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FR: The 2017 Holiday Gift Giving (& Receiving!) Guide

Tired of giving (and getting) the same old gifts every holiday season?

Why not spice things up this year with some fresh, healthy holiday gift ideas…

The gifts will be more thoughtful and will definitely not go to waste. Plus, each gift idea I’ll be sharing today will help to improve overall health & wellness!

Tune into today’s #CabralConcept 567 for this year’s 2017 holiday gift giving (& receiving) guide – Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

  1. Healthy gift certificates for massage (cranial sacral), personal trainer, or sauna
  2. Reflexology appointment
  3. Thersage IFR portable sauna  (episode #524)
  4. Thersage water pitcher & Best water filters (episode #286)
  5. Shower & Bath Filter (episode #307)
  6. Favorite books or audio – pick one that means something to you!
  7. Dr. Cabral Daily Protocol (the 3 supplements every needs)
  8. Daily Nutritional Support (your all-in-one for your morning smoothie)
  9. Dr. Cabral Detox (introduction to getting well and healthy eating)
  10. Dry brush or raw silk gloves, sesame oil, and epsom salt bundle basket (episode #321)
  11. Genetic DNA Wellness Test (discover your strengths & weaknesses)
  12. Functional Medicine Lab Test (our food sensitivity test is very popular)
  13. EMF Meter 
  14. Tea of the month
  15. Blender (episode #279)
  16. Juicer (episode #272)
  17. Essential oil diffuser (episode #476)
  18. Wake Light (episode #353)
  19. 1 week trial to home meal delivery service like Sun Basket
  20. Gift certificate for cooking class with a friend

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