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HouseCall: Cavitations, Low BMI, Ileocecal Valve Dysfunction, Oily Skin, Scoliosis

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I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks…

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Judy: Hi Dr. Cabral, Could you please explain jawbone cavitations, how we know if we have it and if it really causes inflammation that can have a negative impact on our health. I had wisdom teeth extractions about 14 years ago and my naturopathic dentist recommends addressing my possible cavitations in my jaw. I have had some minor gut issues and what I feel to be moderately severe acne that I have been unsuccessful in correcting. Could this be the answer? I am also having my amalgams removed by a dentist using Dr. Huggins’ protocol. Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Zoe: Hi Dr Cabral, I have listened to your podcast religiously since approx episode 200 – you are my one and only consistent and trusted health guru! Thank you so much for all the help and good you do in your community – you are truly making a difference. This is my first time writing in, as i always think that other people’s problems are more important than my own (in general and on here – which may say a lot!) – but here goes… I started my own awareness of my health journey 2.5years ago when i realised i was burnt out and looking terrible and had freed myself from a very toxic and negative romantic relationship (abusive partner) and wanted to rebuild my life and my confidence and my health – i cut out sugar from my diet (processed, honey, sweeteners – but i still have fruit and veg and some wholegrains). my died was loaded wih sugar previously so i really noticed a difference in my energy and skin after a month or so – and have been doing it ever since and am constantly looking to better and improve myself and my education. i am a highly stressed anxious type a personality – always on the go and 100% or “nothing at all” in approach to everything. i have many minor ailments -i feel quite toxic (city life (current) alcohol (sometimes) and previous toxins – other substance abuse, medications, sleeping pills) – i try to do some fasting, but i burn a lot of energy (being so anxious!) that i struggle to do it too often – ive probably done 10 fasts in the last year 24-72hrs, although i do practice intermittent fasting regularly (work permitting) – 16/8 fast. Im 5ft 8inch and weight approx 58kg, naturally ectomorph probably 75% with the rest being endomorph (legs) and i eat approx 3000kcal min per day just to maintain this weight (BMI approx 19, i think) even without much conscious exercise (although im constantly running around, fidgety – im sure you know the type!). i tested for overactive thyroid with my MD approx 2 years ago when i changed by diet and suddenly lost a lot of weight (i was very anxious at this time and she said it was the anxiety that was causing the weight loss) -she said i actually had a slightly underactive thyroid!! at this time i was eating 4000kcal per day but now its under control (sort of) at 3,000. Additionally, and unrelated, i suspect there is mould in my (bought) flat (TBH i believe there is mould in a lot of central london properties) and i think that i have chronic inflammation – because it’s very easy for me to get inflamed – i see it on my face and water retention if, eg, i eat something i shouldnt/experience a particularly stressful situation. i also believe that i have a lot of toxins to get out of my body – physically and emotionally (based on exeperience of a couple of 72hr fasts that ive completed where i had some slightly scary but eyeopening experiences and insights). i’ve just completed a 48hr fast (i didnt really notice a reduction in the inflammation or many positive benefits – and felt like it wasnt long enough, maybe because im getting used to them now) and after 24hr hours of my finish time, i became unbearably itchy on my scalp, back, arms and elbow – and it’s still going on 24hr later. i have tried researching what it could be but to no avail – i havent eaten gluten recently (in the last week or so). i eat a lot of nuts (because its hard to eat 3000kcal a day and eat healthily without nuts, in my experience!), coconut products, lots of organic veg and berries, some grass-fed meat, i regularly make bone broth and i hardly eat dairy. i wouldn descibe my diet as high fat (200g per day), moderate protein (60g per day) and moderate complex carbs and fruit (maybe 100-130g per day). i dont try to do keto but i need my calories to be high enough to not lose weight, i dont want to OD on protein (as i know it gets turned into sugar, and i dont want to have too much sugar (complex or otherwise). so FAT is the balancing macros! I imagine you are laughing at this ridiculous message by now….anyway – my digestion seems to be worsening – i sense that im not digesting my food properly (i have to eat alot and i dont eat mindfully – which i know is bad for me!). im always in a rush and rarely slow down. my brain is very wired and my job is challenging and the hours are long (lawyer at a hedge fund). im 33 years old and people say i look healthy – i feel like im trying so hard and putting the right organic foods and supplements in my body but that it might be a waste. my skin could further improve (acne, jaw, cheeks, mostly). i dont drink caffeine, work out with a PT twice a week on core and strength, walk a lot and do some cycling. I dont often drink alcohol (although if i do – approx once a month/once a fortnight – it tends to not be moderately, in full disclosure – classic lawyer!). im sure this is the longest question youve ever received but id love to know your initial thoughts – especially on the (extremely annoying and prevalent) itchy which has appeared 24hours ago and any recommendations for any of your tests and/or supplements and foods to avoid. Thanks for much for your help in advance – youre amazing!

Jan: Hi Dr. Cabral, Hope you’re having a nice day.Thanks in advance for your time and words of wisdom! I’m trying to figure out the underlying cause for a malfunctioning ileocecal valve (valve gets stuck open). I have tried dietary changes, meditation, chiropractic care, massage, cold packs, castor oil packs and all help temporarily but inevitably the valve flairs open and leaves me feeling pretty awful. Could candida or bacterial overgrowth be causing this? I completed your parasite plan and am now a week into your CBO protocol. Do you have any suggestions for supporting the valve? Thanks, you Rock Jan

Dustin: I am 35 years old, 6 foot, and 170lbs. I have alway been relatively skinny despite what I eat. One thing I have always struggled with is oily skin and acne. I wipe the oil off my face up to 15 times a day just to appear “normal,” Thoughts? I have recently changed my goals to be more healthy/well. I take your daily protocol, increased my fiber and water intake, and follow a Mediterranean diet mostly with a lot of veggies. I still have cheat meals a few times per week. I enjoy 2-3 beers or a couple glasses of red wine 2-3 times a week. I do not work out enough but live a busy/active lifestyle. I find that I have a lot of gas (flatuence). Thoughts and recommendations? Thank you! Dustin

Amanda: Hi Dr. Cabral. I am a health coach. One of my clients has scoliosis. The lower part of her spine is shaped like a C. Around her tailbone the area is inflamed and tender and she said that it is almost always like that and causes her pain sometimes. Looking at her back her hips are titled, making her left side a little higher and causing an indent in her left side about belly button level. This is something that makes her self-conscious. Is there anything she can do to help with the appearance of the indent.

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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