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HouseCall: Creatine Recommendation, Cracked Teeth, Mouthguard, Foundational Help, Fruit Fast, Toxic Rash, TBI & Vision

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

Let’s get started!

Judy: What brand of creatine do you recommend and do you recommend a certain amount based on body weight and goals or should I follow the manufacturer’s instructions?

Cristi: Hi Dr. Cabral, I continue to appreciate all of your helpful information, and I have been trying to listen to all the back episodes of your podcast. I’m wondering what you have to say regarding bruxism and/or gum recession. My conventional dentist claims that I grind my teeth at night which is causing cracks in my teeth that he showed me on an x-ray. He also said that this is the cause of my gum recession where as my previous conventional dentist said that I simply brush too hard and never said anything about bruxism. It seems as if this dentist recommends a mouth guard to almost everyone that comes to his practice. From what I overhear every time I am in the office, everyone seems to have one. After getting my teeth cleaned, I either have a headache or my mouth is sore in some way. The cleanings are very rough. When I wear the mouthguard, I have a hard time sleeping with my mouth closed especially if I am a little stuffy, and I wake up with a dry throat. I also feel like I grind my teeth at night after visiting the dentist and when wearing the night guard. I also hate the thought of sleeping with plastic in my mouth every night. When I did not use the mouthguard for a period of time because I had a cold, I then tried to wear it again, and the next morning my teeth had moved; my bite was different and it took a couple of days to come back to normal. Suffice to say, I am no longer wearing the mouthguard, and I am finding a new dentist. I have already started on your nutritional support shake, with additional magnesium and vitamin D as well as curcumin. I eat an extremely healthy diet, essentially what you recommend. I suspect that if I do grind at night, it is stress related. I try things to mitigate this Such as exercise, yoga, meditation, CBD oil, etc. But I have no way of knowing whether or not I am grinding at night and if my efforts are stopping the problem, or if I am going to end up with all of my teeth falling out one day Because I am not wearing the horrible night guard which the dentist chastises me for not wearing. Help! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Vaughan: Hi Dr Cabral, thank you for your amazing mission to share your wealth of knowledge with the world, including myself! My question is for my wife, she has been diagnosed with Narcolepsy 5 years ago, has anxiety and situational depression. She has been loaded up with some high doses of medications over the last 5 years including clonazapam, Dex-amphetamine, A-nuvigil, Lyrica and a number of others on and off. She has had a history of chronic endometriosis, abdomen pain, mood issues and has only just completed surgery for a full hysterectomy. She is a 20+ a day smoker and displays addictive behaviours. I have been unable to get her to look at underlying causes, opposed to treating symptoms and feel there is serious gut linkages between all of her issues. She is the definition of a complex case and so far all medical practitioners are simply juggling her between specialists (neurological, sleep, gyno, psychiatrist) and nobody is looking at the whole picture to assess causation. HELP! I know a little (enough to think gut disbiosis – leaky gut / SIBO leading to neurological and hormonal impalances ). What are your thoughts? Thanks for your time and consideration.Best regards, Vaughan

Ali: Hi Dr. Cabral! I’ve been told by a functional medicine doctor that when we take supplements, vitamins, probiotics, etc. that we’re inhibiting our body’s natural ability to create those things that we need on its own, which is turn makes us more dependent on the supplements… Is that true? She’s big on fasting (after curing herself from Hashimoto’s through fasting and fruit), and believes we can thrive on fruit-only, as our primate brothers + sisters do. I have some lymph stagnation and my kidneys aren’t filtering waste, so she has me on a 90-day detox with a bunch of herbs and I’m told to eat only fruit…. This seems quite extreme and I’m wondering if you could offer your thoughts? I know I won’t stick to fruit-only for the long-haul, but is it an okay thing to do for 90 days? On the long haul, do you agree that our bodies can make everything we need if we stop consuming so many supplements and probiotics? Thanks so much!

Derek: Hi Dr. Cabral. Found your podcasts about a year ago and love the helpful information. I have recently had a red rash/red bumps break out on just my neck. I believe it to be eczema. It flares up from time to time and gets a little itchy. I am going to try eliminating gluten and eggs from my diet as I know them to be common sensitivities. What else could I do in addition to this? Thank you so much!

Krystal: Hello Dr. Cabral, My husband experienced a TBI after a near fatal car accident he had in 2015. Because of the accident he has loss of peripheral vision on the right eye, scarring on the left eye (retina), seizures, short term memory loss, depression and migraines. Doctors say he won’t be able to drive again because of the loss of vision. I give him magnesium, turmeric and multivitamin every morning. With that, he also takes seizure medication called oxcarbazapine and devalproex. I am hesitant to stop the medications because he had a grand mal seizure in July when he tried to come off the meds. Chiropractors are nervous to do any adjustments due to the severity of his accident. With all of his issues, are there any other natural remedies I can implement for my husband besides the turmeric and magnesium? The main thing he wants back is his vision. Thank you so much doctor, your podcasts are so informative!

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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