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HouseCall: Yeast & Dermatitis, Cavity Care, French Health, Brain Fog, Narcolepsy, Late Night Eating, Funky Smell

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Sasha: Hi Dr Cabral, I absolutely love your podcasts, I’ve learnt so much! I have Candida, which I think may be the cause of my seborrheic dermatitis which I am struggling to keep under control. I’m following a Candida diet with low carbohydrates but am having trouble keeping the sugars to a minimum. I am a type 1 diabetic, so I need sugar to recover from hypoglycaemia, even though I’ve lowered my insulin doses. My diabetes is well managed but because of the low carb diet, my blood sugar is often around 4-5 mmol/L, which I watch closely and need to eat glucose tablets/fruit juice/fruit throughout the day. I worry that I won’t be able to get rid of Candida because I have to eat sugar to recover from low blood glucose, which will keep feeding the Candida. What can I do?

Don: I was wondering what your thoughts were on dental issues that my son went through recently. Every time we took him in for his checkups he had a cavity. All these cavities were very small and easy to fix. But when our dentist did x-rays once he turned 5 years old, we discovered his molars were in terrible shape, and one tooth had exposed nerves. We were referred to a pediatric specialist that did an exam and laid out her treatment plan. Total he had 6 cavities, and needed four crowns. The specialist reassured us this was not due to lack of brushing, or a poor diet, it was just our son. She recommended we brush his teeth for him, floss, and have him use a fluoride rinse twice a day. While my son was going through all of this I read a book called Cure Tooth Decay, by Ramiel Nagel. The author made a couple of suggestions for things to do to help cure tooth decay naturally. First was Royal Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil from Green Pastures, and a tooth paste called Theodent, which is fluoride free and supposed to help rebuild and harden his teeth. We started him on both of these right away. That was about a year ago, and his recent checkups have been good with no issues. I have no way of knowing which is helping, but I do know he hasn’t been sick nearly as much so I feel the butter and cod liver oil made a difference. I’m happy his teeth are better, but I’m concerned there is more going on internally. I was wondering what your thought are? Should we do some testing, or are there some supplements you recommend? Thanks Don

Anonymous: Hey Stephen I think i have a what you would called a typical girl question 🙂 I am an active 30 year old girl who is very healthy. I eat whole and non processed foods, good cold pressed oils, I am vegan, try to sleep more than 7,8 hours. I am very thin but not skinny. I take some supplements for my body to be healthier and because I had some pain in my intestines last year (l glutamine, zinc, vit d, curcumine, b12, omega 3). Now it’s better! I usually do a lot of sport: pilates, yoga, swimming pool and a lot of walks but I have cellulite and feel pretty bad about it. I am what you could called a skinny fat person. The problem is that I put so many efforts to have a thin and strong body but apart from being maybe more firmly, the cellulite and fat are still here. I don’t want to fall into a bad diet, but I am just lost and very frustrated. It’s like eating very healthy, doing sacrifices about foods and wake up early to do sport most of the time doesn’t count! Just in case of, I stopped the pill that i had been taken for 13 years, 2 years ago, for acne My period is quite irregular but it is improving. What do you think it could be linked to? hormonal issues? please cheer me up 🙂 ps: i have another problem:I can not run anymore, nor do strength training as my knees are too sensitive (5 years ago i had tendinitus and since then I’m not free to do whatever I want). It’s like my whole body is weak, although i could run a marathon in my head. It is so sad to see other girls at my age being free to do any sport they want and me being stucked in just a few ones and ended up being hurt. I don’t know if i am the only one to be in this situation I don’t know how to be able to do the sport I want without ending up injured, though I know a lot about sport and good postures! Thank you so much for your advise and please send all your tests in France! It would be a great success :). International Cabral concept!

Bryan: Hello, I’m interested in the program and would love to find out more about which tests I should take for my certain situation. The main issues I’m having (and have had for a long time) is brain fog and low energy. I’m 31, 5′ 7″, 152 pounds and feel like I eat pretty healthy for the most part. I’d love to find out why I’ve been feeling this way and hopefully how I can turn it around. Thank you and look forward to hearing back! Best, Bryan

Emily: I was diagnosed with narcolepsy 4-5 years ago. I have struggled with excessive daytime sleepiness since I was in middle school, but was not diagnosed with narcolepsy until I was 25. I have tried several types of medicine to help with my excessive sleepiness including Ritalin, Provigil, and Xyrem. I have experienced many different side effects from the medication. Unfortunately, none of them have been positive towards the sleepiness. I am wondering if you have had experience with a patient with narcolepsy before and if you can recommend a specific diet or natural supplements that can help with the excessive sleepiness, and finally what test kit you would recommend to see if there are any additional underlying reasons for my excessive sleepiness. My goal would be to be completely off medication, but with this neurological challenge, it is hard to keep a job without the support. I eat a healthy diet and exercise (HIIT) 3-4 days a week. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Eva: Hello Dr. Cabral, my name is Eva and I’m a professional finswimmer of Austria in Vienna. I’m vegan and I’m listening to your podcasts since a week now. I already bought your book and I like your content so much! To my question: I normally have practice twice a day and sadly the evening practice is mostly from 6pm till 9pm (1h of weight lifting, 2h of swimming). Since want to try out a ayurvedic routine I’m curious how I can manage to eat and go to bed with and empty stomache before 10pm (the last days I just ate before practice arox 1 1/2hours before) and afterwards just came home and went straight into bed, it worked for me but I’m curious if over time my body might be in a dificiency because I’m not eating after practice. Do you have any suggestions, how would you manage it since I want a good night rest from latest 10 till 5:30am AND a adequate nutition I’m excited about your advices. Thank you so much, I’m looking forward!

Julia: Hi Stephen, first of all thank you for putting out all this incredible content. My question today is about everyones favourite daytime “drug”…COFFEE. Every time I drink my sweat, especially under the armpits, smells really funky and totally unpleasant. Could this have something to do with my liver being overburdened or is there another explanation? What would be your advice on actions to take in order to smell good again? Thanks for everything!

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