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HouseCall: Timing is Never Right, Gestational Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Throat Clearing, Can’t Warm Up, Strange Stool

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Alex: Hi Dr. Cabral, First of all, I find your knowledge and willingness to share said knowledge so refreshing. Simply put, what you say makes sense. My question is about your Candida protocol. I’ve specifically searched all of your podcasts for “Candida” and haven’t found this question addressed, so I’m hoping I am not wasting your time. I asked for the Candida protocol for Christmas (yes, seriously) and I’m hoping to start it early January. I’m struggling with the fact that I have 1-2 trips booked every month next year for weddings or for other miscellaneous reasons. I know you’ve said you have an occasional “cheat meal” (pasta, a social glass of wine), but I’m wondering if doing this DURING the protocol will make it less effective. Should I wait to do it when I have no trips planned for 12 weeks? Just want to get the most benefit possible. Thanks!

Josie: Hi Dr. C, I love your podcasts. I listen daily and I am an annoying voice in my family’s ears about “Dr. Cabral says this… “ 2 questions: My younger sister is 6 months pregnant and her blood sugar has been high and her dr is thinking gestational diebetes. She eats the standard American diet. Her normal activity level is low so we suggested maybe some light pregnancy yoga. Her doctor had not given her any suggested diet or even recommended foods to eat or not eat. I haven’t heard any podcasts on gestational diebetes, but looked up episode 603 where you gave recommendations for type 2 diabetes- workout, blood sugar support supplement, and 2 cups of vegetables at meals. 1-Would you recommend the same for a prego? 2-What do you think about air fryers (for preganant and non-pregnant people)?

Ceri: Hi Dr Cabral. I am a health coach and I have a question relating to a client. He is a 34 year old male who has sleep apnoea. He has had one surgery for this, though I don’t know the exact details. History of high cholesterol (taking statins), non alcoholic fatty liver disease, pre-diabetic and issues with blood sugar. I have been working with him for 3 months to improve his diet/lifestyle and he has lost weight, now to 84kg and has noticed many improvements in his health and feeling better, but the sleep apnoea has not changed. He has had a repeat sleep study and their is no difference. He has big energy drops during the day and needs to nap in the afternoon. It is impacting his ability to work long days. I am unsure if this is something caused by a physical blockage of if there are other changes he can make to diet/lifestyle that will help. I would love your input. Kind Regards, Ceri

Daniela: I am a big fan of the podcasts and have found the information to be very helpful and interesting. I’m hoping that you/your team can help with an issue I’ve had for years. I am constantly clearing my throat, even to the point of not realizing it. I know it’s an issue, because sometimes my throat feels raw from the throat clearing. I don’t have any health issues I’m aware of, so I don’t know what could be causing this strange sensation. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Regards Daniela

Jamie: Hi! This might be a really dumb question, but I can’t really find an answer online! When I drink smoothies, I get really, really cold and it takes me hours to get warm again. I love to warm back up quickly in my little infrared sauna (the “tent” kind – my kids call it my spaceship.) However, when I am super cold going in to the sauna, I don’t sweat much at all – not even close to the amount I sweat if I am already warm when I start (for example, if I do a sauna after I exercise, I sweat a ton!) So my question is this – am I still getting the detox/health/longevity benefits of the infrared sauna if I am so cold that I don’t sweat much during the 30-min session, or are the health benefits pretty much solely related to the deep sweating?? Thanks so much!

