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HouseCall: Marcons, Toxins Research, Weakened Immunity, Certifications, Cancer Tests, Monolaurin

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

Let’s get started!

Mark: Hello Dr Cabral, After 13 pretty horrible years of undiagnosed heath issues I was finally diagnosed with systemic candida/gut dysbiosis/etc. For the most part I got better about 5 years ago mainly from using IV Ozone treatments. At that time after having about 20 years of sinus issues and a 93% deviated septum I decided to have nasal surgery for the septum and turbinate reduction. 2 weeks after surgery things got horribly worse…..the vertigo I had for many years came back, the daily disequilibrium, the nausea, and new symptoms of anxiety, depression, you name it. I am assuming from the IV antibiotics an oral antibiotics Doctors were trying this or that until my new Dr diagnosed me with Marcons. She says without getting rid of Marcons you cannot get rid of the other co-infections like candida, gut dysbiosis, etc. The problem is that when I try to treat the Marcons with traditional BEG spray or even silver with EDTA my VEGF falls and I nearly begin to seize up, I get minimal oxygen through my capillaries and have ended up in the ER multiple times for this. Do you know of any other Marcons treatments other than xylitol, sea salt, iodine, use, etc. that actually work? Maybe you could do a podcast on Marcons? Apparently while treating my Marcons my candida is now so bad that even 3 drops of GSE sends me for a loop and I feel horrible and can barely function. Sorry for the run on questions…just so much going on and very frustrated.

Paige: Hi there where can I find the research articles on fluoride , pesticides etc that cause cancer which you mention in this podcast about inflammation. Thankyou

Jen: Hi Dr. Cabral, Since December, my kids and I have been hit with every flu bug from strep throat to stomach flu, head colds to sinus infections. Earlier this year, I had a runny nose for about 15 days where I was constantly blowing my nose. Not sure if it was allergies or a sinus infection. About a month later I got hit with the flu. Most recently, I woke up with sinus pressure and a headache that started at my temples and radiated down the sides of my head to the base of my neck. This went on for three days with no relief from ibuprofen or sinus rinses. I finally broke down and took some sudafed. The headache finally went away but then I started coughing which I assume was a result of post nasal drip. About three weeks later, I was still coughing this phlegm based cough, but then my chest and ribs began to hurt. Feeling as if someone punched me all around my rib cage. I began to have a hard time breathing. I went to my MD and she said it wasn’t pneumonia but that she could hear a rattling in my chest when I took a breath and that she could tell I was having a hard time taking air in. She offered an inhaler, musinex and cough medicine. Today, the coughing is a little better, but I keep waking up with sinus headaches and pressure and though I can breath through my nose during the day, It gets stuffy at night and I sound congested. I’ve been using “kick-it Sinus”, “Serious Cough” and “Get Over It” by Wish Garden natural herbs. Does this sound like a virus or allergies? What could be causing me to get sick so much? Do you have any recommendations for the best way to build up my immune system?Thank you! Jen

Maura: I am a student finishing out my degree in exercise science and would love to get into the functional medicine world as a health coach. I was curious of what certifications you would recommend getting as I make my way into the working world and if there were specific companies you would say are better to receive the certification from than others. I appreciate any advice you can offer me. Thank you, Maura

Robert: Hello, I just listened to Dr.Cabral podcast on Elitemen. I was interested in getting some tests done for my mom but unsure which ones would benefit her. She has Metasstatic Lung Cancer and is receive treatment every two months. I would love to see what other naturopathic ways she can be treated through the tests. Thanks…Robert

Michelle: Hi Dr. Cabral – have you ever heard of monolaurin helping to cure or prevent cold sores? If so, what are your thoughts on how to use it safely? Do you think it is a better option than lysine? Finally, what if I’m so sensitive that I tend to get cold sores or other reactions to the very products that are supposed to cure cold sores (like from vitamin C from absorbic acid)? It seems any time I try new foods or things to boost my immune systm, I trigger a cold sore. It is frustrating. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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