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HouseCall: Iron Levels, Ear Lobe Crease, Peeling Hands & Feet, PMLE, Incorrect Gut Protocols, Shortness of Breath, Prioritizing Supplements, Dyspepsia

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

Let’s get started!

Anonymous: I am curious about your thoughts on iron levels. I don’t recall hearing you ever talk about it on the podcast. A few months ago I thought I had mono – I had all the classic symptoms. Though I didn’t check my blood work I started taking iron and felt much better. My doctor said I was most likely anemic as I was a vegetarian at the time. What are your thoughts on iron levels as it relates to mood, energy etc?

Vivian: After listening to your podcast on signs that a disease is coming , i got really concerned cause my husband showed one , very clearly – the diagonal crease on ear lob – His mom passed in 2010 at age of 60 , suddenly from heart disease they never knew she had. After that , in 2011 , he did a full scan and all showed fine. I told him about the podcast and forced him to do it over….we just got a call from the doctor , saying that he has the early stage of a heart disease…that one one of the markers that in 2011 came as zero, came as a 4 now and his red blood cells are kind of “sticky” and can result in heart problems if he doesn’t eat right and follow the recommendations. Since i met him , over 2 years ago, his diet has changed completely, i thought him how to eat and all i have learned about nutrition. He finished a doctor Cabral 7 days detox couple weeks ago. Please , what are your recommendations ( what to avoid and what to supplement with) so we can do our best to have him with us for many ,many, years?? I appreciate your help and all you do.

Suzanne:  Hello Stephen! Thank you for all the wonderful work you do in the healing world! My question involves a few different sicknesses I’ve accumulated over the last year. Last year during a stressful teaching stint I was diagnosed with an Epstein Bar (Glandular Fever) relapse, despite having the condition in my late teenage years. (I am now 25 years old.I suffered with a chronic sore throat initially which turned into fatigue, muscle aches and peeling fingers and toes. After changing a huge amount of my lifestyle and stress I have helped things but still suffer from the sore throat every few days, fatigue and constant peeling of my fingers and toes. (Despite many coconut oil applications I can’t seem to stop the peeling) On a side note: I have travelled a lot (and did get bitten by a tick in Nepal.) I have been on far too many antibiotics (If only I knew) and did go on a course of Roaccutane for three months. I was also vegan for almost four years in an attempt for perfect health which has since changed since the long absence of my period. My sickness also began when I was vegan. I now eat a small amount of meat including salmon, organic chicken and kangaroo which has fixed my hormones. (Still no dairy, eggs and limited gluten.) BUT Despite my best efforts I’m still fatigued and working part time as a result with peeling fingers and a sore throat most of the time) I believe I will get there I just need a little help and advice. Thank you for all the work you do in this field. The path to wellness in the best gift you could give.

Elizabeth: Hi Dr Cabral, I don’t think you have done a podcast on this but I was wondering if there is anything you would specifically recommend for PMLE? I have read online that Shirudo AGR+E lotion is good but I wondered if there is also anything else or any supplements that would help (and/or potentially reverse) this? It may help to mention, I believe I have hypothyroidism (which I am naturally treating the past year or so) and that I have changed my sunscreen various times (minor PMLE occurs with each different sunscreen brand; I am also trying to find a natural sunscreen). The PMLE type reaction is relatively minor and has only started to happen the last couple of years. Last summer vacation I had a minor reaction on my arms, legs/ankles and chest and this vacation this past week (mid-June) I had it only on my hands, knees, feet and partly on my collarbone/upper chest. It’s not immediate, it seems to take a few days to occur. I remain out of the sun when it does, although using more sunscreen does not help. Not sure if reaction on different areas of the body signifies anything? I am from London, where we don’t get much sun. Perhaps there is a relation with thyroid but it would be useful to know what may help it going forward and what may have caused it. I am going away again soon so I did contact your support email in hope for a earlier response but they directed me to ask cabral, however hopefully this may help some others…
Thank you so much for you and your podcasts!

Andrea: My 25 yr old daughter has had gut issues for years and has been to many dr,’s but still no relief. She was then diagnosed with Hashimotos and thyroid cancer and had her thyroid removed 12/2016. She now also has psoriasis. She now see’s a local Functional medicine dr here in STL who has been trying to help her. She tried a candida cleanse late last year but still has gut pain. She is gluten free and has done food allergy tests that show mild allergy to yogurt but that’s it. She decided to do a GI Map and here are the things that seem off:Enterotoxigenic E. coli LT/ST 1.19e6 High; Normal Bacterial Flora; Bacteroides fragilis 8.8e8 Low; Bifidobacterium spp. 1.6e10; Enterococcus spp. 5.7e6; Escherichia spp. 7.9e5 Low; Lactobacillus spp. 2.6e6; Clostridium spp. 9.66e4; Enterobacter spp. 1.69e5 Low; Phyla Microbiota Result; Bacteroidetes 1.94e10 Low; Firmicutes 7.87e9 Low; Firmicutes:Bacteroidetes Ratio 0.40; Additional Dysbiotic/Overgrowth Bacteria Result Normal; Bacillus spp. 2.71e4; Enterococcus faecalis <dl; Enterococcus faecium 2.91e2; Morganella spp. 1.77e5 High; Pseudomonas spp. <dl; Pseudomonas aeruginosa <dl; Staphylococcus spp. 1.74e3; Staphylococcus aureus 1.73e1; Streptococcus spp. <dl; Candida spp. 1.93e2; Epstein Barr Virus 1.43e7 High; Chilomastix mesnili 4.13e3; Steatocrit 23 High; b-Glucuronidase 3429 High; Her Dr said she still has candida over growth and a parasite so he prescribed nystatin & metronidazole since the candida cleanse didn’t work. As you can see, her good bacteria is also low so she continues to take probiotics but I’m curious if she should since she’s on antibiotics now. I’ve recently learned about dr. Cabral and his products and want to know what products she should take and when (during or after antibiotics) to help all this? She’s never done a detox or cleanse so I’m curious if she should and if so, what order? Also, should she redo the GI Map after she’s done with antibiotics? Also, anything specific she can do to put the Hashimotos and psoriasis in remission? Thanks so much!! Andrea

Don: 88 year old life long asthmatic now with COPD. Shortness of breath with any exertion. Now using oxygen which helps some during those times, not needed other than that. Have tried most of the inhalers with little or no relief. Trying to exercise more. Help ?????

Justin: Dr. Cabral, I am a current college student and am on a tight budget. My health is my priority, but I am also on a budget. My money basically goes towards school, food, and supplements. I was wondering if you had some tips for what to prioritize my spending on in terms of food and supplements specifically. Do you have any recommendations of staple foods and essential supplements? Thanks!

Carlos Ruiz: I was diagnosed with H pylori in January and went thru triple therapy in February. I am still experiencing symptoms and want to take healthy belly to help eradicate the h pylori for good. What changes in diet should I make to eradicate it, and what should be servings of healthy belly. According to the gastro I’m suffering from dyspepsia due to h pylori. Thank you!

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