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HouseCall: Vaccine Schedule, CBO Approved Foods, Pre-Pregnancy Body, Dental Toxins, Depression Supplement, Lasik, Canned Goods, Re-regulate Menstrual Cycle

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Heidi: Hi Dr. Cabral! I love your podcast and all that it has taught me since I started listening about 6 months ago. Thank your for your dedication to making our world a healthier, more educated place! My question today is about newborns and vaccinations. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in a month. I am so overwhelmed about the vaccination situation and don’t know the “right” thing to do. My husband is against vaccinations, whereas I am pro vaccinations to some extent, but not completely. My question is- in your opinion are there some vaccinations that are more important than others and some we can choose to skip out on? And does a delayed vaccination schedule make a difference? I hate the idea of putting all of these synthetic chemicals in a newborns body, but I also couldn’t live with myself if my child ever got a terrible sickness from NOT being vaccinated. Thanks for your time and your expert advice!

Justin: I recently ordered the Candida and Bacterial Overgrowth Protocol and am planning on starting it this week! I have a couple questions:1.  Should I adjust my strength training while on the protocol, and back off while my body is fighting the candida? I am a ectomorph body type– I tend to be more sympathetic dominant, don’t keep on muscle or weight easily, etc. I currently train 3 days a week full-body split. I was wondering if and how I should adjust my volume of training, as well as if I should eat less carbohydrates than usual for the first week or so, since I know training might be too much added “stress” if my body is fighting off candida. Or, do I not really need to worry about adjusting my training, and just go by feel for a little while.2.  Can I use a vegan protein powder for my shake that has seeds (flax, chia, pumpkin, etc.) in it’s ingredients. I know for the first 21-28 days I need to eliminate nuts– but are seeds okay? Also, this same protein powder has a “superfood blend” that includes onion powder as one of the ingredients– is this okay or should I avoid it for now? Thanks!

Ciara: Hi Dr. Cabral. Do you have any suggestions on how to get your body back into balance after pregnancy and breastfeeding? I’m 9 months pregnant and have spent a lot of time pre-pregnancy getting my body back in balance by doing a seasonal cabral detox, getting my hormones in check with your weight loss test and protocol, checking food sensitivities to address issues with my skin, eating a heavily plant-based diet and getting off birth control. My pregnancy hormones have me craving more carbs and processed foods, and now I’ve been getting intermittent yeast infections, which leads to an imbalance in my gut health. I’m also afraid that my skin is going to start breaking out again, because I’ve been craving the foods that I’m moderately sensitive too and eating more often (eggs and dairy). Besides doing a detox after I stop breastfeeding, do you have any suggestions for bringing that balance back into my body again?

Lisa: can dental work like crowns and route canals ruin your health and cause cancer? I recently had a full mouth rehab since I was a night grinder and they put crowns on all my teeth and after the crowns were places I ended up having 5 route canals. I know there are a lot of toxins that are involved in dental work so are there any after protocols you suggest to rid the body of any toxins and damage that may be caused

Kent: Dr Cabral, my wife has suffered from depression and anxiety for years. Her nutrition is not on point and we are working on that. She has recently been taking a supplement called Kratom and her mood, depression, and anxiety have all improved markedly. What are your feelings towards this supplement. Thank you so much for your time in this and all that you do. Thankfully, Kent

Cara: Hi Dr. Cabral! What is your opinion on Lasik for eyes? I have worn glasses and contacts since I was 12 for about 23 years and I have thought a lot about this route. Although, my opthamologist said to wait until I am done having kids and done nursing because the hormones cause a fluctuation in vision. Thank you!!

Cara: Hi Dr. Cabral! What is your opinion on canned goods – like chickpeas and black beans, sardines etc? Even though a lot of good brands now say “BPA free” that doesn’t mean they’re free from Bisphenols as there is BPS as well. Just curious how concerned you get over this? Also, at casa de Cabral, does your family use sprouted quinoa, sprouted nuts, sprouted oats 100%? Thank you!

Susanne: Dear Stephen Cabral clinic First, Thank you for all your great work :o) I wanted to ask if you ship to Denmark were I live? I´m very interrested in you candida and yeast protocol. As am reading it, its a month on the supplement you discribing ? So the first month its : Digestive systems, Flora film and Saccharomyces boulardi and the next month the new products ? So the first month i would have to by the 3 supplements and the next month the new supplements ? If I don`t wan`t to buy all the supplements at the same time. Or am i suppose to keep taking the supplement from the first month the entire 3 month ? Thank you Kind regards Susanne

Julie: Dr. Cabral, Hi! I am a 36 year old married female – 5’7″ around 135lbs, no major health concerns, eat a regular diet, and am currently following a 3-day-a-week strength training program. I recently decided to go off of birth control – I was taking Junel, which is a combination pill. I stopped it at the beginning of March, so I’m thinking that by the time you get to this question it will have been 3-4 months since stopping it. I had been taking birth control for 20 years – I can’t remember exactly what age I started it but I was either 15-16 years old. I was originally prescribed the pill to help with heavy, very painful periods and I also had ovarian cysts. I have since read that those things are not that uncommon for teenage girls to experience and that, with age, those things may improve on their own. Anyway, I only went off the pill one other time, since then, in my early twenties for maybe 4-5 months at the most, and have otherwise taken it consistently. I do not plan to have children, but from what I understand ovulation can be important for overall female health, as well as the importance of progesterone vs progestins. Anyway, since stopping the pill I have been tracking signs for ovulation and so far I have not ovulated or had any sort of period whatsoever. I appear to have zero cycle of any kind. I know that it can take several months for my body to adjust but I’m wondering if you have any suggestions to help support my body to get back into a natural cycle. I have started taking zinc and magnesium for this reason. I’m considering peony and licorice combo, Vitex, or maybe to try seed cycling. Do you have any suggestions on the best supplements for this, or any other way to support my body in finding it’s natural cycle again? Thanks for all you do – I’ve been learning a lot from your podcasts!

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