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HouseCall: Toxic Work Environment, Gallbladder Missing, Protein in Kidneys, Choking, Elderly Falls, Cardiac Inflammation, Rash on Face, Enzyme Timing, “Lady Regions”

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Carla: I have PCOS, and possibly endometriosis & some type of thyroid dysfunction (these two haven’t officially been diagnosed, but I have symptoms that have lead me to think I may have them). As I learn more about my condition and how to heal myself through lifestyle & supplements, I also try to get rid of toxins, do detoxes, eat well & exercise. However, I’ve worked with fire resistant garments for almost 15 years of my life and recently I learned that fire retardants are endocrine disruptors. I’m not able to immediately leave that field of work. Is there a way I can protect myself? I recently started wearing gloves (but they are plastic which is possibly not ideal either) and a cotton mask to keep from breathing in the fibers. What would you recommend? I’m not sure exactly HOW bad it is to continue working like this or if it’s something I definitely need to get away from as soon as possible. Thank you for any guidance!

Kate: Hi Dr Cabral, I had my gallbladder removed 10 years ago but didn’t drastically alter my diet until about 3 years. I eat a mainly paleo lifestyle (with occasional legumes), and I’ve discovered through recent bloodwork that I have deficiencies in a number of areas. Specifically with Vitamin D and also with my thyroid (I am well outside the “optimal” range but technically still “normal”). I take 3000 IU Vitamin D each day but after researching saw that having no gall bladder can lead to the inability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins as well as possibly affect thyroid and even cholesterol. Is there a way to overcome this? If I were to start taking your daily digestive enzymes, could that help my vitamin absorption? Thank you!

Julie: Dear Dr. Stephen Cabral, A friend of mine suggested your podcast last week and I have binged listened ever since. I have dealt with different issues such as Candida and fatigue. I overcame Candida with an elimination diet. Or maybe so I have thought… I have had my thyroid tested and it is normal. All my markers are normal except they found that I have Kidney disease. They were not able to find the root cause of it… My glomerular filtration rate is currently at 46 mL/min. The nephrologist stated that since I am an athletic build that is why. I am currently dealing with mood and fatigue. So if you can point me in the right direction of testing and why, that would be very helpful. Thank you! Julie Johnson 

Jill: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have a friend who has achalasia. She has had the balloon dilation procedure done 2-3 times. It often works for a time and then she has difficulty getting food down her esophagus. I’d love to hear your thoughts on diet info related to achalasia, the possibility of overcoming it, and any steps she could take to find health/healing. My understanding is that it’s an autoimmune disease … and can’t be “cured” … ? But I know you overcame Addison’s. Any help/direction would be so amazing! Thank you so much for these house calls!!!

Claude: Hi! Don’t know if you’ve already talked about this on your podcast: “Elderley’s falls” (sarcopenia)?Is there anything i can do for my 93 years old dad?Thank you from Quebec.Canada

