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HouseCall: Gut Issues, Esotropia, Leaky Gut Powder, Hypothyroidism, Crohn’s Disease, Low Cholesterol, IBS/Acne

Hello and welcome back to another Cabral HouseCall where we answer our community’s questions each and every weekend!

So let’s get started – Here are today’s questions:

Morgan: Hi Dr. Cabral and crew, Many thanks to you and your staff for the incredible work you do! Do you have any suggestions for overcoming secondary amenorrhea. I am a 30 year old female lacking menstruation for the past 18 months. I am hypothyroid and have digestive health issues including parasites, candida/SIBO.I was previously on a keto diet and had additional weight loss from chronic digestive distress. I believe both factors and high stress levels contributed to my body shutting down menstruation. I am currently gluten, dairy and grain free and almost back to my normal body weight. I plan to complete your parasite and candida/bacterial protocol. In the meantime, do you have any lifestyle, herbal or dietary recommendations for getting back my period? Strategies for increasing carbs without worsening candida/SIBO symptoms? Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, I sincerely appreciate it. Cheers, Morgan


Priscilla: Hi Dr. Cabral, I listen to your podcasts all the time and this is an issue that I have never heard you talk about. I was curious if you would have any background with my situation. My son is now 5 1/2, but about two years about he woke up and one of his eyes was turned in. We went to about 7 different eye doctors and surgeons who told us different things and then we started working with a functional medicine doctor/chiropractor. We have been gf/df for over a year. There has been some improvement in his eye, but it is still turned in much of the time. Have you ever heard of this or have any experience working with this? Thank you so much for any help or insights you may have!


Christine: I have recently been diagnosed with leaky guy through a food sensitivity test. My naturopathic doctor recommends a glutamine gut repair powder (Glutamine Forte by Integrative Therapeutics), but it has corn derivatives associated with it. I would like to use Cabral’s Gut Building protocol Basic instead, a 3 month supply. Is this the correct substitute? Please let me know so I can purchase asap. Thanks, Chris


Deia: Hello, I am asking to be advised on the proper lab tests to purchase from you, Dr. Cabral. My husband Shaun has suffered several years with thyroid issues had his right lobe removed at age 21 and was told it was benign. At age 49 he recently was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hashimotos disease. He also had a sleep study done for sleep apnea and was told he was fine but suffers greatly with sleep issues. I just happened to stumble upon Your podcasts and am first so thankful I found you but also convinced this is the place we need to be to help my husband get his health in the right order. He has been suffering since his early 20’s and now is 50 years old. He of course, having hypothyroidism suffers with overweight issues and has tried to exercise but is overly and abnormally exhausted and thus, does not get too far with his workouts. Can you please direct us in ordering the proper tests and or your advise on what we need to do first. Much appreciated, Deia


Irene: Hi Dr. Cabral, this week, my 10 year old nephew was taken into Texas Children’s hospital here in Houston. After many blood work tests, a colonoscopy, upper GI’s, etc., he has been diagnosed with Chron’s Disease. As I type this, they are doing and infusion of meds through an IV. What can be done for him in regards to “healing”. From what I understand, there is no cure for Chron’s. Please let me know what his parents need to do to help him manage this. As a 10 year old, I think it is going to be tough to do. Although he’s only been feeling sick for about the last month, his primary physician said he’s lost 27 pounds in the last two years. Thank you for ANY help you can give.


Stephanie: I have one more question for you about cholesterol this time. At my last Appt with my natural Dr she mentioned she was worried about my cholesterol being too low (which I eat a plant based diet so I wasn’t surprised it was low). It was 127 and she said she wants to see it in the 160-200 range. My LDL was 70 and my HDL was only 42 which i know is low, but I am guessing this has to do with my overall low cholesterol number. She is encouraging me to try and raise it through adding more oil to my diet in a great amount (since I don’t eat meat). Do you think I should raise it, and if so how would you suggest? Thanks!


Annette: Hi Dr. Cabral, First off I just wanted to thank you for all you do. I am a regular listener to your podcast and your insights have helped dynamically change my outlook on life. I look forward to listening each and every day. I am writing to you on behalf of my boyfriend. He has 3 glaring issues with his health which he has dealt with his whole life. No doctor has been able to help him overcome any one of these issues and I cant help but wonder if there’s something you could suggest, and I’m also wondering if these three issues aren’t somehow related to some larger underlying issue. The first is that he has IBS-like symptoms, but only in the morning upon waking, or throughout the whole night if they’re bad. Cutting out dairy seems to have helped a bit but the symptoms are still there. He has gone through periods of cutting out other things like gluten and again, it eases the symptoms a bit but not totally. The second issue he struggles with is cystic acne. He has very large pores and is constantly troubled by acne, which he says has been there his whole life. The third and probably most prominent symptom he has is crippling anxiety. It affects his entire life and sidelines him at least once a day. It puts strain on every aspect of his life, his job, our relationship, his relationships with friends and family and not to mention his own well being. Thanks so much for your help and insight again. I very much look forward to hearing your suggestions and advice!

Thank you for tuning in today and be sure to come back tomorrow as we answer more of our community’s wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging question!

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