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HouseCall: Child Yeast Overload, Split Body Workouts, Add Muscle, MRET Water Activators, Keto Question, Histamine Reactions

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Megan: Hi Dr Cabral, as always, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I wrote in a few weeks back about my 10 year old son and how we healed his leaky gut which in turn eleviated the eye tics he was having. His most recent Nutreval showed the yeast was elevating some again. We are back on the biociden and the biofilm buster. When you answered my first question about why the yeast returned, you explained how we have to get rid of the bad yeast and replace it with the good yeast. Makes total sense. We had stayed away from probiotics that have saccharomyces in them because it always caused his symptoms to flare. At first I thought the flare was because yeast was his highest sensitivity in the IgG. I realize the sensitivity is to the bad yeast but my question now is could the flare be from the saccharomyces (even though they are the good guys) or would the flare simply occur because we were adding the good guys while there were still too many guys which means too much yeast all together? Thank you so much for sharing with us each day, you are such a blessing. –Megan (Continued)

Hi Dr Cabral, I just sent in a question yesterday about my 10 year old son and the sacchromyces. I am realizing I may not have posed all of my question clearly so I’m adding on, and I’m so so sorry if this makes it confusing for you. Please feel free to copy and paste for the purpose of your house call. As I mentioned in yesterday’s question my sons eye tics used to flare when I would give him probiotics with saccharomyces in them, but what I didn’t mention was he was always totally fine with probiotics that didn’t include the saccharomyces. His highest sensitivity on the IgG was to yeast. I realize that’s the bad yeast and saccharomyces are the good yeast but why do the good cause a flare in symptoms? Is it simply because I added the good before getting rid of the bad? I guess my real question is why would he have been ok on probiotics that didn’t include saccharomyces but have a hard time handling the ones that do have them? Is it as simple as too much yeast all together? So maybe when we rid the gut of the bad yeast he won’t flare when we add the good? I’ve avoided the saccharomyces due to the previous flare in symptoms but am now learning that we need to be replenishing the good to keep the bad out! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing all of your incredible knowledge with us. I have the highest respect for you and what you do and can not begin to tell you how much I have learned and how our family’s health has changed for the better since we were introduced to you and your incredible podcast. You are a gift to us. Megan PS I again apologize for the mistake and having to submit the same question twice, but I am interested to hear what you have to say about why the saccharomyces in particular cause a problem for him and I left out of the first submission.

Eliana: I love your podcast, it is so informative! I wanted to ask you about my workout program split. I typically do this kind of 5 day split: legs, arms, cardio and abs, back and chest, shoulders and cardio. Basically, I lift 4-5 days a week and get my cardio in either on the same day or on alternating days. Is this too much lifting? I have been doing it for awhile now and have enjoyed it, but I was listening to your recommendation about 3 days of resistance training per week. Thank you!

Tyler: Hi Dr. Cabral, I know you have a background in body building and personal training and am looking for advice in regards to putting on more muscle. I am a 25 year old former collegiate athlete and am very lean but am looking to put more mass on in the safest way possible. I eat predominately vegan and GF with some wild fish and eggs. I work out 3-4 days a week and do a combo of lifting, swimming, and hatha yoga. I am 6’1” and 182 lbs. I have read on the importance of ingrsting protein shakes before and after workouts as well as BCAAs pre, during, and post workout for anabolic muscle growth. Do you have brands that you recommend for vegan protein (I do your Nutritional Support Powder in smoothies in the morning) and BCAAs? Or are they even necessary? I appreciate your insight. Thanks, Tyler

Anthony: Hi Dr. Cabral, What are your thoughts on MRET water activators? Your products and podcasts have become a very positive part of my life, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Sincerely, Anthony

James: Is a kenogentic diet good for you

Zach: What’s up Doc, writing in for my 27 y/o girlfriend who has recently been to the “doctor” because she was having allergic reactions (tingling itchy lips, redness around the lips, and breakouts) whenever she ate certain foods. She’s tired all the time, never seems to have energy to do anything active, and could lay on the couch all day. We recently (within the last year) went vegetarian, and we limit dairy and eggs as much as possible, but this hasn’t seemed to help with the issues she’s having. She has had allergy problems (histamine issues) her whole life and found out she was allergic to nickel, as well as many different pollens/grass/trees when she was younger. About a year and a half ago she had a psoriasis “patch” show up on the back of her neck on her hair line, during a stressful period at work. It went away after she was prescribed some cream for it, but it bothers her randomly. Basically she’s always had skin issues, and her mother and grandmother have thyroid issues that we now know have been passed to her. Here are the results of her first blood test…only going to give you what was “out of range” as well as her thyroid numbers. T3 uptake – 25.9 T4 – 8.1 TSH – 8.32 BUN – 5 CALC/BUN/Creatine – 7 On a food/skin prick test she was “allergic” to almonds, cherries, hazelnut, soy, and green peppers. I know she needs to do an IgG food sensitivity test, but unfortunately we can’t afford that and insurance won’t cover it. She cut out those foods, and had her blood work taken about a month and a half later. These were her results the second time: Free T3 – 3.2 Reverse T3 – 14.5 Free T4 – 1.11 TSH – 5.07 Thyroid peroxidase AB – 130 IU/ML Thyroglobulin AB – 6 IU/ML Positive for ANA ANA titter 1:1280 Cholesterol – 212 Calculated LDL – 127 So we know she has hypothyroid and an auto immune disorder. I believe its from some form of intestinal permeability (IBS, Leaky gut, etc) but I also think she has high levels of heavy metals, as she’s always putting stuff on her skin/hair whether its make-up, hairspray, or dry shampoo. I’ve told her she needs to cut out gluten and dairy for sure, but what do you recommend for her as far as the next step in testing, diet, detoxing, and overall lifestyle changes? I just ordered a 21 day detox from your store…I’m going to start her on a 7 day detox whenever that comes in, and hopefully have her doing a 21 day detox in January. If money weren’t an issue, after the IgG test I’d have her doing a heavy metal detox, candida/SIBO/yeast protocol, and then start rebuilding her gut. What do you think Doc? Thanks for everything you do. I listen to you daily, and I pass your podcast on to anyone and everyone because theres isn’t a person it wouldn’t help. If you ever want to take someone under your wing and create the next you, you have my email. ;] But then again, you’re already creating more of us like you everyday! Thank you sincerely for the knowledge you pass along. Keep it up! -Zach

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