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HouseCall: HSVII, IF Fasting Conflicts, Fast-Safe Teas, Auto-Immune Keto, Insurance, Die-Off Reactions, Greens Powder vs. Fruit

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This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

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Anonymous: I listened to episode 760 on how to destroy viruses. I finished the CBO protocol a couple weeks ago and I’ve moved on to the finisher supplements. I eat so well. I have even eliminated alcohol over the years. (I do have one cup of decaf coffee some mornings and I’ve cut down dark chocolate to a couple times a week.) I also abide by your Cabral Daily Protocol. I am still getting outbreaks of HSVII every 3 months. Im fortunate because they aren’t very painful and heal within 4-5 days. However, it makes me a paranoid mess – am I cleaning the bathroom enough, etc… how contagious is it? What about when my toddler starts potty training and we share toilets? My intimate life with my husband is almost nonexistent for my developed fear around the virus, mainly because of asymptomatic shedding – the virus being present with no signs. How would you help a client get past these paranoias – especially if we want to have another child? Also, if outbreaks are still every 3 months – what is next the OAT, even though I just completed the CBO? In absolute gratitude for your work, ALWAYS!! Anonymous

Amanda: Hi doctor Cabral! Thanks for your amazing podcast! Motivation Mondays are my favorites 🙂 I was wondering if you could clear something up for me? I keep reading conflicting articles about intermittent fasting. The main concern I have is that it could throw the female hormone balance out of whack. What are your thoughts about it? Thank you! Amanda

Sean:  Hi, I listened to the podcast on the health benefits of a 24 hour fast. Dr. Cabral said herbal teas were fine to drink during the fast. My question is: Can you use stevia with the tea during the fast or should you stay away from that as well? Thanks!

Linda: Thank you I’m a 69 year old 135 lb woman in great health until I found out in January that I have Hashimoto’s. Been fasting 18/6 since Dec. Can that hinder the healing of my thyroid. I’m also following a ketogenic lifestyle and taking Armour Thyroid. Also I cycle and weight train 3 x per week. I’ve heard conflicting points of view regarding fasting and/or gym time while healing thyroid/autoimmune. Respect your work so much. Thank you in advance. Linda

Erika: Can I take they candida and gut protocol if I’m breastfeeding?

Jessica: Hi – I’m wondering if you know if certain insurance providers will reimburse for the lab tests. Also, how do your lab tests and prices compare to those I’d get from my primary care doctor? Lastly, if I could only purchase two lab tests which would you recommend? Thanks!

Chelsey: Hi Dr Cabral! I have become addicted to your podcast and want to thank you for educating us all to become the best, healthiest versions of ourselves. I recently made some huge life changes, moving across the country (Boston to CA) and have really been inspired to get my lifestyle on track. For years I struggled with binge eating, sugar addictions, and pressure to drink on the weekends. My anxiety was high, my stress at work was AWFUL with a 2 hour commute each way. Safe to say, after listening, I believe I have major gut/thyroid/adrenal issues. I also believe I have over production of yeast- frequent infections and tinea versicolor on the skin. Since being here (a few months) I have nixed sugar in the butt, stay away from processed foods (clean ingredients only) and continue to enjoy exercise 5 days a week and be sure to get outside and live a balanced lifestyle. My question to you is, are there withdrawals In going through this process? I have frequent headaches and moodiness, sometimes low motivation. I feel the healthiest I have ever been, but at night I get pain in my neck and brain fog during the day. Does this relate to food intolerance now that my system is cleaning out? How long does it typically take to get these sort of Issues under control? Thank you in advance!

Susanne: Hi! I would love to take several of the tests you offer, but I live in Spain? Do you ship to Spain? Or when do you think you will start to ship to Spain? In advance, thank you for your reply 🙂 Kind regards, Susanne

William: Hi. I don’t like/eat fruits and/or vegetables. Would the fruit and vegetable supplement work as a replacement for fruits and vegetables for me. Thanks, Bill

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!


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