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WW: My Top 7 Wellness & Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes!

20 years ago, my digestive system was barely functioning. I had trouble breaking down even easy to digest foods…

This led to a gradual weakening of my body and immune system, which resulted in a host of fatigue, GI, skin, auto-immune, brain fog, and other conditions…

It wasn’t until I found out about the healing power of smoothies that I actually began to rebuild my body from the inside out. For the first time, I was able to absorb the nutrition from the pre-digested liquid smoothies and my body began to rapidly change…

But, not all smoothies are created equal (some are actually harmful), and as a result some people are not getting the benefits that they deserve…

Tune into today’s #CabralConcept 270 to get the same exact wellness & weight loss smoothie recipes that I give my private clients in my Boston Naturopathic Medicine practice!

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