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HouseCall: Supplement Overload, Sinus Problems, Herpes & Chocolate, Arthritis, Menstrual Headaches

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Cristi: Hi Dr. Cabral, I apprecate the work you do more than you know. I ordered the daily protocol package to try with my husband and maybe kids too, but I do have other questions. Mostly, I’m wondering which supplements we’re currently taking would still be necessary, and in what amounts. For example, if I want to take additional vitamin D because it’s winter and we do live in a suburb of Boston as well, would I need more K2 than is included in the daily formula? Currently we take D3 with K2, and I know there is K2 in the formula, but is it enough to counterbalance extra D3? I also use collagen peptides on a daily basis as my protein in the morning. If I want to continue that, will that be too much protein in addition to the shake? The collagen peptides are listed as having 20 g of protein in two scoops, but I have also heard that this is not a complete protein. I do like the benefits of the collagen peptides and bone broth when I do not have the peptides, so I’m just wondering how to work this in to my regimen without getting excessive protein. I also take curcumin, Ashwaganda, and glucosamine condroitin. I do not think these are included in either the fruit and vegetable blend or the shake, so I believe I would continue these for joint health and stress? We also take a grapeseed extract from Pure synergy, but I see that is included in one of the blends. I’m assuming that would be redundant then? I am looking to cut down on the number of supplements we take and streamline a little bit. In addition, if we are going to do this for the whole family, it will end up costing a bit. I wish we could afford a consult or functional medicine testing right now, but we cannot. If more information is helpful, I take Synthroid for low thyroid, but I now have a very low-dose .88 MCG. My husband is on no medications, but he has untreated sleep apnea. I have many allergies, so I would like to get testing and try the allergy protocol when I can afford it. I exercise daily, and I am at a healthy weight, and my husband has recently lost quite a bit of weight, and is at a healthy weight too. He does not exercise, but he is a contractor, and his job has him moving all the time. We eat what might be called a Paleo diet, but with emphasis on vegetables, much as you recommend. I, in particular, have always tried to optimize my nutrition, and at age 43, and I am hoping to tweak a few things and figure out how to take care of my allergies without taking Claritin daily, why I get headaches, and why my digestive system seems very sensitive sometimes. For various reasons, life has been very high stress for a long time. We live in a suburb of Boston, and it is my dream to one day visit your wellness center. I am so sorry for the long question! I understand if it’s too much. Thanks, Cristi


Jackie: Hi Dr. Cabral, I started seeing a ND about three years ago after I attended a gym in SF. I started having symptoms of adrenal fatigue and I started noticing I wasn’t digesting food well and had high cortisol levels. I took food panels, conducted blood tests, acupuncture and tried some elimination diets. All of this aided in the healing of my gut as well, I did find out I had leaky gut from my food panels. I recently visited the same gym earlier this year that had sparked some of these similar symptoms I had previously experienced. I am thinking my body is having some sort of histamine response or possibly an allergy to toxic mold. I have done more blood work, new food panels and other elimination diets as my current ND and I think it may be food and environmental. I am also wondering if it is something in my apartment. My symptoms are sinus pressure, headaches, ear pressure/wax build up, eye strain and focus, I sometimes get a little light headed or dizzy standing up, mucus, post nasal drip, my chest is tight and I have been wheezing a little bit. Some days are better than others. I wanted to get another opinion and advice on what next steps should be. Thank you!


Anonymous: I am on Day 31 of the CBO and it is going great and relatively easy. Unfortunately I just got a herpes (HSV II) outbreak and I have listened to your previous podcasts on Herpes and remedies. However, the Super Lysine, I cannot take because it has garlic and I can’t have the Apple Cider Vinegar because of being on the CBO. I just upped my zinc and I will add magnesium spray and meditation, etc. Fortunately, my outbreaks are mild, but they hurt my mind and soul! I had the HSV II confirmed by a blood test when I was pregnant 3 years ago. It is something that definitely has changed my intimacy with my husband (he does not fear it at all) but I know there can be asymptomatic outbreaks and it makes me paranoid. I went a year without any outbreak and now I’m getting them every couple of months. Sleep is still a little elusive with a toddler, so maybe it’s lack of sleep causing the stress. Or whenever I try to add running to my workouts, it seems to cause an outbreak. I was adding two days a week of 30 minute jogs and two weeks after that, I get an outbreak. Maybe running just is not for me? I was trying to add the 30 minutes of straight cardio after hearing your podcast on cardio. I also notice an outbreak after I get extremely angry about something, which did just happen. I eat super healthy and I do not drink alcohol (I have had maybe 4 glasses of wine this past year – pretty good for a first time mom!!), I do indulge in dark chocolate daily. Although, being on the CBO, I just started having 100% cacao after the initial 21 days. In one of your podcasts on herpes you say you’ve helped people fully eliminate (or cause dormancy) with herpes. I could really use this in my life, especially with wanting to have another child and not wanting to have this get in the way of that process or the delivery process. ******To do further work in an aim to fully eliminate the virus, do I need to schedule a consultation with you?***** Thank you as ALWAYS!


Dave: Good Afternoon A friend forwarded your podcast to me awhile ago. I try and read the ones that pertain to me but somewhere along the way I might have missed anything that deals with Arthritis Diets. Two and a half months after surgery in December 2015, psoriatic arthritis hit me in my feet and osteo-arthritis in my knees. Before my surgery I was walking the golf course carrying my bag with no issues. After surgery I became a cripple. I couldn’t get up from a chair, climb stairs let alone swing a club. I have sorely missed golf for two years now. I am 68 years old and 6 weeks ago I read an article on the importance of diet. (duh) The article did not specifically deals with diet concerning arthritis so I did some more research on foods that cause inflammation. I eliminated red meat, dairy, sugar and processed foods. I stick to veggies, fruit and fish. I do cheat on occasion and treat myself to chicken but that is just for some variety. Organic as much as I can find. Since I really enjoy your approach to life from every angle I would appreciate your thoughts and help to get me back on the golf course again. The last 3 weeks I have noticed a marked improvement which I am attributing to the “new” diet routine. I also do some Physio, CBD and an occasional rum&coke. Enbrel and methotrexate are helping with the psoriatic feet. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas


Mari: You have been so helpful throughout my health journey. I have noticed within the past year that either the day before and when I am already menstrating that I get these intense headaches that seem like sinus headaches. I get really bad neck pain, ear pain, temple throbbing and I get really moody as well. I have deep pains under my eyes and around my sinus area. There just feels like so much pressure and tension in my ears and my face. I get extremely irritable a few days before and during. I am on birth control and plan to come off soon and am hoping this doesn’t get worse by coming off.

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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