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FR: Use This As the Foundation for All Diets

I know there are thousands of diet variations on the market, but there is only one true foundation for human nutrition…

Meaning, you can choose high fat/low fat, high carb/low carb, high protein/low protein, but in the end unless you’re basing your diet plan around low glycemic, anti-inflammatory foods that are high in antioxidants you are missing the mark…

Again, this may not matter to you in the short-term, but if your goal is to achieve long-lasting, permanent results I can’t recommend enough creating a rock-solid foundational eating plan…

Tune into today’s #CabralConcept 637 for all the details on what to use as the foundation for any and all diet plans you come across – Enjoy the show!

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> Daily Fruit & Vegetables blend (22 organic fruit & vegetables “greens powder”)

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