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HouseCall: Affordable Detox, Gluten Opinions, Weak Digestion, Chronic Yeast, Adrenal Testing, Hormone Therapy, Skin Removal Surgery

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I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Courtnie: Hi my name is Courtnie and I was just wondering if there was any other detoxes you could recommend to me? I’m having a problem with my bloating and I would love more than anything to do your detox but unfortunately I just can not afford it anytime soon. So if there are any cheaper brands that could help me in the mean time, I would really appreciate any suggestions you may have! Thank you guys so much for your help and all of your hard work!

Maya: Hi Dr. Cabral, I love your podcast, and value your opinion and expertise very much. I was wondering what your thoughts are on gluten.. is it good or bad for our (gut) health? I’ve read so many conflicting studies and articles, and I just don’t know what to believe. I would love to know your thoughts. Thanks so much for all you do!

Ameliah:  Dr. Cabral I need help. I found you through the elite man podcast my significant other listens to. I love your podcast and I see a naturopathic doctor where I live. My health has been in a really bad place the past 2 years or so. This time last year I went to my Pcp for chronic chest pain and she told me it was my stomach. I tested positive for h. Pylori. Did a strict 2 week regimen of antibiotics twice a day and an ulcer preventive. Went back tested again it was negative. About a week later I woke up with the worst stomach ache of my life and chest was burning so I went back and they put me on a PPI. I took it everyday for 10 months. Knowing I didn’t want to be on medicine I tried coming off by myself several times over the course of the 10 months. The Pcp had no intention of helping me get off the meds and actually increased my dosage after 6 months because I went back with the complaint of something feeling stuck in my throat. She diagnosed me with globous sensation and ordered me to get scoped by a GI. I was really scared and have been suffering panic attacks during this entire process and didn’t want to see the GI. So the Pcp wouldn’t refill my prescription for the PPI and actually dismissed me from the practice. That’s when I found the naturopathic doctor this past December and followed her protocol for getting off PPIs. Since I went cold turkey off them I suffered intense symptoms that mainly resided in my throat. My throat felt so strained and made it hard to swallow. I lost 7lbs in 5 weeks from not being able to eat without discomfort. The naturopath put me on zinc carnosine and panplex 2 which has helped a lot. But since December she’s only did Amma therapy and ordered a blood test. Her suspicion is leaky gut. But she seems extremely puzzled by my throat. I’ve eliminated all gluten and dairy the past 6 weeks as doing elimination diets I’m sure I’m sensitive too. I haven’t ate meat for almost 2 years . My stomach doesn’t hurt I pass normal bowel movements everyday that are very clean. My lymph nodes under my chin constantly feel swollen. My extremities tingle I’m always fatigued. My heart beat accelerates from walking so I haven’t been able to work out for months which was a big part of my daily life. I feel lost,hopeless, and desperate. I’m a mother to a beautiful 4 year old and I can barely get through my days for myself. All I drink is tea,water,and fresh juices. I live off fruits vegetables and grains. I don’t understand why I’m not healthy I’m 28 years old. Please help me.

Shawnna: I have been dealing with chronic yeast infections for over 8 yrs. I’ve tried to get rid of them myself, and many times I’ve broke down and taken fungal medications, only for it to return within 2 months. I have also been diagnosed with seborreheic dermatitis, which is frustrating by itself. I heard your podcast #725 on Candida overgrowth.. I loved it! I’m hoping I will finally be able to get rid of the yeast problems I have been dealing with and feel normal again. Can I go ahead and order the protocol without getting the organic acids test?

Christina: Dear Dr. Cabral, I live in Germany and I am a really big fan of yours, I listen to your podcast religiously. On episode 730 you answered a question that 1 to 1 translates to my situation. I was on a detox diet for 4 months and I haven’t had a migraine ever since. I used to have them every week. My ND had me test everything except for adrenal hormones. During the diet I developed dry skin and and dry eye symptoms and it hasn’t gotten better. I looked up fat absorption issues and I definitely have those so i am going to get an enzyme. If I do have adrenal fatigue what would I need to do to get better? Thanks a million!

Dan: Hi Dr. Cabral, Thank you so much for all that you do. You are truly changing the world. I am a 27-year-old male and former collegiate wrestler. I have recently become hypothyroid and have extremely low Testosterone. I have been working with a functional medicine doctor who has tested my blood for all deficiencies related to thyroid (Vitamin D, Selenium, Zinc etc.). I also had a CDSA 2.0 stool test, SIBO saliva test, and food sensitivities test. I am still waiting for my adrenal test results. Everything has come back completely normal except that I was slightly low on vitamin D so I immediately began supplementing. I also take a comprehensive multivitamin, fish oil, and curcumin. I have not done any type of hormone therapy yet and I would really like to avoid it if possible. I am desperate to find the root cause and I’m not sure what to do next. Please help. Thank you so much!

Mary: Hi Dr Cabral! About 4 years ago, I under went bariatric surgery. The procedure was successful and I lost 180 pounds. I plateaued about a year and a a half ago and have maintained my current weight of 180 lbs. As a result of the procedure, I have some quite a lot of excess skin. I’ve started the process of looking into plastic surgery to remove the skin. The procedure is costly and the doctors have advised me to be at a weight I am happy with before going through it. I wondering if there is way to know what an ideal weight would be for myself. I’ve always had a goal of being 160-150 lbs in mind but assumed due to the excess weight to my skin I may not be able to achieve that number unless its removed. Is there a way to figure out what an ideal weight would be for myself before I under go plastic surgery? And if so, which one of you test would you recommend running for me to jump start the process of trying to loose what I need to hit that number. I am 30 year old female, 5’7′ and 180 lbs. I would consider myself pretty active. I walk 4 miles a day. I strength train three time a week and focus on cardio 2 times a week. I still monitor and mindful of my eating habits. Thank you in advance!


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