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HouseCall: Neck Pain, Child OCD, Supplement Suggestions, Candida Foods, Brain Injuries, Iodine & Hashimoto’s, IBS Doctor, RA Detox

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Amanda: Hi Dr Cabral. I have been dealing with nerve pain in my neck. When the pain is the worst, it feels like my neck is on fire. I started with physical therapy and then started going to the chiropractor. He did an X-ray and said my neck is curving the wrong way, so the nerves are protecting my neck which is causing the pain. I’ve also tried working out, yoga, getting massages and have adjusted how I sit at work. The adjustment once a week (I can’t afford to go more than that) is no longer helping. The whole process has been going on for two years and I’m getting very frustrated that I’ve seen no improvement. I don’t know what to do, do you have any recommendations?

Madeleine: Hi Dr. Cabral Someone told me about your podcast recently, and I’m feeling hopeful (for the first time) that maybe there is a solution. My 9 year old son has always had high anxiety and has been a little funny about germs and certain sensory things (he will not eat meat that is touching a bone). This past year, however, he has started exhibiting more severe signs of OCD including intrusive and unwanted thoughts. He has always been a negative thinking kid, too (just for more background). Background on his health: He had a typical delivery, but I was unable to breastfeed so he did not have any breastmilk or colostrum. He did have antibiotics and vaccines, but not excessively. He had mono when he was 5 that was misdiagnosed for the first 2 months. He has always had very bad allergies. He has those dark circles under his eyes where he looks like he has a black eye. About 3 months ago we removed his tonsils and adenoids (his allergies have been significantly better), and they have mostly disappeared and his allergies are so much better. Also, about the same time his OCD kicked into gear he developed a stereotypy. Whenever he gets excited he balls his fist in front of his crotch and tenses…when it’s really intense he wiggles his hands. The doctors have called it primary complex motor stereotypy and said it’s nothing to worry about. I find it distressing, but not nearly as disturbing as his intrusive OCD thoughts and anxiety. Finally, as a last piece of the puzzle his younger brother has had a severe stereotypy since he was 2 years old. It sometimes develops into a very complex set of motions that resemble tics. He also makes a repetitive vocal sound when doing his stereotypy (sort of like a machine gun but higher) We did a gluten free, casein free, soy free, processed sugar free diet with few processed foods (cassava flour, brown rice flour, almond butter were the primary parts) for 5 weeks and saw a reduction in my younger sons tics/stereotypy but they did not go away. My older son had no change. Now we’re very low dairy, lower gluten (bread once or twice a week), and still few processed foods but more than before. My youngest sons tics are getting worse again, and my oldest sons OCD/intrusive thoughts are terrible. He is inhibiting his movements because he knows they bother me (although I try not to show it) . FInally my actual question – do you have protocol for kids? Does he have a diet restriction list/plan with it? Is it the Candida protocol I should go for? Or would i need to schedule an appointment? Thanks for reading – I’m so desperate to help them and I do not want to medicate my older son for OCD. Doctors say there is nothing to be done for the stereotypy but I feel like there might be a cause.

Carlos: What is the recommended daily dose of HEALTHY BELLY to help eradicate h pylori? How many capsule per day and should they be taken while fasted?

Cassi: Hi Dr. Cabral – thank you so much for the time and dedication you take to getting so much information out! I am currently on the CBO protocol and following your diet plan. However, my friend is a nutritionist and received her degree from Bastyr University, which is highly regarded in the “naturopathic world” and I know you have mentioned this university on your podcasts before as well. She send me the candida diet plan from Bastyr, which she was taught during school. My question comes from this – the diet plan seems to be almost completely different from yous and I’m curious why. What are your thoughts on this? For example, they highly recommend garlic stating, “Garlic has been found to have anti-Candida activity. Use freely in food and cooking, or consider taking a garlic supplement.” The vegetable recommends onions, cabbage & cauliflower freely. The food recommendation included apples and pears and says to limit bananas, mangoes and pineapple. Of course everyone agrees on no alcohol & refined sugars. Can you explain why your diet recommendation has come to be so different? I’m curious to understand to help me formulate my long-term diet to maintain the best results. Thank you again!!

