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TT: Done-For-You Advanced Functional Exercise Workout Program

Today’s show will be a first of its kind where I completely lay out one month’s worth of workouts for you to customize based on your current fitness level…

I want to detail the 2-3 resistance workouts, 1-2 interval workouts, and the cardio session to be completed each week…

Keep in mind that you’ll be able to choose anywhere from 2-5 workouts each week based on your time commitment and fitness level…

Check out today’s #CabralConcept 951 for the specifics on this done-for-you advanced Functional Exercise workout program – Enjoy the show and let me know what you thought!

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Done for You 4-Week Exercise Workout Program

* Customize a 3-5 Day Program

– Choose 2-3 of the workouts
– Choose 1-2 of the Cardio
– Then choose the volume 50% of set volume for beginners
– This will allow you to learn to modify any workout you see
– In this example you can create a beginner, intermediate or advanced program
– And you can choose 3 – 5 days of total workouts per week
– You will most likely plateau in about 4 weeks and at that time it’s time to move onto a new program
– The best program is the one you’re not doing…
– This is how we write programs for clients at our Boston Personal Training studio

*** This client has a history of lower back stiffness and potentially an imbalanced core with tight hip flexors and weak/tight hamstrings. He also has has previous rotator cuff shoulder issues. He is only looking to lose about 5-10 lbs, which I’m recommending through a 7-14 day Dr. Cabral Detox and then maintenance with the Dr. Cabral Daily Protocol. He also wanted to add in some biceps and triceps work.


DB = Dumbells
KB = Kettlebells
BB = Barbells
MB = Medicine bals
Reps = repetitions
Superset = 2 exercises done back to back without rest
Triset = 3 exercises done back to back without rest
Circuit = 5+ exercises done back to back without rest


* Warm up whole body in all 3 planes of motion.

W1. Stick Cook Squat x 8-10 reps
W2. Transverse Plane Lunge – Alternate Sides x 16 reps
W3. Hand Walkouts x 5-10 reps

Strength Day

* Lower reps, but heavier weight to challenge nervous system and strength (muscles/bones, etc.)

Superset #1: 5×5 (1st set is 50-60% of Max)
1A. DB Incline Chest Press
1B. BB Romanian Deadlift

Superset #2: 5×5 (1st set is 50-60% of Max)
2A. DB 1-Arm Row
2B BB Back-loaded Backward Lunges

* Intervals After Workout

Hypertrophy Day

* Focused on of back (postural muscles) and retraction

Tri-set #1: 4×10 (1st set is 60% of Max)
1A. Cable Kneeling Alternate Shoulder Presses
1B. DB 1-Arm Cone Reach to Row
1C. Weighted Dips

Tri-set #1: 4×10 (1st set is 60% of Max)
2A. Alt Grip Chin-Ups (weighted if necessary)
2B. 2 KB Racked Box Step-Ups 25+lbs each x 2 x 10
2C. BB Drag Curls

Volume Day

* Circuit – 3-4 rounds of mainly bodyweight exercises (optional day for metabolic boost)

1A. Box Plyo Side to Side Push-ups (hand walkovers as alternative) BW x AMAP
1B. 1-Leg Squats to Box (sit down on 1-leg and stand up) BW x 2 x 10-12
1C. Side Plank (work up to on one hand with 1 leg up) BW x 2 x 30sec
1D. Alternate Split Lunge Jumps BW x 24-30
1E. MB Overhead Slams 10+lbs x 15-20

Spin Interval Training Day

– 45-minute of interval-esque upright bike

Cardio Endurance Day

– 5K (30-minutes)

Show Notes & Resources:

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