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HouseCall:  Triathlete Supplements, Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle, ED Issues, Fungus in Lungs, Sesamoid Bones, Ileostomy

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Kathryn:  Hi Dr. Cabral, I love your podcast and I’m working through listening to ALL episodes. Everything you say I can find studies to back up and I trust your opinion more than any other doctor. To get to my question, I am a 33 year old female and do Ironman triathlons. I eat an extremely healthy plant based vegan diet. Even while training I stick to natural sources for fuel. I eat raw dried fruit bars and bananas for calories in replace of sport gels, for hydration I mix sea salt in water with lemon juice and honey as well as drink raw coconut water. My question is, what supplements do you recommend I should be taking daily to support my training? Right now I supplement with B-Complex liquid, vitamin D, a Probiotic, and Magnesium. I tried taking Iron for about 8 weeks but I had bad reactions to it so I stopped. I’ve thought about taking a Vitamin C and a daily multi vitamin and I’ve thought about trying your nutritional support shake, but I’m afraid I’ll have a reaction to some of the ingredients as I have a very sensitive stomach. I usually can’t digest processed foods. Right now in lieu of a vitamin C supplement I add Camu Camu powder to my morning smoothie, but that is only about 4 days a week. I know the recommendations for the average person, but with the training I put my body through with15 hours a week of swimming, biking, running, strength, and yoga, I probably need more nutrients, I just don’t know what and how much. I appreciate all that you do and I look forward to listening to your answer. I’ve heard you say you work with a lot of athletes so I believe you will have a better answer for me than the average naturopath doctor. Thank you!

Em:  Hi Dr. Cabral – my mom was recently diagnosed with diabetes. How do I get her to adopt a healthier lifestyle? She eats unhealthy and usually snacks right before going to sleep. Thanks!

Chu: Hi Dr Cabral, I am 37 years old and I’ve been having random twitches all over my body and dealing with ED issues for over a couple of years now. My doc wanted to put me on anxiety medication which I refused due to the side effect. I have a vata body type and yes I have been going through some stressful situation but nothing excessive. I was just wondering if this might be due a vitamin/mineral deficiency or something else? I recently started supplementing with zinc and B-complex. Also, I just started your 7-day detox a couple of days ago and was looking at purchasing the omega 3 but a friend informed me that Krill oil is better. They do both provide the same benefits correct? Thank you for your time.

Christian: Hello Dr. Cabral and team, I have many questions, but will keep this message succinct. From listening to your podcast, I am almost certain that I have some kind of fungal or yeast overgrowth happening in my body. I recently had a CT scan that showed “tree-in-bud” nodules on my lungs, which is typically seen as marker of some type of fungal infection, furthering my suspicion of an overgrowth (possibly Candida?). I am going to see a pulmonologist specialist at UCSF in two days, and I am afraid they may want to take an open lung biopsy to confirm any suspicions of infections they may have, however I am almost 100% certain that a fungal overgrowth is occurring (I have other “symptoms” like random skin rashes, white coating on tongue, memory fatigue, sporadically intense sugar cravings, etc etc..). Would an organic acids test be able to show if I have a fungal overgrowth? Or is there any other test, besides biopsy, that could help my doctors at UCSF confirm their suspicions of fungal infection? Personally, I have known people to do your Candida cleanse protocol, and their “symptoms” cleared up fantastically. I would be willing to get on that same protocol, but am unsure if my western medicine doctors will understand my concerns of not wanting to have a biopsy done and will be trusting enough of my own suspicions. Can you tell me the method/s that you would recommend to test for Candida/fungal overgrowth? Also, can you recommend what i should say to my doctors at UCSF to better express my concerns that this “infection” is more likely an overgrowth that could be minimized or suppressed through detox and diet change? Thanks in advance, Christian

Logan: Hello Dr. Cabral, love your podcast and how helpful you are to your listeners. I am a triathlete and I have been struggling with a necrotic (dead) sesamoid bone now for about 6 months. I haven’t really been able to run since around that time. I had an MRI done and the Dr recommended working with a Physical Therapist who specializes in custom orthotics to help alleviate the pain around the sesamoid. I am currently still working with the PT, but we have tried 4 different kinds of orthotics, none of which relieving the pain even while walking. Do you have any recommendations on how to heal the area? I do not believe that the bone will come back to life, but am not certain if there are other things I could be doing for it. I have read horror story’s online about how unsuccessful the surgery can be. All I want is to be able to run again and compete in triathlons, but at the bare minimum have a pain free walk. Thank you 

Meagan: It would be great to be advised by you re my wellness. My name’s Meagan I’m 31 years old and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 11 years ago and in 2011 I had an ileostomy constructed and in 2013 I had my large bowel/rectum/anus removed and my ileostomy has become permanent (To this day I have ongoing pelvic issues such as Pain and bottom wound discharge from post op complications and infection from 2013) I also have localised psoriasis (over my knuckles, navel), endometriosis, bilateral hydrosalpinx of my fallopian tubes, and bouts of anxiety. I’m a symptomatic carrier of duchenne muscular dystrophy and suffer from bouts of myositis and have chronically elevated CPK levels. My specialist advised me this year that I could cease my crohns medications due to good control of the disease. I’ve also weaned off my antidepressant completely a few weeks ago. The only medications I’m on are the contraceptive pill for endometriosis, krill oil, 3 monthly b12 injections and I use doterra essential oils for support. I use low tox/natural products to clean, I make my own liquid hand soaps, body scrubs, mouthwash, use organic toothpaste, natural deodorant paste and toxin free shampoo, I use a menstrual cup. I rarely wear makeup. I avoid buying processed food/I try to avoid preservatives etc, So I’m quite committed to looking after myself and lowering my toxic load. Concerns: 1) I’m constantly tired every day and lack energy (I don’t even remember the last time I wasn’t tired) and 2) despite all these positive things regarding my health, I still have low grade inflammation in my body (as per stool calprotectin level and crp blood result). Note: I haven’t had a crohns flare since my last surgery, My psoriasis hasn’t flared for a long time and I use essential oils to manage it, but I guess I’m wondering if it’s my endometriosis? My aim is to eventually stop taking the pill but I’m not sure if stopping it will worsen my endo. I’m certain my other contributing factors are anxiety/unbalanced mental health right now, stress, going to bed way too late at night, and higher concentration of pollution where I live. I guess why I’m emailing is because I want to know if you have any recommendations for: – controlling inflammation – what tests I should get done to provide a full body assessment of what areas need to be rebalanced (I hear you mentioning organic acids testing for candida screening, leaky gut screening, and investigation of food sensitivities on alot of your podcasts) – would a detox be recommended? – endometriosis control and management off the pill – recommendations on a functional medicine doctor/any other professionals Thank you so much for your time, Regards Meagan

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