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HouseCall: SAID Principle, Natural Gatorade, Healthy Belly, Acidity, High Eosinophils, Weight Loss Plateau

I’m excited to bring you part 2 of our weekend Cabral #HouseCalls where I answer our community questions on a;; things wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging!

Here are today’s questions:

Kevin: Dr Cabral, So I have been following your work for about 5 years when I bought and implemented the teachings in “A Man’s Guide to Muscle and Strength”. I was looking for a program to follow, and this fit the bill perfectly. I’ve used the structure of the programs in the book ever since. I rotate these programs every 4-6 weeks, and try to increase the weight throughout the program before cycling off onto a new 4-6 week program. My question is around the SAID principle. There are many exercises that I’ve plateaued. For example, take a bench press or a seated row. Each of these are part of a 4-6 program so I may do these 6 times a year. And when I first started working out with your book as my guide, I was able to increase the weight as I went along. But with both, I’ve can’t move past the weight that I’m currently at. And like you book lays out, when I cycle off the current program, the next program usually has another, yet different, version of each of these exercises. Logic tells me that I’m going to plateau with any exercise. It’s not like I’d be able to keep adding weight, year in and year out, to each of these. What do you do when this happens? Thanks for being our guiding light in health, wellness and fitness…you’ve helped transform mine and my wife’s life. 

Pana: Hi dr Cabral! I love your podcasts and I listen every day since I found you! My 15 year old son came back from camp and all he wants to drink is powder aid because he was told that is good for him. In our house we do not have any soft drinks or ever juice. He just drinks water. Please let me what your thoughts are on powder drink and what Would be agood alternative to power drinks specially when he is very active? Thank you so much for all that you give us!

Rebekah: Hello! I bought your healthy belly because I was sure I had h.pylori. I just got an endoscopy that confirmed I’m negative for the bacteria. How long is the shelf life for this and are there any alternative uses for it that I could benefit from? I hate to waste this unopened bottle. Thanks for all you do. I listen to every podcast without fail!

Rena: Hi Dr. Cabral, So grateful for your podcast! I am in my 60’s and have gout, and a bone spur in my foot. Could you possibly recommend any cures for this? I’ve heard you talk about CBD Oil and I wonder if this is something that I might try that would help? Also, I’ve been studying the blood type diet as someone recommended it to help with understanding my personal susceptibility to dis-eases (Hypothyroidism, Gout, osteoporosis) Is there any truth to the antigens on your blood, lectins on foods and how it affects the way your specific blood breaks down food? I am O+ and I definitely have the dis-eases that it lists that I am prone to for my blood type so I’m curious to try this type of diet but I wanted a professional opinion as there are so many fads out there and I am looking more for a lifestyle change rather than a temporary fix. I highly respect what you are doing for the world. Keep up the great work! Rena 

Cara: Hi Dr. Cabral, I am so appreciative for your house calls, thank you and I always leave a stellar rating on iTunes review! You answered my question last weekend on having high Eosinophils. The high eosinophils came back on my annual CBC in July. This is the first time they’ve ever been high. I just had my food sensitivities / environmental allergy test ran through my PC. I have zero environmental allergies. My food sensitivities test was ran through Genova Diagnostics. They only food that was in the red, “very high” were grapes, which I rarely have. Maybe this is why I get a headache after one glass of wine. I have a couple of foods in the yellow, “very low” which include cabbage, garlic, green pepper, white potato, sunflower seed. I have quite a few foods in the green “very low” which sadly includes broccoli, egg yolk, mushrooms and more. Do I need to cut out all foods that showed up on this test, or only grapes which ranked “very high”? If so, how long do I eliminate them for? Could having the foods that are “very low” as well as “low” be the cause for my Eosinophils being 18.5? I just had my blood redrawn yesterday to confirm the lab did not make a mistake. Next will be a parasite test, which I’ll likely have ran through my PC to try and cut the cost. Although, once I have some preliminary answers, I will schedule a consult directly with you (even though you’re a few weeks out). I also read that high Eosinophils can indicate cancer, so I’m a little concerned. I eat super healthy, paleo-ish and I consume two servings of greens a day. They only thing I indulge and sometimes over indulge in is dark chocolate. Thank you for all that you do! In gratitude, Cara

ADDITION to my previous email on high Eosinophils… My lab came back today and my Eosinophils dropped from 18.5 to 6.0. I called my doctor and he didn’t seem concerned. I told him I was still concerned because I know that is still on the high end of the spectrum. He said I could do a stool test or re-test my blood in 3-4 weeks. He said I could either have a parasite, or I could have been exposed to something in my environment to cause the spike. When I asked his protocol if it is a parasite, he said sometimes antibiotics for stubborn bugs or supplements. What are your thoughts? In gratitude, Cara

Ada: Hi Dr. Cabral, I’ve really enjoyed all the education and information from each of your podcasts and I get something out of every episode. Thank you for that! My question today is really where to start. I am in my early 40’s and I have been struggling with trying to figure out why my weight has plateaued. I’m doing weight training three times a week and walks/hikes three-four times a week. I am medium athletic build but I feel I need to tone up a lot. I eat salads, fruits, veggies, some meats three-five days a week. I just feel like nothing works. I also feel extremely tired all the time. As soon as I hot the bed I am dead asleep. I don’t know if what I need is a candida cleanse, a heavy metal detox, food sensitivity or your weight loss testing. I cant afford to do them all right now but I would love to know what my particular body needs as I know we are all different. Could you possibly recommend what test that would give me the most information on what my specific body needs in order to regain energy and lose weight? Thank you so much! Ada


I hope you enjoyed this weekend’s Q&A and all the tips added in along the way!

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