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HouseCall: Returning Yeast, Gut vs. Blood Cleanse, Health Coach, Purple Hands & Feet, DNA Test, De-Bloat, Viral Inflammation

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today’s questions:

Kara: I started your candida and bacteria protocol about 6 weeks ago. All was going well until I stopped using the sacchamices bulardi. I started the second probiotic for about a week and got off because I didn’t feel symptoms returned. So my question is where should I go from here? Can I go back to the first probiotic since it was working? Also, what does that say about what’s going on with me if the first probiotic worked and then my symptoms seemed to return. Thanks

Luke: Hi, I’m wanting to get your opinion on your 7, 14 & 21 day detox plans. Im a 26 year old male who lifts weights at least 4 times a week so I’m not looking to lose much weight but I am looking for a deep detox as I suffer from gut issues so what would you recommend is the best cleanse for that and would it be beneficial for gut health issues?

Kyrsten: Hey I would like to get certified as a nutritionist or a healthy couch. Is there a program that you would recommend?

Rachel: What can I do if I’m always cold? My hand and feet turn purple a lot. Thank you for your work and podcast. I listen often but haven’t made my way through all so not sure if you’ve addressed my questions. Thank you very much!

John: To whom it may concern, I am interested having a test taken for my apoE genotype and beginning a regimen for heart health. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon, -John

Lauren: I am emailing in regards for some much needed help and relief (sorry about the lengthy question). I am 22 years old and have been suffering with a few issues since I was young and no one can seem to help me. I have PCOS so I don’t get my period, my hormones are all out of whack, I am constantly bloated in my stomach, I am very heavy/ hold on to a lot of fluid in my arms ( to the point where I feel like a man), I have been diagnosed with IBS, SIBO and can go days without going to the bathroom (although surprisingly they have been good for a few weeks now). I eat very healthy, never eat take out, eat plenty of veggies, try to avoid gluten (never eat bread or pasta), eat wholegrain such as brown rice, quinoa, try to eat spouted nuts/ seeds when I can, make my own raw desserts/ treats so I barely eat packaged things, trying to avoid soy due to my hormones, recently cut down on red meat as I did not enjoy it and felt my body cant process sit but do eat fish. I am extremely active and have been most of my life and usually do at least 45min of exercise daily. I have seen various acupunctures, bowel specialists, gynaecologists, nutritionists, Chinese medicine doctors, reiki practitioners to name a few. I’ve taken herbal mixes, tablets, medicines, oils, ultrasounds (internal and external), colonoscopy, stool tests, laxatives (they don’t do anything), upping my fibre, removing soy, dairy and gluten but nothing seems to work. I have a high tolerance for pain but lately I am just sick of feeling and looking bloated everyday. It doesn’t matter what I eat or what time of day I constantly feel like I have a baby and am super swollen. I feel that my body does not absorb anything and as a result I am always super tired due to my body trying to break down food/unbloat. As I do not get a period I feel my body holds on to a lot and it doesn’t matter how much exercise I do I cant seem to slim these arms or unbolt them. Sometimes I literally want to get a pin and use it as relief to de-bloat my stomach and remove the weight in my arms. I have gotten to the point where I almost want to give up but I was listening to a podcast and heard Doctor Stephen Cabral on it and thought I would give the last bit of hope in me to him and his team. I have no idea where to go from here. Sorry for the overload in information I thought it would be easier to give you a lot so you could see where I was at. Thank you for your time.

Leslie: Hello from London! I am a recently-qualified Nutritional Therapist and absolutely love your podcast. Your dedication and enthusiasm give me hope that our profession can truly help people heal. Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge, I learn something new every time I listen! I’m writing in regards to a 10 yr old boy suffering from what has been diagnosed as status migrainous – or side-locked headache. His symptoms are: – very bad headache on left side of head that comes and goes – extreme tenderness across the entire area of the trigeminal nerve – sometimes he can’t even have his face touched – extreme fatigue – a very heavy feeling in his head – stuffed sinuses They have done various tests, including an MRI, and have ruled out many other conditions. They have tried him on many medications – including very strong anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, occipital nerve block, steroid injection, anticonvulsives, hyperhydrosis and oxygen therapy. Nothing has made any difference. He has been suffering now for almost 8 weeks. Doctors are beginning to offer psychological services as they say he may have to live with this pain indefinitely! The headache started after an extreme bout of stress due to high pressure training at a professional football club (soccer). He was pulled out of the program in November, and by the beginning of January came down with a very bad virus he just couldn’t seem to shake. His mother still believes he is suffering from the virus as he still has extreme fatigue and runny / stuffy nose. My intuition is that his immune system was under enormous stress due to excessive athletic training, and that EBV or Herpes Zoster could have re-activated itself in the nerve. I asked them to run a check to see if he had EBV and it came back positive for a past infection but not active. It is my understanding that it will only show an active infection at the first exposure – and any re-activation of the virus would show up as IgG and not IgM. I would be so grateful for any input. His parents are beside themselves with worry and are in a lot of distress seeing him in so much pain. Up until 8 weeks ago he was a very healthy, happy active boy. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this very detailed question. As an aside, one reason you are my favourite podcast is that I am originally a Massachusetts native so listening to you in Boston is a real treat for me. As you may have guessed from my name, we have Portuguese heritage in common too. 🙂 Also, I’d be interested in working as a health coach for you here if you ever need UK support. Thanks again – keep up the great work!

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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