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HouseCall: Help is Here, Healthy Baby, Sugar in Shake, Pyrolles, Clean Gut Probiotic, Enlarged Thyroid, SIBO Answer, Antitrypsin Deficiency

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Chrystelle: Hi Stephen, I heard your podcast & I thought “finally! Someone that can help me!” I want to give you the full story (so you have all of the facts) but the short version so I don’t write a story book. So here goes – I had a milk allergy as a child. I couldn’t drink it without getting sick and sometimes leading to bronchitis. Milk was reintroduced back in my diet in my early years & I was told I had outgrown the allergy. I drank milk for another 20 years before realising it doesn’t agree with me. It bloats and constipates me. And I was probably bloated for 20 years. I also had asthma and a child and plenty of medication to go along with it. I also took adhd medication at the age of 14 until o refused to keep taking it. Since then, I have taken the pill, I have had 3 Caesarean’s, a d&c because of a missed miscarriage, a breast reduction & wisdom teeth removed surgically. So again, plenty of medication. Over two years ago I entered a body building competition. Where I reached about 8-10% body fat. I was eating more than most in the same position but I was also eating 175g of protein a day in every form, shakes, bars, meat, canned fish. I ate a lot more rubbish that I usually would. I was training up to 8 times a week. I started noticing plenty of digestive issues after the comp. I’m unsure if they were caused by the prep or if they came back as I introduced foods that I had cut out. To help, I cut out gluten, dairy and rice. It seemed to help but as time went on, I started to react to more and more foods. I would get bloated or more commonly headaches, pimples on my facd, get tired and change of mood. I tried cutting out all grains, sugar and starchy carbs. Doing this I lost weight & the boating and headaches stopped but then I became constipated and not much energy and not sleeping well. I have had inconsistent bowel movements for as long as I can remember. I have drank alcohol but very rarely these days & also look drugs as a teenager. Last year I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome by my gp. Determined to find out why (the doctors aren’t much help) I did my own research and I thought I might have candida overgrowth. I tried the candida diet which did not help. I gained weight and felt awful and reacted to more foods. Wow as I write all of this down, I realise I have put my body through a lot! But I just want to feel good again. I would love consistent moods, energy & no more headaches and bloating. I hope you can help me figure out my dishes, heal my body and point me in the right direction. Kind Regards, Chrystelle

Anonymous: Hi Dr. Cabral! My husband and I are healthy 27 year olds who want to try for a baby soon. Do you have any tips (aside from what you have given in previous podcasts of which I will check) on a healthy pregnancy? I’m doing the 14 day Cabral Detox before we try and wondered if that is a wise choice. In my mind, I’m removing toxins and preparing a healthy place for our baby to grow. I’m a petite 119 lb woman and I hope I can do the right things to strengthen myself in the process and eventually for giving birth. Is there a book you could recommend that tracks what to be mindful of each month to pursue an ideal health for my family and I? Thank you so much for all you do!

Melissa:Hi Team, I started day 1 of the 7-week detox today. I’m curious about sugar being listed as “other” ingredients. If the whole point is to reset liver and avoid sugary fruits to help lose weight, why is this an ingredient in the protein powder? Thank you, Mel

Jess: Hi dr Cabral, I can’t thank you enough for you’re generosity in sharing your wealth of knowledge! I heard you on Melissa ambrossini’s podcast and listen to you every day in the car! Was hoping you could shed some light on the topic of food addiction and practical ways to beat it? OR pyrolles, undermethylation and copper/zinc imbalance which I have recently been diagnosed with. Would love to hear your thoughts on how to overcome these imbalances as I know a major overhaul of my diet and lifestyle is necessary. Thanks again, Jess

Bill: Hi Dr Cabral, Long time listener, big fan of the show. What are your recommendations for supplements on your website to take if I can’t afford the candida protocol at this time? Thanks!

Robert: Dr. Cabral, First of all, I enjoy your podcast. I’d like to leave some general feedback about the podcast sound. Lately the podcast is only on the left channel, nothing from the right. I randomly choose an older podcast, and it didn’t have this problem. So, please adjust your equipment so we can enjoy the podcast in both ears. Thank you.

Rosie: Hi Dr Cabral, I have been told I have an enlarged thyroid by my past few primary care physicians. Every year I end up taking a blood test to check my thyroid levels as well as an ultrasound to make sure there aren’t any growths. My tests always come back normal and I am always told just to continue to keep an eye on it. Is this something I should be concerned about or do some people just happen to have a larger than normal thyroid? I would like to find out what the root cause of this could be. I’m 36 years old and pretty healthy, no major health issues. I would appreciate any information/advice you could give me!

Kathryn: Hi Stephen, A friend turned me onto your podcasts and I’ve been listening to many episodes and then decided to do a search of every episode you mention SIBO and have been going through those. I’ve had ongoing digestive issues for 6 years now. At one point I couldn’t eat anything without getting sick. I changed my diet to a whole food plant-based lifestyle (no animal product at all except for honey occasionally with my oatmeal) and that helped tremendously but I still have episodes about 1 time a week or so. I’ve done an ALCAT food sensitivity test and stay away from all foods that cause a severe or moderate reaction but still occasionally eat the mild reaction foods in very small quantities, those don’t seem to be a problem. I’ve had a organic acids test done recommended by my naturopath which showed SIBO and candida overgrowth. That was a year ago, since I was training heavily for an Ironman we decided to go the route of fixing some of the other problems like nutrition deficiencies and thyroid problems. Right now I take a vitamin D supplement, Vitamin B12 complex liquid, I just started Iron, and I’ve been taking Saint John’s wert and HPA adapt for over 6 months now. I am again heavy into ironman training with my race being a little less than 3 months away, April 28th. I’m still having symptoms almost once a week where I just feel like my body is not digesting the food and it just sits there until I become nauseous or I have diarrhea. through listening to your podcast I’ve heard you say over and over again to use the Candida and bacterial protocol and I’m considering it. Should I wait until after the Ironman since its a 12 week protocol and I have to eat certain foods during training to sustain my workouts? my workouts are about 4-6 hour bike rides and 2-4 hour runs on the weekend totaling about 12-17 hours of endurance training a week. Thank you for all your information you provide. I’ll be bringing you up at my next appoint with my naturopath as she uses the same supplements you do. Thank You, Kathryn

Lauren: I have a question about my 60 year old mother. She has recently been diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. They found a spot on her lungs and are telling her its emphysema. She has never smoked. She was around her Nana who was a smoker but that was when younger and only when they visited her weekly. Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is said to be a genetic disorder but I didn’t know if its ‘turned on’ by inflammation. Is this something she can take care of with diet? She has had asthma for years, steroids and many breathing treatments multiple times a year. She also has been on depression pills for at least 25 years and fibromyalgia for 20 years. She also only has bowel movements a few times a week. She has the symptoms of parasites and candida (low appetite nauseous and high sugar cravings). I would like her to do the OAT test. Wondering what your suggestion is and what you know about Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. Thank you!

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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