Elizabeth: Dear Dr. Cabral – I found your podcast about 6-8 months ago after you appeared on EOFire. My daughter was “cured” from her gut, thyroid, chronic EBV through holistic/funcational/naturopathy and it literally gave her a life again! (She lives in Florida and we live in the middle of the country. )So thankful! But today, I’m writing about my husband. Genetically he is challenged. By that I mean that everyone in his family is/was obese. His 2 brothers died in their 50’s, (one from a PE and one from untreated diabetes) His two living sisters are in their late-50’s and early 60’s. One is riddled with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and both are overweight. His father died of Lymphoma at 72 and his mother from congestive heart failure at 82At 40 my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but considered cured from that. At 46, he developed progressive hip pain and the joint was so eroded that he had to undergo a hp replacement at 47. All the nsaids and steroids that he took for that and for years prior to that for a football (knee) injury lead to acute renal failure before the replacement was done. His knee was replaced about a year ago. He has a stressful job and works about 7 days a week. He was also diagnosed with osteopenia at 46 and used Forteo for about 6 months, but I just wasn’t comfortable with him continuing that. Since then he has been on Prolea. Uses supplements from the Shalkee Corporation. Daily vitamin, D3, Calcium, Iron and CoQ10. About 2-3 years ago he began gaining weight and becoming more and more fatigued. But our diet had not changed and in fact has gotten cleaner and healthier due to my desire to feel my family whole foods For 25 years he maintained a weight of 165 +/- 3 pounds. He’s gained about 35 pounds; mostly around his umbilical area, but also in his groin area. He is tired ALL the time, cold, his eyes are puffy every morning, decreased libido, frequent nose bleeds, (but only after blowing his nose) decreased muscle mass and seems to catch every cold virus that comes around. He’s always had periodic bouts of HSV II which seem to be worse with increased stress. He had extensive lab testing done last fall through Veridia Diagnostics. I would be happy to send these to you. Cardiac inflammation is a little high with hs-CRP 2.1 and Homocysteine (10). Food Allergies (IgE) were all negative, but IgA was not done. Lipid; Total Cholesterol 217 Triglycerides 100, HDL 70, LDL 141, Apo B 104. Fasting glucose 97, Insulin 7, A1C 5.3, Cortisol 11.2, Adiponectin 25.6, Leptin 13.9 Ferritin 156, Vitamin D 66, Magnesium 2.2, Creatine 1.3 Cystatin C 1.07 TSH 2.0, T4 5.3, Free T4 1.0, T3 1.23, Free T3 3.0, Thyrodglobuin antibody 10.6, Thyroid peroxidase antibody 12.93, Testosterone 640.6, FTI 31.7, SHBG 70.2, Estadiol 29.6 I think we have a thyroid problem, even though his labs are “normal”. What should we do next? Sorry this got so long, but I really value your opinion. He would like to feel more like himself again and lose the weight. I would like to have a more energetic husband. Thank you in advance, Dr. Cabral!

Lizzie: Hello! My husband has had a persistent rash on his face that seemed to come out of no where. In January it started. It looks like small tiny pimples and red dots. Forhead, nose, cheeks. Subsides slightly and always comes back. His face is not itchy and it is most prominent when out of shower. Then in Feb his stomach started becoming itcy, more patches of dry skin, not rash-like on his face. He also has had toe-fungus for years, from sports in college. What could be causing this rash and how can he work to get rid of it? He eats very little protein, when he does, crappy chicken. Lots of veggies and he does have a massive sweet tooth. He is 37 yo. he is also going through a job transition. thank you!

Terri: I just purchased your digestive enzyme. Do I take this 15 min before each meal or only the first meal of the morning? It then works all day with just taking in the morning? Thank you

Catherine: Hi Stephen, I regularly listen to your podcasts and would love it if you could help me out. Here’s a bit of information about myself, I’m 24, came off the pill just over 2 years ago and got quite bad acne all over my face (got worse and worse over time). Previous to coming off the pill, roughly about 1-2 years before, I became intolerant to dairy. In the past year I have been getting reoccurring yeast infections (“lady regions”). I have just completed a 3 month parasite cleanse, saw lots come out in my poop and I feel much better for doing it. However I am still getting yeast infections, I have figured out I have candida / gut issues. Would you recommend any other tests apart from the acids test? I’m not sure if my hormones could still be imbalanced? I have cut out a lot of foods that I used to eat such as bread, refined sugar etc but it’s not enough to kill whatever yeast/bacteria is inside me. Thank you

Annie:  Hello, I have been suffering with halitosis for around 15 years. I have been to every specialist that there is. I have even had my stomach biopsy and I have been to several dentist and gum specialist to rule out oral health care and everyone tells me I am fine and they cannot find anything wrong. My breath smells like feces and I didn’t know what else to do? Please tell me where to start. Do you except health insurance?

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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