Kathy: Hello Dr. Cabral, No words can explain how thankful I am to have found your podcasts and references. Your care and concern for others is a blessing. Gonna try to state the facts in order and short as possible: Me: 51 y/o,no meds (used to take cholesterol meds but stopped 2014), full time Speech Pathologist in Nursing Home, weekend Server at restaurant; high cholesterol, always been active, since mid July: 30-60 min/day workouts (Beachbody member and use Shakeology daily; follow 21 day fix meal plan but choose bulk of my carbs through veggies, 6-8 hours sleep/night Problem: Weight loss from 151# to 130# from March to Current date -don’t know if related to stool issues, gut issues or changes in eating habits. Primary concern: very strange looking stool. varies from the following: normal, black, layered 1/2 black 1/2 brown, normal color with white or black dots, fibrous looking sticks, soft floating strings, extremely odd shapes, frequent small poop daily after large,stool is greasy looking at times, every morning-explosive emission. Also have sporadic severe leg cramps at night usually after weekend of waitressing (note: I drink recommended amounts of water first thing in morning and daily with your recommendation for sea salt and lime and love it) History: (don’t know if all this started due to dental issues and if you can shed light on this) Dental consult early Jan 2017 with xrays. Found fractured root and 3 tooth bridge needed removal. No antibiotics. Symptoms started about 3 weeks after initial dental appointment (about Jan 26). Symptoms included: frequent nausea, bloating-lots of air in belly, pussiness surrounding stool, stringy stool, explosive stool(everytime went to bathroom),frequent stool, tightness lower abdomen. Extraction not scheduled until a flipper was available and due to this appoint delayed til April. Doc said at time of extraction considerable infection and in larger area than previously thought. No antibiotics post extraction. Multiple tests as per below attachments. March 10-May 1: Fodmap diet started as recommended following Colonoscopy and on my own added ParaGuard (Advanced Intestinal Flora Support-nutrition by Zahler) about 2 weeks later nausea and most of cramping went away, crazy stool continued May 1 was tested for celiac sprue and was told all blood tests were normal-no evidence of celiac sprue or thyroid disease. EGD recommeded and I was told to eat normal foods until EGD. I told CNP that I stay away from gluten and dairy as part of my daily meals and she told me she wanted me to resume them to my diet and that they may do some biopsies as needed with EGD. June 5 EGD-per doc “no evidence of cancer, infection or Celiac disease in biopsies. Biopsies showed evidence of mild non specific inflammation and it is recommended that I do an over the counter acid suppression for a month (Priolosec 20 mg daily). When I responded to her via email asking if the inflammation could be related to a food allergy she told me, “It is unlikely for food allergy to cause this type of inflammation. Medication side effects, alcohol or excessive acid production may be the culprit.” I told her I am not on any medications nor do I drink except for maybe on occasion on the weekend, and that I did not want to take over the counter medication unless I absolutely had to. When I confronted her about the inflammation not coming from a food allergy and that maybe I was having trouble in another area of my body that is affecting my stomach, or maybe a parasite infection which is undiagnosed, I asked her if I needed other referrals, if I should change my diet again, if I should do any type of cleanses, etc. HER RESPONSE: Please schedule an office visit with NP to discuss your concerns. NO THANKS! June 12 Began Whole 30 diet after reading book, felt great,and I still stick to similar eating habits. I do eat occasional bean chips for a snack when I want something crunchy. I will also eat an occasional dessert but not part of regular intake. August 1 bought and did your Intestinal Cleanse and Healthy Belly Today: Feel great except for continued strange bowels, fatigue midway through day and have to close eyes for 10 min to get through day, leg cramps Just ordered your parasite protocol and was planning to do this followed by CIBO/Candida Protocol. What else can I do? I admire your knowledge, enthusiasm to help, and look forward to any recommendations. Even if I ordered a test I wouldn’t know exactly where to begin. God Bless You and Merry Christmas! Kathy Bruflat LABS/Tests Cholesterol total =350 HDL = 71 LDL = 263 Triglycerides = 78 Glucose 90 TTG IgA Aby 60mL/min/1.73m*2 Calcium 9.5 Glucose 90mg Protein, Total 7.4 Albumin 4.4 Alkaline Phosphatase 67IU/L Aspartate Aminotransferase 29IU/L Alanine Aminotransferase 16IU/L Bilirubin, Total 0.8 mg/dL C Reactive Protein <0.1mg/dL HEMOGRAM/DIFF(COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT): WBC 5.410*9/L RBC 4.48 10*12/L HGB 13.5G/dL HCT 39.2% MCV 87.4 fL MCH 30.1pg MCHC 34.5g/dL RDW 12.1% PLT 234 10*9/L Neutrophils 60.4% Lymphocytes 31.1% Monocytes 6.8% Eosinophils 1.3% Basophils 0.4% Neutrophils Absolute 3.1 10*9/L Lymphocytes Absolute 1.7 10*9/L Monocytes Absolute 0.4 10*9/L Eosinophils Absolute 0.1 10*9/L Basophils Absolute 0.0 10*9/L Colonoscopy: Multiple fragments of colonic mucosa without and increase in lamina propria chronic inflammmation. No acute inflammatory infiltrate identified. Patchy reactive lymphoid folicies are seen. no increase in intraepithelial lymphocytes or thickening of the subepithelial collagen layer is identified. The archicture appears intact. THANKS Again

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