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HouseCall: Sugar & Candida, Clean Home Products, Ears Ringing, Worms in Fish, Rotating Diarrhea/Constipation, Cryo, Cervicitis

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Rosie: I’ve been struggling with Candida for a while now and have recently begun a program in hopes of getting a handle on it. I was wondering what foods you suggest to eat to help aid in the process of getting rid of the overgrowth and what foods you suggest to stay away from. I am currently eating no foods with sugar or starches which has been very limiting. Is there another way?

Melody: Hi Dr. Cabral! I found you about a year ago and SO very much appreciate the information you offer on a daily basis. While I feel I am very early on in my journey to improved health and wellness, I want to take as many baby-steps as I can in cleaning up not only my diet, but my home environment as well. My question today is centered around general household products. I’ve already tackled filtered water (both drinking and in the shower), and want to move on to gradually removing other toxic items that I may be unknowingly using on a daily or weekly basis. Can you offer your “top 5 or top 10” areas to tackle regarding home cleaning products, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, candles and home fragrance plug-ins (which I just recently learned are both no-no’s), etc. Any guidance and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Zach: Hi Dr. Cabral, I am suffering from tinnitus that is unrelenting. I haven’t noticed any hearing loss but over the past several months I’ve been battling this constant ear ringing and it seems like there is no hope. I am only 22 and I am afraid that I’m going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life. Any time I try to sit in a peaceful quiet space or try to meditate I end up being even more stressed out by this annoying ring in my ears. I have not yet seen a doctor for this but I intend to very soon. I hope that you can lend some advice because I am not sure what to do at this point. I want to make meditation part of my routine but being reminded of this condition makes it hard to relax. Thank you!

Vrajhi: Hello Dr Cabral. thank you so much for what you do. I recently read an article about wild fish containing parasites/worms. I do not care for purchasing farm raised fish, but this does make me a little apprehensive about buying wildcaught. I love sushi and would prefer to eat only on the coast, but once or twice a year may eat it in TX. What are your thoughts on this?

Kristine: Hi Dr. Cabral, I am dealing with a lot of gut issues after a severe bout of viral gastroenteritis while traveling in Spain in July of 2017 (let’s just say it was 10 days of having to use the bathroom 50+ times a day). 9 months later, I still go back and forth between diarrhea and constipation, have constant painful bloating, and sharp pains in my lower abdomen after I eat. I have seen a gastroenterologist, who ordered several tests (celiac, TSH, sed rate, CBC, CRP, comprehensive metabolic panel, c.diff, and stool calprotectin as well as stool cryptosporidium & giardia). Everything has come back negative/normal. At this time, I cannot afford to see an alternative medicine practitioner as my insurance will not cover that. I have begun taking probiotics and digestive enzymes about 3 weeks ago which have been helping with the abdominal pain as well as being very beneficial for the anxiety I have developed due to this; however, I want to get down to the root of the problem so the constant diarrhea/constipation cycle and bloating will go away. Do you think I should go back to my gastroenterologist and order any more tests (perhaps organic acids or IgG food allergy testing) or what would you recommend at this point? I maintain a mostly plant based diet with very little to no refined sugar or processed foods, I do yoga and moderate intensity exercise regularly, but no lifestyle change has seemed to be able to fix my issue. Thank you so much in advance, Kristine

Cynthia: My husband has recently tried cryogenics – his golf buddies are all doing it. And he says he does feel better after. I prefer to check these things out first, what is your opinion on cryogenics? Is it like taking Advil, a bandaid for inflammation?

Emily: Hi Dr. Cabral – I’m a 26 years old female. My doctor recently told me I have cervicitis as I have been experiencing admoninal pain. How can I treat it without going on antibiotics? Thanks in advance for your help

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