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HouseCall: Fasted Cardio, Greens Drink Powder, No-No Thyroid Foods, Puffy Eyes, Healthy IVF, Period Cold Sores

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

Let’s get started!

Ellie: I am 20 years old and am very active. I’m wondering if I will lose muscle from fasted cardio? I lift quite a bit and am trying to lean out but not lose muscular progress. I do intermittent fasting and have been doing fasted cardio about 3 days per week. Will this diminish my muscles? Also, is fasted lifting okay to do? Thanks so much!

Rachel: Hello Thank you for your advice! My question is what is the exact brand of the All-in-one greens drink? Where can I buy it? I have terrible digestive issues, would like to try it but am a bit apprehensive. Thank you!

Anonymous: Hi Dr. Cabral, I am a 34yo female and I recently heard one of your podcasts on what an ideal TSH test result should look like. I was horrified to learn that the last 3+ doctors over the last 7+ years have brushed off my symptoms and my high TSH levels. Over 7 years ago I complained about feeling tired all the time, struggling with my weight, peeling brittle nails, and feeling so cold. I wear sweaters year round in central Texas! Over the last 3 years my TSH levels were 1.94, 3.69 and this year it is 2.85. I recently pulled my medical records at past doctors and my results were similar and not optimal based on what I learned from you. When my TSH was 3.69 last year, they finally said I was “border line”. When I asked for natural recommendations from the nurse practitioner going over my blood work over the phone, she simply stated there wasn’t anything I could do on my own and would have to take prescription medication for the rest of my life but the doctor wanted to retest and since it lowered some this year, no meds were prescribed which I didn’t plan to take anyways. What do you recommend I do to get my tsh levels to optimal and feel normal? Also, I heard cruciferous foods and soy were a “no-no” for thyroid issues, is this true? Any suggestions you may have to feel better would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to take prescription chemical especially for the rest of my life.

Catherine: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have been into healthy living for many years now and have thoroughly enjoyed your podcasts since finding them a couple of months ago. I have two symptoms that are puzzling to me even though I follow a healthy diet (not vegan but mostly real food, occasional meat), exercise and get sunshine, social connection and rest. I do have stress in my life from 3 kids ages 12, 9 and 5. I will be 45 years old next month. First, I have very puffy skin under my eyes and pressure behind the eyes. The puffiness does not go away during the day, it is pretty constant. I have tried natural eye drops, limiting salt, eye creams and massage, elevating my head while sleeping, etc. Nothing works. I would expect some puffiness with my age but it is extreme. Also I have a puzzling symptom…..whenever I am frightened by something or drop something I get a tingling sensation in my body, mainly my arms. It passes quickly but it is strange. Any insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Danielle: Hi! I’ve recently started listening to your podcast and find them fascinating. I am due to start a round of donor egg ivf in January and I wonder if there’s a way I can prepare my body for it? I have severe endometriosis but minimal pain usually apart from around the time of an ivf cycle when the extra estrogen feeds the endo. Is there anything you would recommend food or supplements etc to help mitigate this but also help to increase chances of implantation and a successful pregnancy? I am already doing my best to eat healthily, cut back on caffeine, low alcohol & also taking a preconception multivitamin vitamin, vitamin d3 spray and Wobenzym for the endometriosis. Is there anything else you’d recommend? Thank you, Danielle

Alix: Hello, I’ve noticed that a few days before I get my monthly period I start getting a sore throat. Then the day before I get cold sores. I’ve Googled this and it seems that many women are getting these symptoms but no doctors seem to have solutions. Any ways to stop both these symptoms would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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