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HouseCall: Hair Falling Out, Travel to India, Afternoon Brain Fog, Swollen Lymph, Cell Food

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Marina: Dr. Cabral & Team, before I start I’d just like to thank you for everything you do! You are such an incredible human being and you have inspired me to pursue my education in the medical field to HEAL and not just mask symptoms. I listen to your podcast everyday and have learned so much over the past year, you truly as remarkable and I wish the best for you and your practice. I am a 21, going on 22 year old female living in Southern California. I am currently studying at the University of California Irvine after transferring from a CC. I tend to be a very stressed person, maybe due to my perfectionist type A personality. Aside from striving for perfection in school, I also strive for perfection in my health. Over the past 2 years I have struggled with my eating behavior and body views. Sometimes I binge eat and have just developed a disordered relationship with food. I workout 4-5 times a week because i genuinely love it and for the most part eat pretty healthy, except when I overindulge, which is typically in processed, sweet foods such as bread, cookies, ice cream, cake. I’ve learned a ton about health and nutrition from your podcast and have tried to include as many health foods possible in my diet, again, except for the times i overeat or binge. The past 3 months have been pretty stressful for me, starting at a new school, moving away from home, trying to figure out my career and school plans, and on top of that dealing with my disordered eating and body issues. I’m usually irregular when it comes to my menstrual cycle but since starting school, I have not gotten my period since August, it is now December (3-4 months). I used to have mild acne 2 years ago, it cleared up and now, over the past 2 months, my acne has come back, mildly but i get constant breakouts primarily on my chin area, sides of checks, and sometimes on my forehead. My hair has been falling out a lot lately! It even feels extremely thinner than before and i have developed mild dandruff. I know this must have to do with stress and maybe what Im eating. Stress about school, my eating and body issues, and how I appraise those stressors. Foods i eat such as dairy (4-5 eggs weekly), sometimes milk derived foods (cookies, cake, ice cream). I know this is a lot f information and I plan on working with you to help me heal once I have some extra cash. If you could direct me to certain podcast episodes or give me advice on any of these issues, I would seriously appreciate it so so much. Thank you again for all that you do and all that you provide for us, your works and efforts do NOT go unnoticed. -Marina

Zoe: hi dr cabral, thank you for answering my previous wellness question – i am currently trying to take onboard your advice and make the necessary changes to my life and calm my nervous system down, eat a lower fat, higher carb diet and am looking to conduct some of the recommended tests soon. On a separate note, im thinking about going to India for 10 days – 2 weeks in the new year – id like to continue my wellness journey, and ive never been to india before – id like to learn about the culture, more of Ayurveda and perhaps the yoga and spiritual side. i realise that this is not strictly a wellness related question – but i wondered if you had any tips/suggestions where to go and what to do as its my first visit and id really appreciate your advice and your love of India and Ayurveda. Eventually id love to go to there for a longer stint, but right now, the max i can take is 2 weeks. Appreciate your thoughts as always, best, Zoe

Tony: Hello Dr. Cabral, Thanks again for taking my question. As I write this I am about three weeks into the Cabral detox. In early November I spoke with Caitlin regarding my OAT and food sensitivity test results. I have been on point with the diet recommendations and the detox protocol. I decided to have testing done and do the detox to get to the root cause of Ménière’s disease which I have had for about two years. Overall, I am feeling a lot better in the mornings and throughout most of the day. However, around three or 4 o’clock each afternoon, I experience brain fog. It feels as if my brain is fatigued and cannot keep up and I sometimes deal with a slight dizziness as well. My OAT shows that I have low VMA, high HVA, extremely high Quinolinic acid, and really low 5-HIAA. One of my chief concerns in my results was the possibility of neural excitotoxicity, because of the potential long-term effects of it. Since I am three going on four weeks into this and still feeling the brain fog and slight dizziness for a portion of the day I was wondering what your recommendations for me are at this point. As far as Meniere’s cases in your practice, what is the average timetable for those who got better after addressing the root causes?

By the way, for those listening who are wondering about the detox and whether it really helps you lose weight or not, let me say that it definitely works. Weight loss was not my goal, especially since I am a hard gainer weightlifter, but I have lost over 15 pounds in the three weeks I’ve been doing this. I would say the product is effective. Thanks again.

Tami: Hello Dr Cabral, I get recurring inflammation of my underarm glands from preteen years. I am currently in my early 30s. I have changed diets, recently started doing a natural detox, however it has reoccurred. When I was younger my tonsils would often get inflamed, however in my later teens this stopped and the inflammation moved to my underarms. I did a full blood test and urine, and all the results came back fine, of course lymphocytes were a bit on the high side, due to the inflammation at the time the blood test was done. I wanted to get a second opinion, on what might be triggering this and possible methods of treatment. Thank you for your time and response. – Tamilia

Elizabeth: Hi Dr Cabral, wondered what your thoughts are on Dr Patrick Flanagan’s (Phi Sciences) Crystal Energy and/or MegaHydrate. I am currently using ‘Cell Food’ by NuScience and wondered if it’s similar or if these things are even worth using? If I may also ask your thoughts on BioLive Gold liquid probiotic Thanks for such a great podcast, learning so much! Thank you for tuning into today’s Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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