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HouseCall: Pregnancy Detox, Gout Advice, Irritability Supplement, Watermelon Diet, Allergic Eyes, Children Gut Issues, Supplement Labels, Skincare

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today’s questions:

Jess: Hi Dr Steve! love your podcasts and i have already gotten so much information form them! really great what you are doing for the community. I am currently pregnant and have always had trouble with acne. i know i cant do any detoxes while pregnant, but wondering what i could do while pregnant to help lessen the acne. i have not really had a time in my life that it has gotten better, i have eliminated different foods however not had significant improvements, however maybe didn’t remove them for a long enough period? the acne is both small bumps (that are always there) but also large pimples that eventually come to a head (probably get one new one each day) mainly on my cheeks (occasionally on my chin) i eat mostly plant based, sometimes have the occasional fish, i take zinc & vit C supplements, i am relatively active as i have a toddler to chase around, and also don’t think i am overly stressed out person. Hope you can help! thank you again so much!

Gary: Hello!! I have had a few cases of gout in my foot and am wondering what your best advice is for how to treat it and even better, how to avoid it. I do follow a diet according to my food sensitivities after taking a food sensitivity test. Any help you can give is appreciated!!

Kennedy: Hello! Thank you for answering my question. I suffer from monthly irritability. I do take B complex vitamins and that has most definite helped but I still notice peak times of the month when the irritability is worse than others. I’ve been told I do have low estrogen. Is there a protocol that you suggest to help balance hormones or supplement support to help with moodiness and irritability? Thanks so much in advance!

Laimute: Hello, What is your opinion about 1 day detox of eating only watermelons? And also how much water would you recommend to drink daily? I’m 29 years old, my weight is 110lb (50kg). Thank you Laimute

Judy: Hi Dr. Cabral! Thank you for all you do for your patients and listeners. I began your 21 day detox early in the year followed by your candida protocol. I also completed your Thyroid/Adrenal test and spoke to your wonderful health coach, Julia. I was surprised to learn how low my estrodial was (as low as the test measures) as I always thought my acne issues were due to an estrogen dominance but that was not the case. While wrapping up the gut sealing protocol, I am also currently following the plan discussed taking your nutrition support shake, vitamin D, vitamin C, 5mg DHEA, and adrenal soothe. I also started the 7 day detox because I could feel my “rain barrel” filling up (swollen tongue, tender skin the next day, etc.) with recent bad food choices. My questions is in regards to chronic bloodshot eyes. I have suffered with red eyes for over 10 years and took Visine for years to try to cover it up and then my eye doctor tried to prescribe me a dry eye medicine that I declined. I am currently not taking anything for my eyes but cannot bear the look of my chronic bloodshot eyes. I do suffer from seasonal allergies but my eyes are red regardless of whether or not my other allergy symptoms are there. What do you recommend I do to clear up this issue once and for all?

Ashley: I am looking to apply for treatment for my 6 year old daughter. Zoey was diagnosed with Pandas in Oct of 2018 and after 8 months of treatment it has shifted to Pans and we are still trying to figure out what he trigger is for her. Through spectra cell testing and observing her symptoms her pediatrician suspects that she has a leaky gut and we have to make healing the gut a priority. We have started a gluten free diet and a protocol that should help heal her gut but she had a reaction to it after a few days. We are desperate for a new treatment plan as her Pans symptoms are at an all time high and we just want to help our little girl get better. Please let me know how I can have her considered for treatment, I truly believe we are missing pieces to her puzzle but that she can be healed!

Riannan: Greetings Dr. Cabral & Team! I first heard you on Melissa Ambrosini’s podcast and since then I have been listening to yours as well. To keep it brief, I am soon to be 42 and have been living with Hashimoto’s for over half of my life. I’m currently on one grain of Nature-throid. I also take adrenal support, magnesium and a handful of other supplements. Overall I am in pretty good health, but I know it could be better. There were even a few years that, without my doing anything specific, I was able to be completey off any thyroid meds. That was before the onset of anxiety and panic attacks (which are much better now, but still not completely gone). In a nutshell, I eat quite healthy (organic, GF, not a lot of processed food) and take some supplements, but I still struggle with low energy sometimes and bloating/constipation. And anxiety – mostly a fear of being trapped. If I was able to be off of thyroid meds before, I would love to get there again and I would love to experience stronger digestion and to know that I’m actually assimilating what I’m taking in. I love that you have a background in so many different healing traditions. I would like to know what tests you would recommend I start with from your site so that I can really zero in on what the very best health routine looks like for me at this moment. I normally do a thyroid panel including TSH, T3 Uptake, T4 and Free T4. I am able to do this test for $100, so if those would be tests you also use and I could schedule a consult to have you read the results, that would be great. Please advise on the best way to get started with you and your team given everything above. I currently live in AZ. Thank you! Riannan

Ari: What should we look for when buying supplements? What makes you recccomend a brand other than your own? ( in terms of ingredients etc) how can we determine what’s a high quality supplement and what is low quality?

Anonymous: Do you have any suggestions for scaring? In terms of topical / dietary changes? I realize this is a bit off topic but I’m just curious. Btw Your wife should do a podcast on skincare!!

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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