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HouseCall:575: CBD & Seizures, Collagen Powder, Effusion, Weight on Hips, Cellulite/Toxicity, Gain Weight

I hope you had a fantastic last week and now it’s that time again where we get to check in with the community and see what questions we have for this weekend!

Here are today’s Q&A’s:

Camille: Hi Dr. Cabral, In my house, you are known as “Cabral”…I talk about you and quote you SO much, we’ve just shortened it to Cabral…anyway, I use your All in One Daily shake and daily fruits & vegetable powder in the smoothies I make every singe day for my husband and I. I also take your activated B everyday. I have completed one of your 7 day detox programs with huge success. Swear by those for sure. My question today is: What do you think about collagen powder or products? I am 58 yrs old and wonder if I need to use this or if there is really any benefit. If you do recommend them, what is a good one to use? I follow your clean eating menu from the detox and exercise about 20 minutes 6 days a week. Thank you in advance. Your so kind to share your wisdom in so many ways. Camille


Cindy: Hello there Stephen Cabral. God bless you and your team for all you do for everyone! My question is… I’ve suffering from fibroids for like 3 months. I cramp all day everyday and now I have low back pain. What can I do to shrink these fibroids? Pls help! Thank you in advance! 

Maryanne: Dr. Cabral, i have listened to all your podcasts and want to thank you for all the education you provide in the area of naturopathic medicine. I have learned so much that has changed the lives of my family and myself! I have an interesting problem that I want your opinion on. 5 months ago, my left knee developed a PAINLESS effusion that since then as recurred approximately every 10 days. During that time my knee is quite stiff and difficult to move in full range of motion, but doesn’t prevent me from living life. It lasts 2-3 days and then resolves until the next time. Between exacerbations, i have some mild tingling in BOTH of my knees. It is a predictable occurrence that I can keep track of on my calendar! I don’t have any other joint pain or swelling except mild right thumb pain that I believe is related to computer work. I had blood work done by my PCP and it was negative for lyme, rheumatoid factor and inflammatory markers. My PCP was at a loss for what this could be as well. I have eliminated gluten and sugar from my diet, but sometimes indulge. I rarely eat dairy as well. I have researched the internet and have read about intermittent hydrarthrosis which seems to describe my problem exactly. I am reluctant to see a rheumatologist because this is somewhat manageable, although frustrating during the days my knee is swollen. It doesn’t hurt but can slow me down. I’m a 54 year old post menopausal woman in good health, not overweight and no chronic health problems. I plan on doing your 7-day detox, but am also wondering what else I can do to address this problem? I’m afraid this could evolve into rheumatoid arthritis or some other auto immune illness. My father had RA. I really appreciate your time in addressing my health concerns. Thanks again for all your podcasts and great information.


Maya: Hi Dr. Cabral! I have been struggling to lose excess weight in the lower half of my body only. I also experience extreme brain fog, difficulty focusing and have been unable to have an orgasm. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, adrenal fatigue, gut permeability and Epstein-Barr. I’ve done a lot of functional testing and most recently, I did a neuroadrenal test from Neuroscience that showed I have low sympathetic tone, high immune activation and central imbalance, low serotonin, epinephrine and norepinephrine and high cortisol levels. I have taken countless supplements that don’t seem to make a difference. I have experiemneted with paleo, AIP and ketogenic diets. And I have tried various types of exercise, including HIIT, circuit and resistance training, yoga, qigong, etc. I meditate, journal and practice self love regularly and am getting frustrated with the lack of results. Would love any advice on any or all of the above. Thank you so so much for everything you do. I wish all doctors were like you! Best, Maya

Jen: I was reading an aarticle about how boosting 1GF-1 Protein by eating certain foods in a particular order, can rid your body of cellulite permanently. I  wondered what your thoughts were on this. If cellulite is a toxicity issue, then whats the best way to rid your cells of all those toxins? Would eating these foods do it?

Thomas: Love your podcast!! Everyone talks about ways to loose weight but how about if you want to put on 10 pounds? I went gluten free about 3 years ago and on what I would call a whole foods diet. I love the results, less inflammation. I have back surgery 10 plus years ago and still had a little swelling around the scar for years and the gluten free diet really helped with that and with what doctors where calling arthritis but I guess was really just inflammation. That all said I went from 185 pounds to around 170. I am 6′ 2” and pretty active and can easily carry another 10 pounds put am one of those people that does not can weight very easily. Even when I ate anything it was hard to maintain 185. Any ideas how I can put on healthy weight?


I hope you enjoyed today’s community Q&A and be sure to come back tomorrow where we answer more of your questions!

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