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HouseCall: California Trees, Choosing Supplements, Dizzy, Rib Pain, Mouth Rash, Low Hormones, Central Serous Retinopathy, Supplement Timing

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today’s questions:

Lance: Hi Dr. Cabral, the more I pick your brain with these questions the deeper I research into whether your information is correct. This opens all sorts of doors! I have not been disappointed. My wife and I have the opportunity to expand our house and because of this, I get to recreate our yard. I am always looking to support my family’s health/well-being as well as searching to minimize the cost of nutrition. I live in Central California and have plenty of great weather for planting and growing fruit/nut trees. My busy schedule does not allow me to garden but I could tend to trees. I have been asking people what type of trees they would plant. So my question to you is…if you lived in California, had limited space and was able to plant max 5 trees, which ones would you pick? Keep in mind, you would be using these trees for nutritional purposes.

Patrick: I started taking supplements to try and lower my blood sugar. I take others like HCL to help with digestion and even others for gut health or general wellness. Like many listeners, I find that I’m suddenly taking A LOT of supplements and keep hearing about new ones that would be beneficial. How do we know which to take long term, which to take short term and when to stop taking certain ones? Thanks!


Angela: Hi Dr. Cabral! First off, thank you for everything you do. Your advice and podcast lessons are priceless. My question is regarding my boyfriend’s spine. In high school he played competitive hockey and endured 5 concussions and also broke his neck (the C4). Three years ago he was in a car accident and had suffered severe whiplash and another concussion. These injuries have taken place over the last decade and immediate treatment, such as physio did not happen. Over the last month he has changed his lifestyle by cutting out all alcohol and beginning to lift weights again. He instantly started to get severe dizziness, inability to focus his eyesight, intense head aches, as well as nausea and loose stool. He has since been diagnosed with Cervical Vertigo and he is starting his sessions with a chiropractor next week. He has a high stress job and also has a hard time relaxing the mind before bed and high anxiety to the point his heart rate speeds up and says that his pounding heart can turn painful. He has terrible posture and comments on his weak and painful lower back, and I have noticed considerable muscle mass decrease in his legs. I’ve been giving him Natural Calm before bed every night, trying to get him to cut down on caffeine, and from your description, he has a Vata body type. What are your recommendations on his healing journey in terms of rehab exercises or diet? He thinks he will be this way forever and I just want him to not be in pain or a stressful state all the time, and live a long healthy life. Thank you for your help!! Angela

May: Hi Dr. Cabral, Love your podcasts and thought I would take this opportunity to tell you to keep doing what you are doing. You are amazingly knowledgable and I appreciate your easy to apply tips and information and for that I am grateful. Without taking up too much of your time… I have had a dull pain in my upper left abdominal quadrant just under the lower rib. When I palpate under the rib, there is a mass that I can feel that is tender. I’ve had it checked with the physician a few times who states that it is muscular and has ordered a chest x-ray I’m thinking to ease my worry. Without having to go this route, could there be other reasons for the pain here? For some background, this dull pain initially started when I was pregnant with my son almost 6 years ago. When he was in my belly, he would “put his foot there” and I would gently nudge it aside. The pain has come and gone so I’ve left it to it being a muscular problem, but for the last 3 months, it hasn’t gone away. I changed sides on the bed thinking it could be my sleeping position, I’ve stretched it over and over again and before it would subside. No change in appetite, or BM but the dull ache I’ve noticed is more prominent during my ovulation (day 1-12). Not sure of the pattern, or if it is hormonal (I’m 42). I’m regular, not on any pills and generally healthy otherwise. Blood work done recently with functional medicine practitioner who states that my liver could be compromised but nothing significant, more proactive in intervention (dandilion, milk thistle, etc) … Any recommendations or suggestions I do welcome. Thank you.

Lily: I’ve been listening to Dr. Cabral’s podcasts recently due to a rash I’ve had around my mouth for about 10 months now. I’ve tried a lot of different things (vegan and gluten free diet, Doterra detox, medicated cream, etc.) and the only thing that’s worked is the cream. The problem is: as soon as I stop taking the cream for a few days, the rash begins to reappear. I know it must be unhealthy to use a medicated cream for as long as I have so I really want to find a way to heal the rash once and for all! From what I’ve gathered by listening to podcasts it sounds like I should do the Dr. Cabral detox, do a food sensitivity test, or both? I’m 24 years old and I’ve had a long history (It has been on and off since I was about 10 or so?) of eczema and other skin rashes such as my current one. I eat very clean and minimally processed foods. Please give me some advice on what you recommend.

Paula: Hi Dr. Cabral, I just got my hormone levels checked and they’re all lower than those of most 90-year-olds (except cortisol, which is slightly lower than average). I’m 27. Slight hypothyroidism. Starting hormone replacement. I’ve also had a couple foot fractures this year (from minor things), and I’m worried I have osteopenia/porosis. Both of these issues are likely due to the eating disorder I had for several years. I also have acne, bloating, & foot fungus – so I’m trying candida cleanses, and am SURE I have leaky gut. I just ordered your HTMA & heavy metal detox kit (another test said my metals are high). Been eating a clean vegan diet mostly free of grains & foods I learned I’m sensitive to. Main questions: 1.) How REVERSIBLE are issues like osteoporosis & severely low hormones at age 27? (I’m worried my body is falling apart/permanently damaged.) 2.) WHAT CAN I EAT without causing more damage/food sensitivities? 3.) Is there any ORDER I should do all of these things, in order to best heal my body? PLEASE answer all you can – I know it will help others, and after gong to several practitioners that won’t listen/don’t get it, you’re my main hope! THANK YOU for all you do.


David: Hello from Australia I really enjoy your podcast and gain plenty of useful information from it. Thank you very much. I have a health question which I am happy for you to share if you wish. I am 36 years old and have suffered from an eye condition called central serous retinopathy (CSR) for the past 12 months. Simply put, it is when a blood vessel bursts in the back of my retina and the fluid leaks into my retina causing blurred and dulled vision in that part of the eye. My eye is unable to drain the fluid faster than it enters my retina. It is incredibly hard to read and function as my sight has become so impaired. Each time I think it is improving it seems to happen again and I end up back at square one. I have had repeated attacks in both my left and right eyes. I have seen an eye specialist and he basically says only time can heal or I can have laser surgery to fuse the leak. Laser surgery means that I will lose that part of my sight forever but I am told that I shouldn’t notice it. The other problem with laser surgery is that it doesn’t stop the cause of my condition and there is nothing to say that the blood vessels in my retina won’t burst again the next day and I am back where I started. The specialist tells me that the condition can be caused from high cortisol levels and is often linked to steroid use and stress. I have used a topical steroid for a contact dermatitis I used to have on my hands but I have cleared this dermatitis since switching to a mostly (90%) plant based diet and I have not used any topical steroids since October but my eyes don’t seem to have improved. I have received no advice re nutrition or supplements or any other testing that I should have done or could do. Do you have any suggestions? Kind regards, David


Judy: When is the best time of day to take my vitamin D and vegan omega 3 supplements? And are they best on an empty stomach or with a meal?

Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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