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HouseCall: Hormonal Acne, Canned Salmon, International Lab Testing, Sores on Lips, Body Pump Classes, Autism Detox, Herx Die Off, Best Quality CBD

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Karin: Hi Dr Cabral, I heard your podcast with Melissa Ambrosini and have since been obsessed with your podcast. You have given me some hope. My issue is … acne. And I know you see it a lot and have talked about it a lot but I can’t really get a clear view of what my cause is and what I need to do. See I live in Australia and can’t do your detox, if you know of a similar one in Australia that you would recommend please let me know. My acne started as a teenager, over the years I have gone on roacctune which has helped, but I never ever want to do that again. Horrible drugs. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago. I then changed my lifestyle, eat well and cleaned out a lot of the chemicals and toxins in my house and life. I would say I am on a good path. Through these changes I was able to regulate my period however my skin never cleared. I feel like I have tried it all. 2 years ago I fell pregnant and my skin was amazing throughout breastfeeding. Then when i stopped and my period began again the acne came back. It started as lots of tiny bumps on my forehand and then around my mouth, on my chest and the odd one on my back. I feel like this might give you some insight. A few questions: – Does the location of the acne relate to specific problem areas? E.G- forehand with digestion? Chin with hormones? – I had a jaw operation as a teenager and have 2 screws in my jaw now for life. Would this metal have an effect on me? Not exactly sure what type of metal it is. – If I cant do your detox, how do I clean my blood? Other suggestions or detoxes you can recommend? – From my story can you tell where the problem is coming from? – I saw a naturopath and she advised I am slightly acidic and prescribed an alkalizing drink as well as a vitamin C and zinc supplement (i was also low in zinc). I must say this has helped and I would like to continue with this. – What kind of lab test would you recommend? I will have to look into where I can find them here in Oz. Thank you for your help! There must be an underlying issue, but I am just not sure what to do to find out what it is. Another random question…. we don’t really get wild caught salmon here much. What is your take on canned wild caught salmon?

Leigh: Hi, I am interested in your hormone testing kit but I live in NSW Australia, is there anyone over here that you could suggest that offers similar testing? Regards Leigh

Panagiota: Hi! I love your podcast !! I have reoccurring cold sores on my lip . I have been using Abreva it helps but I constantly need to use it. I’m looking forward to your advice is hard to deal with it’s very annoying problem. Thank you Panagiota

Kelly: Hello and Happy New Year, Dr. Cabral! On podcast #702, you mentioned you needed someone to reorganize your podcast collection. I would be happy to work for you remotely as I live in Colorado. I listen to multiple Cabral Concept podcasts each day and really find the work you are doing honorable! I am employed 40 hours Sunday-Wednesday, but would be available Thursdays and Fridays to work for you remotely. I use your search function frequently and have ideas on how it could be improved for ease of use. I am currently employed in Medical Records department of a major healthcare (aka Sickcare) system, but just left my previous career in public education after 10 years. I have a B.S. Degree in Psychology and a Masters of Education degree. Please email or call if I could be of service to your organization! Thank you for all you do in disrupting the corrupted healthcare system and helping people get well! I’m currently on day 6 of a 21 day Cabral Detox!

Lynn: What are your thoughts on Les Mills Body Pump classes as a 3 days per week full body workout? The classes are full body weighted exercises with a focus on high reps thus requiring lower weight than what I would normally do for weighted execises with 8-10 reps.

Michelle: Hi Dr. Cabral, I love your show and am currently attempting to go through the backlog of your shows for information to help my family become healthier, its such an amazing source of information. Thank you for the transparency of information, its such a blessing. I have just received my sons stool results, he’s an Autistic 3 yo with a clostridium overgrowth and high fecal inflammation. We are being put on Flagyl. I was wondering if we should also use biocidin once we are off the antibiotic? We are giving him Sacc B while on the antibiotic. We have also found high levels of metals and I was wondering if we should wait to heal his gut before beginning any sort of natural chelation or heavy metal detox. What would be your course of action and timeline for my son? On a side note, Ive bought your detox program but am waiting to hear whether I should wait to begin the program until after I am done breastfeeding. Thank you for all you do for our community.

Joshua: Hi Dr. Cabral. I started taking a supplement called restore4life and immediately got violentlly I’ll. Extreme pain around my pelvic bone/lower back, side cramps, and flu like symptoms. I took a couple days off, but upon re-introducing it the symptoms returned. Is it possible I’m having a Herx like die-off? I can’t decide whether or not I should continue taking this product. Thank you! Josh

Michael: Hey Dr Cabral and staff, My name is Michael and I have been listening to your show just over a year now. Love the information you are providing on all aspects of health. Particularly how you’re now adding a lot of Ayurvedic influence into your podcast now. I have recently purchased a couple of Ayurvedic books myself and started adding it to my daily routine and listening to your shows just gives me more insight and perspective on the ancient practice. The reason I am contacting you today is actually pertaining to your CBD oil. I have been working with CBD oil for 3 years now and I have not come across a Supercritical CO2 extracted oil that just contains hemp. Other oils have MCT oil, or coconut oil, sunflower seed oil etc. I’m not against those oils because I know there are benefits to those oils as well, but I am looking to start my own CBD oil company in NV and start selling them to my clients(I have personal trained for 13 years now) and I would like to carry an oil like your in my facility. I would appreciate if you can point me in the right direction on getting started on purchasing oils in bulk. Thank you for your time and dedication to providing top quality information and products. Michael

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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