Ariana: Hi dr Cabral, My boyfriend suffered a traumatic brain injury ( concussion) about 4 years ago and hasn’t even able to recover. He’s tried anti depressants and they either made it worse, or did nothing at all. He had MRIS done and his neck and back are not injured. Before the concussion, he was on anti biotics for 1 year and Acutane. As a child, he was on anti biotics for a year and had a tube in his ear I believe because of recurring ear infections. After discovering your podcast I figured he probably had Candida overgrowth. He’s currently doing your CBO protocol but says it makes him feel worse. He tried EFT tapping and meditation to no avail. He is hopeless, and I really wish I could help him but I am out of ideas.

Kristin: Hi There, I am looking for a little direction and advise. I think it is best to give you a little background info. I have had a shortened menstrual cycle my whole life every 2-3 weeks. When I was about 25/26 I figured out that if I take vitamin D3 my menstrual cycle tends to even out and is closer to a 28-day cycle. I am now 40 years old. At 35 got pregnant for the first time. The baby had mosaic Edwards Syndrom and because of multiple deformities and “markings” with brain/heart/facial structure, we chose to end the pregnancy. It was a very hard time both physically and emotionally. Fast forward a year, we were having problems getting pregnant again so my doctor ran some blood tests. My TSH was at 39.48 mcIU/mL, tested again 4 weeks later and it was down to 8.57 mcIU/mL & Free T4 was 1.0ng/dL. A couple of days later, I found out that I was pregnant for the second time. My doctor put me on Levothyroxine and we didn’t look any further into my Thyroid because keeping my numbers in range was important for my pregnancy. During my pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes, was on insulin a little later on in the pregnancy and I had a circumvallate placenta, which I believe is unrelated. I was induced a week early and we now have a 20-month-old happy, healthy boy. In that 3 year span, my body went through a lot hormonally. After my second pregnancy, I was tested for autoimmune markers and found that I had Hashimoto’s. I am still on Levothyroxine and my primary care physician seems to have no interested in helping me navigate getting off of it, or giving me nutritional guidance. We have made the decision to try for a second baby. Very exciting and very scary for me at this time. I am 40, am a Personal Trainer & Manage 2 gym locations. My energy hasn’t ever gotten back to where it should be since my first pregnancy. My son is now old enough and has been sleeping through the night since 6mos… I feel like I should have bounced back by now. Current symptoms that I have: Feeling tired, Brain fog, Sometimes puffiness, Achy Joints, Throat irritation – almost like it is hard to swallow – it is hard to describe the feeling. Sometimes a burning mouth/tingling tongue I’ve been trying to figure out if all of these symptoms are from being busy and unable to workout and take care of myself as well as I would like at this time or if my hormones/thyroid are out of whack. Would love some advice & direction on a few things: I am the sole provider for my family and we are on a pretty strict budget at this time. Where would you suggest I start in attempts at getting my system balanced and feeling good. I am confused about iodine & Hashimoto’s. Chlorella & Spirulina are great for removing heavy medals but aren’t you suppose to avoid if you have Hashimoto’s? If I do become pregnant soon, would focusing one a healthy, plant-based diet be my best bet? Are there foods that you would suggest I avoid? Ok… lots of questions and probably too much info but I am loving all of your podcasts and your philosophy really aligns with my personal approach to health and wellness. Thanks so much for your time. Yours in health, Kristin

Kendra: Hi, I heard Dr. Cabral on a podcast and am very interested in working with him or receiving referrals. I’ve dealt with IBS, chronic stomach pain, and digestive issues my whole life. I have never seen a functional medicine practitioner and I think it would be worthwhile. What are his fees? And do you have any referrals in the Los Angeles area? Thank you!

Laimute: Hello, I would like to ask you about rheumatoid arthritis. My mum has rheumatoid arthritis for many years. A year ago she gave up with meat, dairy products, white flour, sugar. I’m going to take her to India for 15 days panchakarma treatment as I’ve heard that it would help her to get rid of toxins that causes arthritis followed by a natural ayurvedic medicines for up to a year. My question is what is the different between panchakarma and Dr. Cabral detox as both of them clean toxins from the body? Also would you suggest anything else to add to treat rheumatoid arthritis along with panchakarma treatment?Many thanks, Laimute

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