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HouseCall: Weight Loss Nutrients, Birth Control Acne, Complex Cases, Adenoids Removal, Wean Off Meds, Bartholin Cyst

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Megan: Hello! absolutely love your podcast and have the highest respect for you and what you do! That being said, I need your help! I am having the hardest time losing weight! I have a functional medicine doctor that has run many blood labs along with a Nureval test and long story short, the highlights of all my labs were… *a normal functioning thyroid *a healthy gut with no markers for yeast or bacteria, *low progesterone (2.8 on day 19 of my cycle), *high need for vitamins B6, 7, 9 and 12, *high need for vitamin C *high need for alpha lipoic acid, *high need for vitamin D *low glutathione Is all of this what is keeping me from losing weight? I can’t understand how I can have a healthy thyroid, eat a healthy diet high in vegetables and yet I am still not able to lose weight. How do you naturally boost progesterone and balance out hormones? Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with people like me on a daily basis!! Megan

Judy: Dear Dr. Cabral, I am so grateful to have found your podcast. I am a 34 year old woman battling acne since my teenage years with the exception of when I took Yaz birth control for about 2 years. I later tried a generic brand to help with acne but it never worked. It has been at least 5 years since I was last on birth control. My acne continues to get worse mostly on my chin and cheeks. I have been on a vegan, plant based diet for almost a year. Several of my digestive issues improved once I gave up animal products such as I can now process beans and most cruciferous foods that for years I just thought I was allergic to. However, my acne continues to get worse. Starting a month ago, I am now taking about 5mg Maca, and 2tsp of flax oil and a vegan epa/dha supplement and eliminating all other oils and my beloved nuts to reduce inflammation and boost my omega 3s which I heard could help acne. However, I am constantly craving sweets especially before my cycle and I often binge on sugar on the weekends. Also, my eyelashes fall out causing bald spots so I started using a lash enhancer to keep the balding at bay although I can clearly see the new growth that is replacing the hairs that fell out. I am also concerned that I have lost my half moons on all my nails except my thumbs which are starting to go away too. Do you have any suggestions on what may be causing my acne, binging, hair loss and nail issues? Is there a vegan solution for me? I look forward to you reply.

Anonymous: I’m not sure which tests to order and I’m hoping you can give me some direction. I am Hypo/Hashi x 10 years and still don’t have my health anywhere close to where I want to be in my overall health and life. I am a 52 yr old female. I’m still experiencing some fatigue, some muscle/joint pain especially with a change in routine, exercise intolerance (can walk 4 times a week for 30 minutes but can’t do an hour long gentle yoga, Pilates, or any gentle weight lifting for strength and muscle tone). I am COMT homo, MTHFR Heter, CBS. I KNOW I do not tolerate crucerious veggies in large amounts, sulfur anything gives me a migraine that can last weeks – no exaggeration. I have seen a couple of different ND’s, thyroid nurse expert over the last 7 years and although I am at about 50-60% in my overall health I am not happy with that. I feel like I am running on half my pistons. I wouldn’t doubt mitochondrial issues. I have psoriasis which is 90% improved but still have a few small patches. I am taking a ton of pharmaceutical targeted supplements after doing the AIP diet for a year and half. I have a sensitive constitution (Kapha/Vata about 50/50) and have worked extremely hard on lowering the ‘bucket affect’. I eat a modified Paleo diet, avoid most nightshades most of the time. Gluten and dairy free for 7 years. Very little sugar in the form of honey/maple syrup or low glycemic fruit. Meditate daily for years and walk, do yoga stretches. I take T3, NP Thyroid and LDN 2 mg. I am happily married and have a lot of great support. Stress in managed well. So other than what labs might you suggest I would also like to know if Dr. Cabral would think outside the box with me. If he recommends a ‘protocol’ to treat something, say candidiasis for instance, will he be able to recommend a different care plan if I am intolerant to an ingredient in one of his protocols? I absolutely cannot take Molybdenum and refuse to suffer any more migraines when I know I have tried that, several times in the past, even a tiny doses with dire consequences. I think this is what makes me a more difficult case but I would love to work with him if he thinks he could truly help me. Do you think he could? I am and have been for 7 plus years 100% committed to my health and wellness. I have done a ton of work with old past trauma, addressed environmental chemicals/personal care/diet/lifestyle/addressing hypoadrenia, phase 1/neurotransmitter imbalance/oxidative stress/micronutritional deficiency/genetic deficit, enzymatic, methylation. I am a changed woman in many ways due to his podcast and Motivation Mondays! Thank you for all that you do for all of us.

Dominic: Hi Dr. Cabral, I enjoy your podcasts. After consulting ear specialist, doctor for my 2 year old recommends adenoids removal. He has fluid on one ear and the other ear drum is inverted. Don’t like the idea of my boy being cut open and body parts removed. Is there an alternative? Thanks you, Dominic

Michelle: Hello, I have been prescribed and have been taking Alprazolam for several years for anxiety, insomnia, and to counteract the side affects of Vyvance. This past year I have started experiencing several terrible side affects and when I questioned my doctor she told me long term use is fine. I do not feel well and as I age my symptoms get worse and I want off of this medication!! As my doctor does not want me to go off of the Alprazolam I decided I would take myself off of it but I would like to ask for your recommendation on how best to taper off. Also, I have Gilbert’s which I suspect is affecting my tolerance and overall liver function, but all of the doctors I have spoke to about this have very limited knowledge surrounding Gilbert’s. As this may affect the way my body processes Alprazolam any insight you may have in regards to tapering off and/or any information in general you could share would be grately appreciated!!! Thank you, MIchelle

Lindsey: Two years ago, I had a Bartholin cyst surgically removed. I’ve had the cyst come back a few times since then but opted out on having surgery again. I’ve read about the causes of Bartholin cysts but I have yet to find any information on how to rectify whatever is going on inside my body to prevent them from developing. Is the cause diet based or is there something else going on inside me that is causing them to develop? I know there’s an underlying cause and I would much rather correct my body from the inside out as opposed to having multiple surgeries.

Thank you for tuning into this weekend’s Cabral HouseCalls and be sure to check back tomorrow for our Mindset & Motivation Monday show to get your week started off right!

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