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HouseCall: Gluten-Free Greens, Thyroid & Pregnancy, Smoothie Bloat, Gluten-Free Options, Adrenal Adaptogens, Birth Control Acne, Cancer & Hormones

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Kara: Hi Dr. Cabral, I purchased the greens for the time being assuming it was gluten free (I have celiac’s) like your Equilibrium greens. After a few uses I was reading the label more closely and there is no gluten free certified mark on the container. I have stopped use but before I give the product away I wanted to get your opinion if you think greens is safe. Some websites said it was gluten free while others had no mention of it being gluten free or not. I know contamination can come from incorrect timing of harvesting wheat and barley grass.

Sophia:  Hi Dr. Cabral/team, You were recommended to me as a good resource for potentially getting a second opinion on some medical issues I am having. I am a 25 yo pregnant female. The back story is I have always had hypothyroid symptoms but normal labs by standard western medicine guidelines (tsh) in August of 2017 I decided to see a naturopath who tested my thyroid antibodies and also found a large nodule on the left side of my thyroid. My antibody results were elevated indicative of hashimotos which runs in my family. The naturopath suggested I see an endocrinologist for evaluation of my nodule. I had an ultrasound done this January which was abnormal and suspicious of malignancy. I had an FNA to follow which again came back with abnormal but inconclusive results. My sample was sent for genetic pathology screening which came back with a BRAFV600E mutation 95% positive for malignancy. It is being recommended I have a complete thyroidectomy once the baby is born. I want to do what is best but something doesn’t sit right with me about taking my whole thyroid out. I am trying to educate myself as much as possible before October when I make my final decision. I’m mostly concerned about the impact not having a thyroid will have on my overall health and if I do need to have it removed what can I do to try and counter negative effects. I’m hoping for a second opinion of a complete thyroidectomy sounds reasonable in my case. Thank you!!

Sarah: Hi! I came across Stephen Cabral’s podcasts a month ago and I’ve been watching everyday ever since 🙂 Just wanted to let you guys know that they’ve been so so so helpful and I wish I had found them earlier.. anyways thank you for doing what you’re doing and here’s my question: Why do I get so bloated whenever I take my morning smoothie breakfast? Here’s usually what’s in my smoothie: frozen berries (sometimes frozen bananas) + 2 tablespoon pea protein + quarter avocado OR coconut milk + 1 pc dates/fig + kale + sprinkle of cinnamon powder and toppings are a mixture of chia seeds + activated nuts and seeds + goji berries/mulberries, unsweetened coconut flakes + buckwheat + occasional sprinkle of cacao nibs. I’m also on a paleo diet (8 months now) and I take digestive enzymes, gut repair supplement, probiotics and aloe vera juice to heal my gut. Initially when I first started having the breakfast smoothie I felt good but I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been taking the breakfast smoothie too often that my body started to develop some kind of intolerances towards it? Thank you!! Sarah

Ryan:  I recently took the Food Sensitivity Test and tested high for Dairy, Wheat Gluten, Eggs, Bakers & Brewers Yeast, and Alomonds. So I have a few questions: (1) I’m finding very hard to find foods that don’t contain all of these, especially snacks, as most of the GF items I find are made with Almonds. Any suggestions on what i can eat or where i can find a list of good choices? There are only so many fruits and vegetables I can eat before I want to rip openn a bag of potato chips and eat the whole thing. (2) Is Gluten Free the same as Yeast Free? If not, please explain the difference and how to go about reading labels, what to look for, and suggestions on what to eat (see #1) (3) How do you calcualte the # of calories you should eat per day; AND; how do you calcualte the % ratio of Macros. I know you aren’t supposed to self diagnose your bodytype, but I think I am an Endomorph / Mesomorph currently weighing 205. I’d like to get down to 195-200. I do intermitent fasting (16/8 protocol); my first meal is at 12:00 and I have the Daily Nutritional Support shake, next meal around 2:30-3:00, and dinner around 7:30. There are so many caluclations out there on the ‘average’ male. Can you help in explaining the right way to calcualte calories and % breakdown of MACROS (Protein / Fat / Carbs) Why do you need to calculate your macros? Unless you have a rigid fitness goal there’s no need to be so rigid. Check out all my previous prodcasts on how to make your plate 50-75% vegetables. Starch for weight gain.

