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HouseCall: Gastritis, Wine & Fatigue, Diverticulosis, Myofascial Balls, Food Allergies for Life, Vitamin Amounts

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today’s questions:

Tom: Dr. Cabral, I am contacting you today seeking help with gastritis. I heard you on Justin Stenstrom’s elite man podcast and talked breifly with Justin about contacting you. I have been on and off medications for almost a year, have kept refining my diet, I meditate regularly, currently trying acupuncture, anything I can to try to rid this, but I just can not seem to kick it, I am willing to do anything to get rid of it for good. Let me know if you can help. Thank you for your time!

Valerie: Hello Dr. Cabral! I have Adrenal fatigue and astopinia. I like my wine (a little to much) and I tend to drink about a bottle , on my two days off. I wonder if you could do a Podcast on drinking and how your body process it and in general, what what effects it has on ones health. I really enjoy your Podcasts. So much great information.


James: Hi Doctor Cabral. I listen to all your podcast and just ordered the 21 day detox. I have many questions but thought I stay with one for now. I have had serveral attacks for 15 years with Diverticulosis. I take heavy dose of anti biotics for 10 days drink only fluids and it goes away. My attacks come once every year to a year and half. Do not want to have the surgery just yet. I am 60 years old and wondering if getting my gut better and doing your detox a few times a year would help with me from getting the attack’s. I do not follow a healthy diet but was thinking of going with plant base type mediteraining diet. Can you please let me know what I should do to prevent this for good. Please keep up the great work you are touching, and helping so many people. Be well, James

Zoe: Hi Dr Cabral, I wondered if you could help me with some issues that my parents are suffering from:

  1. My mother has osteo-arthritis – as “diagnosed” by a medical doctor. She has felt it worsening over recent years – one of her ankles has only limited movement (as it has seized up/the bone has fused – per my understanding) – and she worries that she will end up being unable to walk. She is otherwise fit and healthy, although she suffers with anxiety, depression and some digestive issues (which seem to be linked to the anxiety). (she has also suffered from debilitating migraines since childhood, which can be better or worse depending on what else is going on in her life) and she had a difficult upbringing. When she does do exercise (such as dancing or hill walking), she really suffers with pain for several days after, and i worry that she is inclined to do less and less exercise as her condition worsens. She is a type a personality and either wants to walk for miles on end, or not bother with anything at all – all or nothing. I have heard that changes to diet and myofascial release can be beneficial, but i’d really appreciate your advice.
  2. My father has suffered with quite significant digestive issues for the last few years since he gave up work, and since encountering significant emotional stress in our family life. Before this, he had seemingly a very strong constitution – he had a very good job at the top of a company – and i think he misses this defined purpose and interaction. He is generally slim, fit and healthy, although he has suffered with inflammation and significant pain in his knee in recent years. he can have low mood and energy and he no longer sleeps deeply or well. If he eat rich food, late at night or a high volume of food, he experiences significant pain, bloating and a need to rush to the loo on a repeated basis. He took a food diary for a week, and it seemed to me that dairy and wheat (including beer!) were, at least, contributing factors. However, he is very relunctant to remove any of these, as he thinks that removing them will making him more sensitive to them, and that he then wont be able to tolerate these foods at all.I think there is a pattern with his digestive issues and how happy/purposeful/stressed he is. He added disgestive enzymes to his routine, on my advice, which he found helped more than the acid reflux medication that his GP gave him (called, i believe, Lansoprazole). However, in recent months, his pain and acid has become worse and he has gone back onto the acid reflux recommendation, which unfortunately says that he cant used any other digestive aids (including enzymes, presumably) for at least 2 hours either side of taking the meds. He doesnt have any white coating on his tongue so i dont think he has a bacteria overgrowth, so i’ve been trying to get him to take probiotics. Ive encouraged him to take electrolytes as he has a tendency to drink a lot of water (to counter the red white and beer!) – and he thinks that this has helped with energy and hydration too. Do you have any advice including a test you’d kindly recommend as i would like to give him a test as a belated Christmas present from myself!
  3. General question – i wondered if you had any thoughts on myofascial/lacrosse balls for releasing tension in the shoulders and ankles? And do you rate tissue salts? Finally, do you have any recommendations for strong CBD oils in the UK, as unfortunately, i believe that I am unable to purchase your product.

Apologies for the length of this request – i am hoping to pass your advice to my parents, and to get them to listen to your podcast, so they dont think im simply nagging them unnecessarily! Thank you, as always, for all that you do for our community! Best, Zoe



Zhang: Hi Dr Cabral. In regards to the food sensitivities test you offer, should I avoid the foods that come back as being highly sensitive for the rest of my life or just for a period of time? Thank-you

Joe: I am a regular listener and I appreciate what you are doing through your podcast. I am completing your detox protical with great results. In your daily nutritional support you list the various %’s of how each vitamin or mineral compares to the USDA minimum guidelines. Like you, I plan on using the daily support powder in my smoothies. I was curious after looking at the label, why do you have B-12 at 4,167% of % daily required and B-6 at 1,250%, but at the same time, calcium and magesium are respectively 5% and 13%? For instance, I have stopped consuming dairy and I find it hard it to reach 100% of calcium through diet alone. Should I find other supplements for these minerals? Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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