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750: Remove Cravings, Stressed Vata, Sourdough Bread, Rebalance Body Type, Enema vs. Detox Benefits, Jump Roping vs. Rebounding

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today’s questions:

Lynn: I am about to begin your 21 day detox on Saturday and hoping it will cure me of my cravings, binge eating, weight gain, inflammation, hormonal acne, etc. I am worried that cheat meals after the detox will jump start my bad habits and cravings again. How do I prevent this from happening?

Ali: I’m a vata body type with a kapha imbalance (aka, I have more body fat than I should and despite eating clean and working out, sleeping well, etc). I can eat a meal around lunch time and not be hungry again until the next morning after a workout, but I wonder if I’m doing more damage than good hormonally/metabolically…? On the Melissa Ambrosini Podcast you mentioned that you don’t recommend intermittent fasting — but on one of your own podcasts you do say that you recommend the 24 hr fast. Why is 14-16 hours problematic (how is it impacting my hormones), but 24 hours isn’t? Is 16 hours still problematic if I don’t feel like I’m stressing my body out or putting it into any kind of starvation mode during that time? I’ll sometimes end that 12-16 hour overnight fast with high-intensity workout in the morning… and I won’t eat until an hour or so after that workout, which usually comes out to 12-16 hours, no problem. Even though I’m not hungry, is that still causing stress to my system and being counterproductive for weight loss? Why is 24-hour fasting one day a week a better thing to do? Isn’t that also putting the body into a stress mode? I worry that it would slow my metabolism and be counterproductive to weight loss..

Elisabeth: Hi I was wondering whether sourdough bread and whole grain pastas are considered processed carbs? Are they ok to have in moderation? I will have Mung bean pasta once per week or so and sourdough here and there. I understand that you are not suggesting not to have quinoa, Buckwheat and rice etc but wondering how you feel when they are made into flours and then pancakes etc? Thanks!


Tahleah: Hi Dr Cabral I listened to your interview with Melissa Ambrosini and I was not only inspired but also hit with some mega truth. It highlighted what I’d been questioning over the last few months… taking a break from coaching others in order to give back to myself, to re-balance my own constitution, so I can serve more powerfully. I’m passionate about what I do but unfortunately that passion has been weathered… I don’t feel as inspired as I used to coach others and that has made me feel really guilty, simply due to a lack of energy. I know this is my path, but the expression of this path is not aligned right now. My personal health has been chaos… dealing with gut health issues, parasites, imbalances, anxiety – mostly due to overworking because of financial stress. For me, my biggest guilt trip has been, not being the full embodiment/example of health I want to be and have full potential to be. But I’m confused, I know what I need to do but I lack energy that I’m just in survival mode… Your episode brought me back to my personal love for Ayurveda; re-visiting my constitution, which is Vata/Pitta. So, I have a few questions… 1. I know there is your constitution you’re given at conception, then there is the constitution you’re expressing now due to stress. I’ve dealt with stress for so long, that I’m wondering if Vata/Pitta is even my natural constitution? What is the best way to start re-balancing? I’ve worked with an amazing Ayurvedic coach and she could tell straight off the bat I was more Vata but was showing Kapha imbalance with the gut health issues. I’ve improved slightly, no snacking with a regular metabolism which requires me to eat about every 4-5 hours focusing on three meals per day and maybe one light snack in between depending on what I’ve eaten or how long until I get home to cook. It’s been working well but I’m extremely fatigued and still trying to get by, I don’t want to live like this. My second question is, what’s the best way to do a meal plan based on my body type to re-balance? Do you have any resources that could point me in the right direction? I love your work and will start to listen to your podcast. Thank you so much for being an example of wellness and living your dosha. Much gratitude Tahleah 🙂

Anonymous: Thanks for all the great info! Regarding detox, I take a coffee enima 2-3 days/week. Is any other detrox protocal necessary or will this be sufficent?

Lynn: I had a question about your podcast on the benefits of rebounding. Do other jumping exercises such as jump roping or jumping jacks replicate the benefits of a rebounder or is it different? How do they compare?


Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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