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HouseCall: Healthy Belly, Cyst in Breasts, ALA and T3, Atypical Depression, Health Service Options, Spider Veins, Passionflower, Motion Sickness

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

Let’s get started!

Carlos: I have H pylori and was wondering what are the doses on using the healthy belly. I have yet to buy as I want to know does first. Thank you guys. Keep up then great work.

Heather: Hi Dr. Cabral, I was recently diagnosed through an ultrasound with a cyst in one of my breasts. I have not received any guidance on what can be done about it. Is this something that will always be there now or can I do something non-invasive about it to help it go away? Are there any supplements, etc. that could help? What are your recommendations on dealing with something like this? I am taking bioidentical hormone replacement. I have been prescribed the progesterone cream for several years and have done great with that. Last year, a very small dose of bi-est and testosterone were prescribed and I very briefly used it because I started having abnormal severe chin breakouts. I have stayed on progesterone but have been off of bi-est and testosterone for almost a year. I am 42 years young. Thank you so much for your help! 🙂 Heather

Marc: Hi i heard your podcast on alpha lipoic acid. I used to take acetyl l carnithine and ALA regularly but recently saw it effects the conversion of T4 to T3 and I am slightly low in thryoid hormone. Have you heard of this before? thanks

Anonymous: Hi doctor Cabral. I was diagnosed with Atypical depression, anxiety, add, ahd at the age of seventeen. (Heavy limbs, critically low dopamine production, extremely irritable, sensitive to outside noise/ sensation etc). I am currently on a regimen of stimulants and anti anxiety medication combined with supplements for energy. I know you don’t believe in diagnosing disease or illnes. In the past, have you worked with someone who had been diagnosed with this condition? And if so, what were they lacking? In other words, how can I approach my condition in the way of functional medicine?

Berenice: Hi, I was wondering what’s the best way to utilize Dr. Cabral’s services in order to help with migraine relief and bloating. Which lab tests are recommended and how does the personalized wellness plan work? Thank you

Rachelle: Hi Dr. Cabral! I’m a certified Health Coach who embarked on my own personal wellness journey about 3 years ago. I love your podcast for it enriches my knowledge and continues to open my eyes to how amazing our bodies are once given the proper tools to heal. I’m writing to inquire about spider veins. I’m 29 and I recently noticed a couple small ones forming on the backs of my legs. They seem to run in my family on my moms side. My mom is very slender (5’7” and 140 lbs) and she has spider veins on her legs. She claims she got them when she was pregnant with me. I have not had any children so I’m wondering what causes these veins to appear. I also believe my maternal grandfather had them on his legs as well. Can they be prevented or gotten rid of once they appear? I’ve read it’s due to lack of adequate protein but I can’t imagine that’s the case for me as I’m very mindful about my eating. Thank you so much, you’re very inspiring and I hope to take your course this fall when you release it! Rachelle

Bea: Hi Dr Cabral, thank you so so so much for tons of great infos. You are a walking Britannica of natural health 🙂 In One of ur podcasts somebody was asking help with addiction (it was for smoking or alcohol I don t remember) I have a suggestion for you to try: Kudzu plant supplement and Passion Flower drops for addictions. You might know them and both together work great on any addictions 🙂 Have a lovely day. With lots of love. Bea

Bridgette: Hi Dr. Cabral, Thank you so much for your incredible podcasts and all the information you are putting out there to help with our health and wellbeing issues. Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with a rare condition called Mal de Debarquement Syndrome after returning to Adelaide, Australia from New York. This condition is usually triggered by a prolonged motion event e.g. a cruise, flight, long car ride, etc (in my case a flight), and is known to be a neurological condition. Essentially, I always feel motion in my body, like I never got off the flight. I struggle with balance issues, fatigue, rocking, swaying, a feeling as though the ground is moving beneath my feet, gravitational pulling, etc. It always intensifies after a car ride (not during), and I’m too scared to get on a plane again. I experience this 24/7, even when lying down. I understand the flight was the ‘trigger’ to all of this, but I need to get to the root cause to fix what is quite a debilitating condition. It has also worsened over the two years, starting at say a 3/10, now being a strong 10/10. I have been eating strictly plant-based for the last 9 months (whole foods, limited grains, gluten-free, soy free) in the hopes it would start improving but it has continued to worsen. I would love some help in what you believe I should do. I should also mention I used to suffer from chronic sinus infections and polyps, on and off hives, some other neurological symptoms like tingling, numbness and weakness, hormonal acne and bad menstrual cramps, and just generally haven’t felt ‘well’ for about five years. This condition is what I’d call the very worst of any of the health issues I’ve had. So sorry for the length of this message, and thanks so much in advance for your much needed response 🙂

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