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HouseCall: Smelly Feet, Vegan Supplements, NY Labs, Mesenteric Lymphadenitis, Low Libido Test, Low T

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Check out today’s questions:

Anonymous: Dr Cabral, thank you so much for taking time to answer all of your community’s questions. My husband has a strong odor to his feet to the point where no spray, no powder can help. He wears work boots all day and does construction in Boston. He’s in the boots for probably close to 12 hours a day. We go through buying him new boots all of the time because they are honestly putrid. We have a boot warmer that is supposed to help but will knock you on your toosh if you walk in the basement. His diet is ok, could be a lot better. Exercise is basically just his work. He wants to start eating better and working out. What could be the cause of this terrible smell coming from his feet? Sincerely a wife who is tired of throwing away socks and buying expensive work boots all of the time.

Maxine: Good afternoon! I am writing to confirm that the following products are vegan– as in no animals or animal byproducts: Activated B-Complex Daily Activated Multi-Vitamin Daily Nutritional Support Shake I just really want to be sure, thank you(: Maxine


Lauren: Hi, I live in NY and am greatly interested in taking the organic acid test. I know the lab you use cant be used in NY; however, I was wondering if you can recommend any other labs or if there is any other way I can get this test. Thank you!

Louise: Dr. Cabral. I am very impressed with your breadth of knowledge and commend the stance you take on health and healing. It is courageous and standout individuals like you who will transform the healthcare and fitness industries for the better. My question pertains to the health of my 13 year-old daughter. Over the years, she has had four bouts of mesenteric lymphadenitis. The attacks of severe abdominal pain sometimes accompanied by vomiting seem to come on fairly suddenly and the after-effects can last weeks. She tested positive for the gluten and casein sensitivity gene, however being a teenager she has not been 100%compliant with her diet, in adition to sneaking in candy and other treats. I understand that many physicians currently consider mesenteric lymphadenitis a nondisease and its symptoms unexplained. In your functional medicine point of view, what could be contributing to her recurring issue and what can be done from a practical standpoint to end her suffering?


Jennifer: Hi Dr. Cabral, My name is Jennifer, and through divine intervention I found you. In July I had a week off of work, so I completed the Cabral 7 day detox. i have never experienced a detox before, so safe to say I had no idea what I was getting into. First off, I came to realize VERY quickly that a large part of my daily routine is thinking, planning, shopping, preparing, and eating food. When you don’t eat for the first 2 days you have free time that you didn’t know you would have. I came to an understanding on how time consuming food really is in our daily lives. in stating that, when day 3 arrived I was so happy to incorporate food again.The plan was so simple and easy to follow. I thought, “ Im going to breeze through this” however, I was very wrong. I work in a salon with many many chemicals in my daily life. Not to mention the roller coaster of poor food choices in my life and what damage had built up from that. Prior to the detox I could work out endlessly and really not budge the scale at all. Weight has been a life long issue for me. So as day 3 went on my body became really weak and I didn’t have the energy I had before when it came to my workouts. My brain was starting to reel from the detoxification happening and I actually was uncomfortable in my own skin. By day 4 I felt skittish and afraid to even talk to people. I felt so terrible that I was worried I wasn’t going to make it to the end. I knew I was toxic due to a lifetime of exposure to unhealthy things, but wow! Well, day 5 came and it was like the dark cloud lifted! I felt amazing! Each day became better and better. I didn’t have a starting weight but knew about where I was. When I was done I did weigh myself and I lost probably 5-7 pounds. I continued strong on your eating plan but have wavered quite a bit in the last couple months but have continued to lose weight. My body and brain feel better than they have in a very long time. I plan to do my next 7 day detox in the next month. So thank you for your research and creation of your supplements and detox. I listen to as many of your podcasts as I can. I recommend you constantly. My first question is regarding my daughter. When she was around 7 or 8 she showed me this rash on her hands and said when her hands come in contact with any form of water this is what happens. This white raised bumpy skin was between her fingers and almost looked like blisters or skin that was going to peel. Fast forward to now, she is 18, and the rash has come and gone since then. It now covers most of her palms. When it is severe the skin pulls tight and can be painful until her hands dry out. Usually it takes about twenty to thirty minutes for her hands to completely return to normalcy. When her hands are dry, you can see remnants of whits spots on her palms. It does this in any type of water and can be severe to slight; sometimes it goes away all together. We have tried organic products as well, and that helps, but it doesn’t go away, so we think its water itself. We have only been to one doctor and they have no idea what it is. At the moment it’s at a medium degree. I attached a picture, and wonder if you might know what it is or what to do. My second and final question is regaurding your weightloss blood test. I have been experiencing a steady decline in my sex drive for many years and as of now I virtually have no sex drive at all. Would that specific test measure my hormone level to see if thats whats wrong? Thank you for your time. I look forward to your advice! I tried to attach the photo of my daughters hands but it won’t attach. If you would like to see a photo please just let me know where to send it and I will. Thanks again!! Jennifer 

Jon: Hi Stephen, was recently introduced to your podcast from the Elite Man Podcast was was impressed with your diverse knowledge, I have spent all day today listening and will continue to listen to the great advice you give. To cut straight to the point, I had blood tests done 6 months ago which showed very low testosterone and very high estrogen. After scans to confirm there were no problems with my pituitary I was put on Clompihene which worked very well for a week then my mood began to decline, next bloodwork showed my testosterone had raised slightly but my estrogen had more than doubled! I was eventually put on a HRT protocol of Sustanon 250, Anastrazole (to control estrogen) and HCG. I have been on this for 3 months now and felt very little benefit, and some areas such as libido have actually got worse! I would like to come off and try to restore natural healthy levels of hormones. At the time of my diagnosis I was working a very stressful job with long hours, suffering insomnia, training (weights and cardio) hard 6+ days a week and not eating as well as I could have. My bloods also revealed I was low in Vitamin D and Zinc but the doctors did not think this was relevant. After lots of research it does not seem surprising my hormone levels were suffering! I have since stopped the Sustanon but continued with the HCG and will switch to clompihene for 6 weeks in an attempt to restart my body’s natural function before coming off all medication. I have been supplementing with Zinc, ZMA, Vit D3 and Maca Root powder for a month now. What are my chances of getting my hormones where they should be for a 27 year old active man and what is the fastest way for me to get there? Thanks again for all the great advice. You’re a true asset to the healthcare profession and if there more people like you the world would be a much happier, healthier place. Many Thanks, Jon

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