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HouseCall: Snapping Hip Syndrome, Daily Nerve Pain, Body Looks Soft, Children’s PANDAS/Tics, Detox & CBO Timing, Stool Results

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Cristi: Dear Dr. Cabral, I am a fairly new listener to your program, and I have been slowly catching up on all of your past episodes as they are both fascinating and helpful. I am in my early 40s, live a healthy, busy (two kids, full time job) active lifestyle with daily exercise (yoga, weight training, interval training, stretching, foam rolling) and an anti inflammatory diet similar to what you recommend. My BMI is optimal. Recently I have been able to feel a tendon or something (maybe my IT band) snap over a bone in my hip. At first, I thought it was happening only as I walked up hill and up stairs, but now it is there as I walk as well. From what I researched, this seems to be “snapping hip syndrome.” It doesn’t hurt, but I do not want it to progress to a point where it does. I do not know what caused it–maybe jumping on a cheap rebounder or doing full range of motion squats with weight (though it wasn’t much more than 60 pounds, and I know I used correct form). I went to a chiropractor a couple of times, and that may have started to help, but I had previously used up my other visits in the allotted 12 my insurance allows per year, so I could not continue. I tried to go to a PT, but they wanted a written “diagnosis” from a medical doctor before they would see me. It seems to make sense to avoid motions during which this occurs, but it occurs even walking! I do not want to cut down on my activity level, but I don’t want this to progress. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

Amber: I’m on several different medications. I’ve had three failed back surgeries. I have fusion in my lower back. I’m in pain everyday even with the medications I’m taking, also severe anxiety/panic attacks, and nerve pain down my left leg. I had a csf leak after second surgery which caused me to have a PICC Line in for three months. I had to hav Vancomyocin and Cephapine IV in high doses twice a day. That stuff was brutal. The medications I’m on is Dilaudid (2mg 3x day), Gabapentin (900mg 3x day), Klonopin (1mg 3x day), Zoloft (200mg 1x day), and Birth Control (1x day), plus they are currently adding Propanolol (10mg 3x day prn). I feel so sick and toxic inside every day. I’ve been in bed for three years straight except to get up to eat, shower, go to my appointments. I’m 28 now and hate feeling so sick and in terrible back pain. I was wondering how I could cut down on medications and what natural medications I can use. If I had the money to come see you, I would. I think one of my neighbors with chronic pain is going to fly from Tampa, FL to come see you. I’m on workers comp and living with my parents. I don’t have any money coming in and can’t work or even sit because of severe tailbone pain(which could be related to the metal rods and screws in my lower back). I would like to get that taken out, it’s been a little over two years since fusion surgery. Anything you can suggest, even a back surgeon I can see for a second opinion would be great. I really appreciate the your time in reading this. I hope you can help. Btw- I do take your cbd oil. It helps me to sleep, and sometimes helps my anxiety. My pain management doctor wants me to start medical marijuana vapor as soon as he gets his license to prescribe it. Plus, after my emg, I’m going to try acupuncture (workers comp is starting to do more natural things. I’ve been through a lot. Over 250 nights in hospitals since January 2015. I could keep going and tell you more, but the most important aspects are written to you here. Again, thank you so much!!! Amber

Anonymous: Hi Dr. Cabral, I am a 34yo female who is 5’4.5” weighing 120lbs. I have been lifting heavy weights about 4x per week where I alternate days of upper and lower body weight training. I also take a gentle yoga class on Wednesdays. My cardio has been inconsistent 30 minutes here and there of the stair master or an occasional hour long step class once a week. I have also been on a completely vegan diet for over a year with very limited amounts of soy and gluten. Although I am small in stature (size 0), I feel like I am too soft for the amount of heavy lifting I am doing. I really want to see more definition in my arms, legs and abs and change my shape. Do you have any recommendations on how I should change my weight/cardio routine and what foods I should eat to ensure I get enough protein for my goals? Is it possible to get the right kind of body building protein on lentils/beans and vegetables? Should I consider soy? I used to eat tons of chicken breasts, egg whites and Greek yogurt and I do notice that I don’t have as much muscle definition but I wasn’t healthy either and had major digestive issues. I am trying to find a balance and at a loss on what is the best diet for my health as well as physique. I appreciate what you do each and every day. My husband ordered me your candida cleanse and 21 day detox and I cannot wait to begin.

Teresa: Hello, I would like to know if you have ever treated a child diagnosed with pandas or tics. We have seen tics go away with clostridia treatment but it rises again. Thanks.

Judy: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have just received your 21day detox and your candida cleanse protocol. Which do you recommend I complete first? I noticed that I can have berries in the shake on the candida protocol but not the detox, so I am assuming these protocols should be completed separately. I am a 34yo female with hormonal acne issues and dealing with hypothyroidism and likley adrenal/cortisol issues based on what I have heard on your podcasts. I look forward to completing these protocols and eventually taking your tests to come up with a longer term game plan to achieving health and happiness. Merry Christmas to you, your family and staff! 🙂

Mary: Hello Dr. Cabral. Thank you for your passion of getting your knowledge out to the masses. I very much appreciate it, as you have kickstarted my return to wellness. I recently got the results of a Genova GI effects test which came back relatively normal aside from a moderate microbe diversity (Euryarchaeota present and high E. Coli) and high Beta-glucuronidase. I know this is incomplete knowledge since you don’t have all my labs/symptoms as I am not a patient, however, if only given this information would you consider this a possible dysbiosis that merits the use of your bacterial and yeast overgrowth protocol? Thank you. Also, what are your thoughts on calcium-D-glucarate to lower Beta-glucuronidase levels? Moderate microbe diversity ((higher than normal Euryarchaeota Phylum), (high Odoribacter spp., high anaerotruncus colihominis, high faecalibacterium prausnitzii, high lactobacillus spp. high pseudoflavonifractor app. high Veillonella spp. low collinsella aerofaciens, high E coli.)) low fecal fat cholesterol, low inflammation and immunology levels, high Beta-glucuronidase (9,000). Negative parasitology, non-pathogenic candida and sccharomyces levels.

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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