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HouseCall: Shake Consistency, Abdominal Discomfort, Dissolve Lipomas, Keratosis Pilaris

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks!

Let’s get started!

Anne: Dr Cabral, I just started into a new case of daily nutritional support. I buy the 6 and get 2 free amount every several months. I started with a 2 week detox and have continued for the last 14 months with a shake for breakfast, plant based lunch and reasonable dinner. I have lost 40 pounds and went from 160 to 120 #. So thrilled with my new me! Thank you! I just am disappointed again with the flavor change of the daily nutritional support. I got a batch a half year ago or so that was tasteless and I found out the stevia was left out. My next batch was back to great taste. Now this new batch is pretty tasteless again and wondering what the difference is now? I’m mostly disappointed with the inconsistency of the product…it is very expensive for me to buy and I’m hesitant to keep purchasing it if the flavor keeps changing.


Madison:  Hi there! I heard of your podcast via Melissa Ambrosini, and it came at the *perfect* time. After running a stool sample + blood work with my local chiro and finding klebsiella pneumoniae and microbial yeast overgrowth (candida). We did a standard treatment he always prescribes for this, cut out kombucha and I started eating all foods (I’d been gluten/dairy avoidant for years, thinking it was a dairy allergy). Things got better until they didn’t… and now, 6 months out, have worse abdominal bloating and discomfort than before. (I’m talking side/liver pain, terrible + embarrassing gas, discomfort and going from loose stools to constipation and back again. IBS seems to be the thing all the doctors are saying, as I can’t trace *one food* that causes an issue consistently. It’s dairy, sometimes. Smoothies, sometimes. Greens, sometimes. Wheat, sometimes. Things really flared up after traveling to Australia and eating the airplane food. I feel strongly after listening to your podcast that your candida protocol would serve me well! I don’t think it’s just IBS, especially after having this testing. Plus, I was on a z-pack 3-4 x a year, *every year* as a child, on antibiotics for acne and birth control for a few years too. My main question is: do I need to do more testing since it’s been 6 months? Or am I good to purchase the full protocol based on the blood work and stool samples I already have? I’m open to applying to work one on one, however know it’s a large financial commitment and if I already have the tests, it might not be necessary! Thanks so much for taking the time! I look forward to completely healing! -Madison P.S. It’s worth mentioning that diverticulitis also runs in my family, and almost everyone has gut issues. It *could* be that too?

Tiffany:  I am seeing a Naturopath in Atlanta about my fatty lipomas under the skin. She seems to know what she’s talking about and after listening to several of your podcasts, I think she has put me on the right path. I would love to know if you have had experience with lipomas and have successfully treated them? I am 45 y.o., 133 lbs, and work out 5 times/week. I am “healthy” by western medicine standards, but have had gut issues and am now on Dr. # 4 trying to figure out what’s causing the lipomas to appear. Dr. Kate Brooks says they are related to blood flukes, and immune/gut/inflammation issues and I have been on a host of supplements and minerals for the last month. I hope this will work, as I’m spending lots of $$$ on these supplements (none are her own brand. she recommends different ones).

Stephanie:  I’m writing in about my 9 year old son. He has a bad case of Keratosis Pilaris. I searched previous podcasts for Keratosis Pilaris but couldn’t find any so I’m here asking your expertise. He recently finished your children’s CBO protocol and followed it up with the gut rebuilding. The bumps on his arms are a lot better but the ones on his legs almost look worse. He had a history of antibiotics as a child BC of kidney problems (which is why we chose to do the CBO protocol). Wondering if this is diet related or what we can do to clear it up? Thanks so much for your time!

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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