omitting dairy, gluten, eggs, and other food items but nothing seems to make a big difference. Oddly, fresh vegetables seem to make it worse. She takes Ammodium AD every single day to be able to leave the house. Any suggestions?

Michelle: Hello again Dr. Cabral. You keep mentioning your book in your podcasts. Can you give us a date when we might expect to see it and will you be doing a “crowd sourcing” campaign so we can preorder it to help you out? I’m not sure if crowd sourcing is the term I’m looking for but I think you probably will get my drift! 😉 Thanks again for all of your time, energy and boundless information you help so many of us with. Michelle

Mouxios: Found out about you from Instagram!! I am a 21year old student and I really find your podcasts very helpful!! So I have been vegan for 13 months now ( in the beginning vegetarian) ! I did some blood tests and I found out I have low ferittin levels!! What can I do in order to increase my ferittin levels while remaining vegan? (I think this is also the reason my hair has started falling)!! Thank you in Advance!!

J: your diatomaceous earth episode is not paying ok phone or computer – may be a glitch on your end? just wanted to give you a heads up –

Anonymous: if you are attempting an infrared sauna mini experience at home with a single bulb which bulb do you recommend? is the 120 V 250 W from Home Depot sufficient or should you spend the extra $10 and get it from one of the health stores that sell special infrared bulbs (Try for 3-4 bulbs if possible. 250W. 

Vijay: If your vitamin D3 levels are just out of optimum range at 43 and you’re only taking 1,000 IU a day, how much should you raise your dosage by?

I hope you enjoyed today’s Cabral HouseCall and I’ll be back tomorrow answering more of our communities questions!

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Show Notes:

Episode 169 (Plant Iron vs. Heme Iron)

Episode 174 (High Iron Vegan Foods)

Episode 189 (Episode on Diatomaceous Clay)

Infrared Sauna Light Bulbs

Vitamin D Lab Test

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> Daily Fruit & Vegetables blend (22 organic fruit & vegetables “greens powder”)

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