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HouseCall: CBD THC, Where to Start, Morning Sickness, Isagenix, Meet Health Conscious Singles

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Check out today’s questions:

Deborah: Quick question about the CBD Oil – my daughter will be interviewing for jobs shortly and was concerned about the affect this product will have on any blood tests she may have to have. We are aware that the product does not contain THC which is one thing these blood tests look for, but will the CBD Oil have any other effect on a drug test? Also, she currently takes 50 mgs. of Trazadone for insomnia and has since she was young – anxiety runs in the family, as does insomnia, so I’m thinking the CBD Oil may help with her sleep issues and GAD. Should we be concerned about her taking the CBD Oil while also taking the Trazadone? Thanks for your help.

Cynthia: Hi Dr Cabral, I have been following you and listening to you for a while. I have learned so much from your podcasts. I am at a loss as to what to do at this point. I have followed and read books by Dr Mercola and other like him for years. It seems like everyone has gotten on the band wagon with the Keto diet. I know it works but I didn’t always feel great on it and there was part of me that just knew that all the extra protein that many said was ok couldn’t be good for you. I know people that lost a ton on the Paleo as well. Again, there was a part of me that did not believe that some healthy grains are good for you. I even use a flour called Einkorn that has not been genetically modified. I have eaten non gmo/organic for years now. I also eat a very clean diet staying away from most processed foods. I have the knowledge, maybe too much and can’t seem to get it right when it comes to what is the best diet for me. I liven the north east and it is hard to fine a Dr that believes in a more holistic way of health. The couple I found are only for the wealthy. I found a Dr who’s claim was integrative medicine and who accepted my insurance. I was hopeful. I shared my history with her as follows. “I gained a lot of weight with my first child ( 95 lbs) and struggled to loose it. I had a bad knee injury from hiking years ago which at times made it hard to exercise. It worsened in time resulting in surgeries and a total knee replacement.Three children later and after 30 years of loosing 20-30 lbs and gaining it back plus some I am in need of loosing 100lbs. I crave carbs and sugar. I always used all organic ingrediance in my cooking and baking and pretty much cook everything from scratch. I love salads, a variety of vegetables, green smoothies, and many healthy foods. I even eat fermented foods. I know I eat too much and I know surger, even organic is not good for me. My cravings make me feel like an addict at times. I am sick of thinking about food so much!” I shared more things that I had learned and read over the years and her response was, “you know more that most, including me.” At that time she said I would like to prescribe something that will help you with your cravings. She handed me a paper that said, Contrave-Naltruxone Wellbutrin. I said, is that a drug? To which she replied, yes! I was, needles to say so disappointed. I don’t even take aspirin and this, “alternative” Dr. wants to put me on a drug to help with my eating! For how long, a month a year, life, then what? I never went back. So here I am deciding on the next course of action. I saved $300.00 and am wondering if I should do the Dr. Cabral 21 day detox to start and then get some testing done. Believe me, I would drive to Boston to see you if my insurance covered it. I really need help and I trust your knowledge and education and respect your desire to help others. You of all the Drs. I have listened to make the most sense. I want to know if I may be missing certain nutrients and need to be on a certain type of diet for a short period of time like you talk about and then change to something else for my body type. I also know that following healthy diet is for life. I am 62, have a good amount of energy, work part time out of the house and have a small home business). My last blood tests came back normal, including thyroid though slightly low in vitamin D. I am not on any medication. The detox sounds amazing and if you think I should start with that first, I will. There are just so many out there that claim to be the best. I want good health naturally and I don’t want to put gmo’s, non organic, synthetic things into my body. I can save for some of the test you talk about. I honestly wish I could do it all at once. Please advise me as I want to get started asap! Thank you for your time and all you do to help others. Sincerely, Cynthia


Karin: Hi Dr Cabral, I have a question for you regarding morning sickness during pregnancy. Firstly….. why do some women get it and can it be avoided or minimized? I had it REALLY badly for 20 weeks and it scares me to even think about having another child. My mother had it too! HELP!


Donna: Hi Dr. Cabral, Thank You for all of your help in educating your listeners to a future of optimal health! Are you familiar with the Isagenix 30 day cleansing & fat burning system? It’s about $300. I am 5’6″ at 128#s. I have done your 7 day detox and your 90 day Candida Protocol. What do you recommend over the Isagenix cleanse for an occasional total body cleansing? Also, do ionic foot cleanses remove toxins? I also have dry skin and I drink approx. 70 oz. of water from a counter-top Berkey. I even have to drink water through the night because my throat gets dry. I take pharmaceutical grade fish oil, vit. D, probiotics, eat a clean diet, and just started taking your protein shakes & fruit/veggie powder every morning.One other thing, from a previous question you suggested I take a Telomere test and you were concerned that I might be leaking protein into my bloodstream. It’s not yet in the budget but if I were leaking protein into my bloodstream, what would you suggest I do? A 6 month ago hair analysis test showed I have a slow oxidation pattern, copper toxicity, aluminum elevated, low zinc, low potassium. I’ve been taking zinc liver chelate, metal flush, spanish black radish, b complex. I just got tested again; awaiting results. Thank you! Donna Dear Support Team, I sent in an online (for on Air) question yesterday explaining a hair analysis test I had that showed a copper toxicity. I added the supplements I was taking, Metal Flush, Zinc, Spanish radish. But I don’t think I added in that it also showed aluminum level elevated ( i think i did on that), low zinc, low potassium. It would be awesome to be able to view our original submitted question and have say 24 hours to tweak it if needed to save you all some time from people like me ha ha! Respectfully & Thankfully, Donna C.


Nick: Hi Dr Cabral About six months ago I drastically changed my life for the better and concerning health related issues, your podcast was what helped me most. Thank you so much for that! To be frank, the content, the quantity and the versatility of your podcast is absolutely unbeatable. Please keep going! Alright, to my question: Now that I’ve become more health conscious, I reduce my alcohol intake to a minimum. With all the benefits, it’s got its downsides, too. For example I avoid going to bars and clubs with my friends for that very reason. I don’t really mind that. However, I do miss meeting new people, and especially girls, in those scenarios. Where should I go now to get to know health conscious and goal oriented people like myself? Btw my gym doesn’t seem to be the best place for that. Thanks again! All the best from Switzerland Nick


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