Chris: Hey Doctor Cabral! After finally healing my gut and now that I’m able to tolerate herbs such as ashwagandha which used to give me brain fog and anxiety, now I have no side affects and notice all the benefits finally! I am taking the hpa to help give me that extra boost to healing my adrenal fatigue and balance cortisol. My question is, I’ve heard that you should cycle adaptogens in order to prevent your body from getting used to it. With cycles such as 8 weeks on 4 weeks off. Any truth to this? If so should you cycle different adaptogens in the mean time? So far the herbs seem like there doing wonders for my body I just don’t want to over do it and it lose it’s affects. Thanks!

Lee:  Hello Dr. Cabral, First of all, I just want to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the world. I find your story and what you do for others so inspiring. I am very grateful for your podcast! My question is related to hormones and cystic acne. I am almost 40 years old, not currently on birth control but recently had a situation in which I had to take the Plan B contraceptive. I really didn’t want to do this, knowing how much this could mess with my hormones, etc but felt this was the best case scenario considering the alternative. This was about six weeks ago and for the past month I have been battling non-stop cystic acne on my chin and even a bit of weight gain/overall bloating & puffiness. I do have a history of cystic acne ( especially when I was on the pill years ago) but have cleared it for some time. I currently take probiotics, use natural skin care products and eat relatively clean. Is there anything I can do to reset my hormones and get back to normal? I’m just not sure where to start. Thank you in advance for your advice! All the best, Lee

Kay Dee: Dear Doc, I have tried most everything and since my terminal diagnosis 7 years ago, and my refusal to accept modern medicine, I have been cancer clear and healed a LOT, BU.Y I am still confused and working hard to heal what is left. Due to an emergency operation to remove a very large rumour that was my ovary, I have had a reactive m sensitive body with early menopause. Only one ovary, yet my body seemed shocked and I have had hormonal and food and weight prob,ems since, after a lifetime of normal body weight. The only way it goes is if my diet is extremely basic. I also have to take some oestrogen and progesterone . I did have a functional medicine consultation and. Some tests, in which I was found to have lower levels than a menopausal woman, this was two years ago. I still get some hot flushes at night, but what was once life destroying symptoms , I have managed to get down to annoying and sleep interfering symptoms. I will eat plain veggies and some fish and a little fruit and maybe arrowroot and coconut flour and will improve, but if I have rice or any beans I start to get fatter, and swollen, also my mood takes a tumble. I did have signs of mould in our last house, and we moved out of concern for its effects. Sometimes my inflammation seems to be irrational, I felt joint pain at the sites of old injuries, I hurt my toe badly 3 years ago and the joint never fully healed it seems. I have a LOT of constipation and nothing I eat seems to help unless I take herbal colon formulas. I do also sometimes get mild palpitations at night, and wake hot, and have to wait for it to pass. Then it appears randomly, I will sleep through the night! My libido has suffered and I have had incredible downs at points. Also my hair is not as thick as it was and I have had some hair loss, but at the moment it’s growing well, that seems up and down too. They did take my appendix out as well as the ovary, even though I asked them to touch nothing else, and I do wonder if this has affected me adversely. I know if I don’t resolve these final issues, they could mount and make me sick again. So I reach out to you, because your extensive knowledge and gifted experience I have never done into contact with before. I believe full health is possible, not matter what your previous challenges and when I look back I wonder if, like many women , I have always had hornaonal issues? PMT, water retention, mood difficulties , the in later life the pill, the morning after pill etc. The cancer I had was pseudomyoxma peritonei, supposedly incurable, but I have been totally free of it just a few months after my diagnosis 7 years ago. This cancer supposedly starts in the appendix and travels to the ovary. I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart, because all I have done and learned has bought me a long way, but I need some help on these last confusing difficulties …. Love and wishes Kay Dee PS. I listen to a LOT of podcasts and read a LOT, your podcast is exemplary.

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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