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HouseCall: Precursors to Parkinson’s, Morning Movements, Fatty Liver Detox, Collagen Support, Alcohol Reaction, Consult on Labs, Parasites, Stomach Discomfort

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Anonymous: Hi, Dr. Cabral, Thank you for your informative podcasts. What a true service to your listeners! I’m concerned about the effect of work stress on my husband’s health. He has a highly demanding job and travels a lot for work. Lately, I’ve noticed tremors/jerk-like movements while he’s asleep. He’s had some concerns about numbness to his feet, and he was told it’s likely peripheral neuropathy (his grandfather has it too). I’ve also noticed a mild but noticeable shaking in his hand, but he’s quick to dismiss it as nothing. Could these be signs of Parkinson’s disease or something else? Should he see a neurologist? And what lab tests might be good for him to get? Please advise… Thank you! Anonymous

Kathryn: you speak of your morning movements a lot. Can you do a podcast on specifically what movements you do? I’m assuming they are some type of dynamic stretches and yoga poses but what are they specifically? I love your podcast.

Lisa: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have fatty liver due to diabetes. I am wondering if it is safe to use your Detox protocol. I don’t want to inadvertently cause more damage to my liver. Thanks so much, Lisa

Tara: My mom (who is super into natural health) just referred me to your podcast. I listened to episode 858 and went to order the omega 3 and daily shakes for the daily health of me and my girls (2 and 5 years old). I am also an avid runner who has been battling plantar facitious since January. I added the Advanced Collegen Support into my basket, but thought I should ask if that’s the product you’d recommend? Per my doctor’s orders, I’ve been tapping, resting, icing, massaging, and wearing shoes with orthotics all the time (no bare feet) to help combat it, but it’s not going away (she also had me take 1 round of oral steroids, which was aweful). multiple bottles of each product, so I’d really like the discount if possible.

Georgie: Hi Dr Cabral! I recently found your podcast and have been listening non-stop over the last couple of months. Thank you for sharing all your incredible knowledge – I have learned a TON. I’m hoping that you can shed some light on a random issue I’ve experienced… Over the last 6 months I’ve developed an ad-hoc reaction to alcohol. Occasionally, after 1-2 drinks, I develop a splotchy rash on my neck (and sometimes my chin/jaw) and I suddenly find it more difficult to breathe. The weird thing is that it doesn’t occur every time I drink (maybe once every 5 times), and it’s not tied to one type of alcohol. I’ve experienced this reaction after drinking red wine, vodka and tequila. Any idea what this could be?

Ryan: I took a 24 hour urine organic acids test through Quest Diagnostics and was wondering if you could read the labs and give recommendations? I also had a handful of other tests done such as testosterone, DHEA, serotonin, vit d, thyroid, blood panel and a few others if those would help with the recommendations. If so, what would the cost be?
Thanks for the help Ryan

Chillia: Hi Dr. Cabral, Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us , and on many different levels. It is appreciated:) I did submit this to the Facebook support group and received an answer with really the best place to start, as far as getting certain labs done, and potentially becoming one of your private concierge clientst, but I am hoping you could take a bit of time to shed some light for the sake of my friend, who is in the thick of trying to heal herself, just to get a better understanding of what is happening with her body. Here is my best friend’s account: “In Oct 2017 I passed a fully intact round worm and was given Mebendazole by my local MD. Shortly after taking the first round of Mebandazole, I started become sick. Fatigue, heavy feeling blood, brain fog, nausea, restless feet, insomnia, dehydration ( drinking 1.5 gallons of water a day), dry cracking tongue, extreme fatigue with any cardio. With Mebendazole, you take the drug twice, but after the second round, I was still passing worms. I was confident that I still had a parasite infection, but stool tests only came back negative, so MD would not prescribe medication. I went to a private clinic out of town that specialized in parasites and was diagnosed with Round Worm and Gardia. For the next two months, I did a parasite treatment from the clinic and redoing tests showed that the parasites were gone. Unfortunately I continued to get sicker to the point I could no longer look after myself. From November to March, I was unable to walk more than a city block. I spent my time in bed and was unable to do simple things like make meals, or bring in firewood. I was aware that some foods were making me incredibly sick ( ending up in the emergency because I lost motor control after drinking a litre of kombucha ) March, I started seeing a naturopath that explained histamine intolerance as well as SIBO. With a serious change in diet, I saw instant results. I could walk a short distance and begin to look after myself. Stool test were sent to Doctor’s Data. My results came back with very low beneficial flora. I did not have any of the good flora Escherichia coli or Enteroccus spp, but I had a serious over growth of Alpha hemolytic strep, Beta Strep group B, Citronbacter freundi complex, Gamma hemolytic strep, Kluyvera ascorbate, Pseudomonas chloroaphis, Candida albicans and Candida lustitaniae With these results, I started treatment to replace my good flora and get rid of the bad flora. I have been taking once a day to kill off the bad stuff : 10 drops of grape fruit seed extract, 500mg of grape seed extract, 4 capsules of GI Microb- X (Tribulus 200mg, Magnesium caprylate 150mg, Sweet Wormwood 15mg, Bearberry 100mg, Blackwalnut 100mg, Common bearberry 50mg) Once a day for gut health : chlorophyll 5 drops, Vitamin B- Supreme ( Designs for Health Brand), GI- Revive anti inflamatory ( Designs for Health), 5000Iu Vitamin D3, 2 Tsp Omega 2 with EPA+DHA Twice a day: 25billion cfu Gut Pro Since March, my health has improved dramatically, but I feel that I am at 50 percent of my normal abilities. I cannot walk up a hill or anything cardio and I can not eat anything outside of my limited foods without a histamine flush that can slow me down or put me in bed for the afternoon. I do believe that I have always had a histamine problem. I was two months premature and then as a 11 month old, was hospitalized for Toxoplasma Gondii. I have always had food sensitivities, but boundless energy and good physical strength. I am confident that once I am better, my quality of life will probably be better than it has ever been, I am now looking for guidance on how to refine what I am doing to heal faster.”

Lucy: Hi there. I am a 21 year old female and I am reaching out because I have dealt with gut & digestive issues for the last 5-10 years. 97% of things I eat immediately cause my stomach discomfort. If the food is unhealthy or full of sugar I usually feel stronger discomfort but I can even drink water too fast and feel discomfort from that as well. I did a food journal for a while and wasn’t able to find any consistencies in what bothers my stomach and what doesn’t. I have had allergy testing and it all came back negative. I just recently started seeing a gastroenterologist at banner hospital, she started by putting me on Pantaprazol thinking maybe the issue was inflammation in my stomach and that didn’t help at all. I am scheduled to take a barium swallow test and see my gastroenterologist again next week for her to review my results. I think a naturopathic approach would be a lot more successful for me, as I would like to stay away from anti-biotics and surgeries if possible. I am looking forward to hearing back from you!

Natalia: Hi. In one of the podcast it was mentioned about health/nutrition certifications that the Dr has recommended but can’t find them when i search. Could you guide me in the right direction? Also it was mentioned that he was coming up with his own certification i would like info on that please!!!!

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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